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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Webber1
    Just to confirm previous posts about stacking discounts in senn webshop and to thank you guys for the info...got it for 380e by applying 2 discount codes, one general found on the internet and second personal discount code offered by webshop during checkout process....they said it's limited quantity at that price
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  2. Pedro Oliveira
    Yes it is clear from your and pietcux description that the hd660 and a gáster and tighter bass.... But in terms of quantity? Wich feels hás thebbassier headphone in all bass variants?
  3. Pedro Oliveira
    f-ing serious......???? Thats just more 65 euros than a hd650 on amazon spain (315 is currently the best price i can find for them new). Why senn!!! Why dont you ship to Portugal.....?!?!?!? ;(
  4. jchandler3
    Not sure if you're still interested in this input, but if so:

    Yes, I have the (newer) silver-driver HD650s. I would say between M1 and M2, M2 sounds more similar to the 650s, relatively speaking, but that's not to say they sound similar in absolute terms. Open-backed 300 ohm headphones vs. closed-back 18 ohm headphones... pretty different from the get-go.

    The HD650s have long been a favorite of mine because of their richness, fullness, lushness. There is great clarity and detail, with delicate treatment of small details, while still having low-end heft. No shrillness to my ear; no pushed highs for "clarity's" sake. Perhaps that's why people have considered them "veiled." Bass extension is good and you can hear everything, but generally speaking there isn't much "physical" impact to the sound. It's a more relaxed sound, rather than being "punchy."

    While the Momentums (I'm just going to lump them together) have a similar sound profile to the 650s, they have both more impact and less resolution. Momentums are great headphones by almost every measure, particularly in isolation, but they're considerably less competent than the 650s in basically every way. They have a slightly more consumer-friendly signature, one with less focus on absolutely faithfulness and more focus on being enjoyable/fun.

    The 650s would be an upgrade, provided you wouldn't be disappointed with the noticeable decrease in "punch." Hope that helps!
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  5. Pedro Oliveira
    Thank you. :)

    That is what i am afraid of. I still want them to be a bit fun as the momentum and to pack a bit of punch when needed. At least a bit more than on the hd600s....
  6. jchandler3
    To be clear, what you lose in quantity you gain in quality for sure. Momentum is powerful but kind of flabby, while 650s are leaner and cleaner.
  7. Jon Sonne
    So, I just came back from my local hi-fi store "KT Radio" who had just gotten the new 660S in stock today. I compared the headphone to the Hifiman 400s and the HE-1000 V1, and the Sennheiser was definitely my favorite of the three.

    660S vs. 400s

    What struck me the most at first listen was how similar they sound, especially in the midrange. There is one major difference though, and that's the bass. The 660S clearly has a lot more bass, while still retaining a good amount of control and remaining in the range that I would consider neutral. There is also a noticeable difference in the treble. The 660S is more well defined in the upper treble and makes the 400S sound a little splashy in comparison. Overall, the 660S is definitely the winner with better bass, about the same midrange and more sparkle in the treble.

    660S vs. HE-1000 V1 (HEK)

    I immediately noticed that the bass was more impactful on the 660S. The bass was more controlled on the HEK, though the 660S speed was also quite good considering the bass quantity. Another thing I noticed right off the bat was that the HEK had a more expansive soundstage. The 660S strongest suit in comparison to the HEK was the midrange. Vocals were clearer on the 660S. I definitely consider the midrange tonality the most important factor (sound-wise) when choosing a new headphone, so for me, the 660S wins this contest. With that said the HE-1000 had other qualities that makes it a very interesting headphone as well. I noticed that the treble was airier on the HEK, and that the bass was more distinct from the rest of the audio spectrum.

    I've owned the HD 650 for more than 10 years now, and even though I did not do the direct comparison, I can confidently tell from memory that the 660S has stronger and more well-defined bass than the 650. Furthermore, the upper treble of the 660S is also an improvement over the 650. For me, the price increase is more than justified given the audible differences.

    The clamping force of the 660 is stronger than the 400s and the HE-1000 V1, and as a result, it was less comfortable. But I know from owning the HD 650 that the headphones should break in nicely and become very comfortable in time, also considering how light-weight they are (280 grams).
  8. DoctaCosmos
    What setup did you use to compare the headphones if you don’t mind me asking? Also how was the 660s in terms of detail? Notice any difference from memory with your old HD650
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  9. endgame
    Hard to take this seriously. I’m glad you like the 660S but to compare it to the HEK and also say it’s better is just rubbish. Not to mention that the midrange on the HEK is perfectly neutral and not recessed at all. I own the HEK and the 800S and they’re both awesome but the HEK is slightly better in my opinion and the 800S blows all the lower model Sennheiser’s out of the water.
    Again, I’m glad you like them, as I’m also interested in them but the “new toy hype” reviews don’t really help anyone make an informed decision when they’re just ridiculous. You’re taking a $500 dynamic headphone and calling it better than a $3000 Planar because of elevated 660S mid range? Come on man.
  10. BobJS
    Mine will be here tomorrow (Friday) as well. I have the HD600, but rarely listen to it anymore, favoring the modded HD800. About 4? years ago I got the HD650 as one of my first pairs of headphones but sold it because I found the bass "muddy" (as has been noted by others), and not nearly enough energy on the high end.

    Since that time, my ear has become more experienced and I can enjoy a headphone without sizzling highs (aka Audeze?), so from the descriptions so far, I'm hoping the 660S will now be my cup of tea.
  11. chimney189
    It's his preference, which is completely subjective.
    Price has nothing to do with preference, being completely objective.
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  12. endgame

    He’s entitled to his opinion. But I still say it’s ridiculous. That’s my opinion. Not his opinion, but his parameters that he used to base his opinion. He names like 3 things that the HEK does better but then says the 660 is better because it has the same elevated midrange of 650. That’s not objective. That’s hype. New toy hype.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  13. davidmt83
    Yeah check this too. Essentially you can find a 15% off code online, then when you're at the checkout on their website leave it for a few minutes and an overlay will appear on the right hand side with a personalised 10% off code which works in addition to the original 15% off. So £429.99 became £328.94 when I ordered last week. You can sign up to their newsletter too but that's only a 10% off code and the 15% off code replaces this. If you go via Quidco first then you can get a further 7% cashback e.g. £23.02 - sadly I didn't realise this in time, but if I had then it'd have been £429.99 reduced to £305.92 :astonished:
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  14. LaCuffia
    Like the HD650 over the years, I suspect you'll find quite a few people that will prefer the HD660s over much more expensive headphones. Just a hunch.
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  15. pietcux
    We all know that most TOTL headphones are heavily overpriced, just because we buy them at such prices. Even though the HEK might be a fantastic headphone it is more so a superb source for the manufacturers and the resellers fortune. With the business concept of Schiit Audio, they would sell for maybe 700$ instead of 3000$. And the HD660S for 200$ or something.
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