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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Levanter
    What is the extra valuable offer?
  2. lugnut
    I am happy for you if you feel like you got a great deal. However, that is still over double then what a pair of the massdrop hd650 cost. Unless I am mistaken you or most here, have not heard them. I guess my thoughts are, what is the big hurry ? If they exceed expectations, great, they will make plenty of them for everyone. However, what if they don't live up to the hype ? It's not my money so have at it ! I for one am going to wait and see what real live people think of them. To each his own and I should not mention the old saying about a something and his money are soon parted, so carry on !
  3. davidmt83
    I think they mean finish the checkout process to ensure you receive this additional 10% off code that they generate on-the-fly whilst you're in the process of buying them.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  4. davidmt83
    Er, a working 15% code (who knows how long for?!) then an unexpected on-the-fly 10% off code generated whilst processing the cart/basket with a popup message of: "Hurry! HD 660s qualifies for an offer that is available to a limited number of shoppers"

    What more reason do you need to be in a hurry?!
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  5. lugnut
    I had not thought of that. If you buy two pair you will save even more !
  6. Malfunkt
    @monsterzero , (re:HD250) aren't these a score? They really are 'sleepers' . If I'm honest with myself, while they don't have the technical finesse as the HD700 driver and enclosure, they are the more balanced headphone. For a dynamic driver they aren't far off from the HD650, which makes sense given the HD580 is pretty much from the HD250 and HD540 generation. One of the best balanced headphones Sennheiser has made, listening to them right now. Really, they are warm, but have more punch than my LCD2 with more of treble tilt - neutral v-shape if thats a thing.

    I love the HD650, and by all accounts this 660S is a true upgrade. Can't wait to hear.With regards to the HD700, I actually feel it is the most recent of Sennheiser open headphone designs (outside of the HE1). HD660S is still on the 580/600/650 platform, HD599 is still on the HD595/555 platform, HD800S is still on the HD800 platform. The HD700 is actually the latest chamber design, and the comfort and design is in many ways superior to the 650. But if the driver of the 660S is really derived from the HD700 it may live on in a tuning that most will enjoy.

    Regardless, the 660S is going to be a huge hit for them - classic design, rabid following, and middle price point. The HD800 and HD700, with their modern and superior chambers, and higher cost, are a harder sell. Personally, I would love to see this 660S driver in a black HD700 unit. :wink:

    Btw - I've had a chance to spend some time with their low-end offering, the Sennheiser HD 4.30. @Sennheiser, this is an awesome fun little headphone! For the price, very good clarity, and plenty of nice punchy bass. Better than Sony's xb950ap/bt/n1 offering whose big bass is too distorted (still a fun headphone, the newer model and the AP being the best). Conversely, HD4.3 isn't a muddy mess, but has a higher degree of clarity and is a lot of fun for modern music styles. Tyll was also quite surprised at these headphones, and really Sennheiser has managed to deliver a lot for a very good price. Very comfy too, didn't cheap out on the padding.

    In some ways, some of us 'audiophile' heads are missing out a bit, as our headphones mostly are tuned for neutralish signatures, but try out the 4.30 as an inexpensive option for closed back if you listen to electronic styles. Seriously tempted to pick one up, and with the collection I have that's saying something.
  7. larzy
    Is the 4.4 balanced cable available to buy so it can be used with the hd650? Would love to run those on my Sony Walkman
  8. ThELiZ
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  9. Mark R-S
    That's good. I used the 15% code, but didn't even think of stacking it with the 10% one. I paid 365, which I'm pretty happy with.
  10. pietcux
    1508487989842549321784.jpg Let's talk business now:
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  11. pietcux
    The 4.4mm terminated cable is 3m long. They did not shoot for on the go use obviously. The second cable is the same HD650 standard 6,5 mm terminated cable with 3,5 mm adaptor.
  12. pietcux
    I am at work, listening to the HD660S right now. Jazz with bass and trupet/Flűgelhorn. Nothing stands out, very balanced sound using the 4,4mm from my SONY WM1A. Nice. To me the can that the HD700 should have been. They could have saved a lot of money. The design is a class of its own. Finally the Bauhaus like design language is freed from the silly layer of paint... Jobs and Ive couldn't have done better in their best days. The Sennheiser logo on the outside of the earcups seems to fly. The cushions are deeper, the fabric on the outside is the same as on the HD650.
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  13. pietcux
    I like the new improved bass, it feels and sounds kinda effortless. I listen to a lot more micro detail like on the HD650. No annoying treble peak so far. Sound like a big success from Sennheiser.
  14. Pedro Oliveira
    Hows the sub bass? How los does it go compared to the 600/650? Are they more suited for edm and beat centric genres now? Punchy or loose? Soundstage? Highs and mids extension conlmpared to the hd600/650? Would you say they are engaging for metal (or at least do they do metal well enough)?

    You said the inner fábric on the pads is the same but what about the outside? The foam feels any different? Build quality has been improved in any way or still the same old design? are they painted (it would be cool if it was matte plastic. there would not be any more chips on the paint if it was like that.... They could even use the hd25 plastic....:D)? Clamp?

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  15. Mark R-S
    Nice. I'm looking forward to receiving mine. I really like the 650's tonality, but always wanted more micro-detail and faster bass. I never liked the HD-700 or HD-800, and I'm growing tired of Beyerdynamic treble but the 660's sound really promising. I'll be interested to see how they fare being driven by my LG V20 just for walking around the house.
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