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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. endgame
    I get that. But that type of cursory hype without adding any in depth substance to it just comes off sounding so hyped and fake. It’s posts like that that allow other forums to make fun of Head Fi.

    “Everything about that Mercedes is better than the Chevette but the Chevette has better window tinting. So the Chevette is better.”
  2. endgame
    True. But I just want to read honest reviews and not hype. Your comments on this thread have had much more substance to back up what you’ve said. So thank you for that. It just gets old reading new toy hype reviews that are cursory and void of real effort. That’s all.
  3. jerry1130
    How did you get the personal discount code?
  4. Pedro Oliveira
    But if it is what he think.... if you cant stand BS you should stay away from this or any other forum.... :D

    So many opinions, so many snake oil.... Its not like everyone wants to BS you but sooner or later you end up falling in the trap. Some over excited buyer, bad use of vocabulary, different headphone backgrounds...

    I remember when the dt770 was recomended to me as a basshead headphone..... :D
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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  5. davidmt83
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  6. Jon Sonne
    Hi Endgame,

    Please don't get me wrong. The HE-1000 is in many ways a superior headphone to the HD660S. It is just that my in my personal preference I would pick the 660S over the HEK. It could be due to what you would call a more mid-centric sound signature. The HEK has a wonderful bass, probably the best I have heard on a pair of headphones. It digs deeper than the 660S. Furthermore, the HEK was on another level in the treble and in overall presentation and soundstage, it outshined the 660S. I am probably just very sensitive to the tonality of the mids, and I like the tonality more on the HD660 than the HEK. I find that, to me, the vocals sound more realistic on the 660S. And this is important to me.

    I would like to add more substance to my mini-review, but I only had half an hour to compare the two, and I would need more time in order to do a more complete write-up, so please take my comments with a grain of salt.

    Kind regards,

  7. endgame
    Fair enough. Thank you for that explanation. I appreciate your input.
  8. Jon Sonne
    Of course not. I used the HDV 820 and standard cables. In terms of detail retrieval, the 660S is a lot better than the old 650, but it is not a fair comparison, as I am sure it would be closer if the 660S was compared to a new 650. Still, from my memory of the newer iterations of the HD 650 that I have heard recently, I would think that the 660 has slightly more details, mostly due to the more refined treble. I hope this helps, but take it with a grain of salt, as a direct comparison is needed.

    Best wishes,

  9. Pedro Oliveira
    Can you compare with the hd600 please?
  10. kman1211
    I am curious in how the new ones compare to the HD 660S. I found even the 3-4 year old HD 600/650's sound different than the current ones. There's been a few silent and subtle changes over the years on them likely from upgrades to manufacturing equipment and processes, etc., not just the obvious black to silver acoustic screen. I'm waiting for a friend to get a pair of HD 660S and compare them to a current HD 600 and HD 650 on a really nice system. Hopefully this will be soon.
  11. god-bluff
    You should know better. Price and indeed technicalities has little to do with what makes a headphone someone's long term favourite

    The HD600 (as in my Case) or 650 are many people's 'END GAME' endgame!

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  12. obsidyen
    Can you please test with this song? One of my favourites in recent days.

  13. Pedro Oliveira
    I AM also interested in a hd600 conparison. :)
  14. Jon Sonne
    I don't have the HD 600, but they may have it in the store. I will check when I go back there for a second session with the HD 660 :beyersmile:
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  15. endgame
    Price was not the main subject of my comment. It was just one factor. The poster said that the HEK has better quality bass, better treble extension, was more comfortable, had the larger soundstage and better separation. BUT the 660 has the better mids so the 660 is better. That just came across to me as crazy and ventured into the realm of fanboyism and new toy hype as opposed to actual critical listening and observation. And none of those are helpful to those who haven’t heard the new 660’s and want an honest assessment of them.
    But none of that matters now because he clarified his points later and and now all is good.
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