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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Beagle
    I'm assuming they'll be available everywhere around the same time? Pre-order will secure one I suppose.
  2. Giraku
    Looks like it’s available now in Germany but not yet in the US.
  3. Beagle
    I think US is end of October but not sure.
  4. Kermeli
    tempted, very tempted. Wonder how would this sound with Schiit lyr 2 & modi 2U, and how much of a upgrade it would be against 400i's.
  5. Mark R-S
    Sennheiser just shipped my 660's, so I should receive them next week. I believe they ship from Germany. If you sign up for their news letter you'll get a discount code.
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  6. Pedro Oliveira
    How much?
  7. AlanU
    Curious to hear what people think of the HD660s.

    If they indeed use the HD700 driver with cleaner sound this is just an entirely different headphone all together from the HD650. I've found the HD650 to be muffled sounding with mellow chillout intimate small soundstage. When listening to vocals the HD650 almost sound like the singer is singing in your ear rather than being on the stage.

    I even prefer the inexpensive Hifiman 400i over my HD650 as it has more convincing vocals with a different stage presence. The bargain price of the HE560 even sounds massively better than the HD650's hazed sound.

    My young daughter's now own the 400i and HD650. I will audition the HD660's but I think I'd buy Mr.speaker Aeon open HP before the HD660s.........

    For instrumental's I'd grab my modified HD800 if I want an open hyper detailed sound. However when I want more meat to my vocals the HD800 fails for me and I'd grab the cheaper HE560 with complete satisfaction. No audeze for me until they redesign the heavy bulky HP.

    I think the draw to the HD650 cult following is the slower response organic sound it produced but I just find it too heavy sounding and dark and not dynamic at all. The cheap HE400i even has more sparkle and excitement while having a meaty sound that has more clarity than the hazed HD650.

    I just hope people audition the HD660s because i think they are just going to be buying a mellow sounding HD700 (all speculation on my part)
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  8. phthora
    10% off. It says it expires in 2 weeks in the email you receive upon signing up, but it is a generic looking code, so who knows.
  9. L0rdGwyn
    I hope this is offered in the USA as well when it is released.
  10. Mark R-S
    The codes seem to be region-specific, so best sign-up and check.
  11. Tuneslover

    OK it's very clear that you don't like the HD650. Hopefully you will be satisfied with the HD660S or other headphones more to your auditory liking. Myself and many, many others however unequivocally love the HD650. Like the old saying goes: "variety is the spice of life".
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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  12. Rob80b
    With an added 10 years in Sennheiser R&D the 700 driver are IMHO quite a step up from the 650 driver, cleaner, less distortion and better extension at both ends (too much for some it seems) but the enclosure, baffle is paramount in sound stage reproduction so I do not see the 660s changing in that respect "that much" over the 6xx series.

    “When listening to vocals the HD650 almost sound like the singer is singing in your ear rather than being on the stage.”

    This is exactly why I received the 700s with open arms (later replaced by the 800S) and sold my original 600 shortly after ........ oddly many did not like this new Sennheiser creation but contrary to popular opinion they are not the majority, it appears “in your ear” is the preferred de facto to many but I’m a speaker guy so I like a good sound stage, separation and depth.

    "I've found the HD650 to be muffled sounding with mellow chillout intimate small soundstage."
    That was my impression of the original 650s way back when in 2004/05....but honestly couldn't really label my current "2017" pair that way.... that could be the supporting electronics...still I'm quite optimistic on the 660s.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  13. Desdinova12
    This has me a little worried. I enjoy both the HD600 and 700 and I wont part with them. But I feel the HD700 has a little more innovation to offer and I hope they continue along those lines. I would like to see the concept of the HD700 get some more attention. Still, excited for the HD660 S, but I dont want the HD700 to be forgotten
  14. davidmt83
    If you sign up to the Sennheiser newsletter you'll receive a 10% off code. But if you google around a bit you can find a working 15% off code and applying both means it'll ignore the 10% off code.

    £365.49 sounds pretty good right... But wait a few seconds and whilst still on the basket / cart page it'll pop up with a message on the right hand side saying:

    "Don’t miss out!
    Return now to receive your personal discount.
    Simply copy your code and complete your order:

    Applying this second code has meant I've just bought these for £328.94 or a £101.05 saving!

    Something to be aware of, after applying both the 15% code and the "personal discount" code it popped up with a message saying:

    "Hurry! HD 660s qualifies for an offer that is available to a limited number of shoppers. Check out now to ensure you’ll receive this valuable offer."

    Regarding delivery, the confirmation email says:

    "Orders are processed and dispatched via UPS couriers within two working days."

    I'm UK based.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
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  15. boostergold90
    Anyone in the US able to order yet?
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