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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. mtoc
    £390 = moor than $499 we guess?
  2. Guidostrunk
  3. Sigmaaa
    I'm just curious, why didn't Senn use the nice memory foam on the 660s, like in the HD 569? They have the same horrible sofa padding foam as the HD650, that gets flat pretty easily and if you look inside after it's flattened, the foam is decomposed, rotten.
  4. pietcux
    The problem with memory foam is, that it looses it's memory ability after some time. So it is not forever lasting too.
  5. Sigmaaa
    I see. I've never had anything with memory foam, thought it would last nearly forever. The earpads on the hd650 last me many, many ears after I stretch the metal headbands (before stretching flattened in 6 months), the headband pad flattens in about 2 years and in 3-4 becomes unusable.
  6. pietcux
    Yes the headband stretch is essential. I already performed it on the HD660S. To me the pads are consumables like the tyres on my car. I calculate to change them sooner or later.
  7. LaCuffia
    We all know pads and the material used can have a significant impact on sound. I am sure they've done years of testing to come up with the best pad material and foam density for the sound signature they were aiming for...not sure what the big deal is anyway. Even if the pads last three years, that's a fairly long time for me. By then I am sure there will be a dozen other headphones catching my attention.
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  8. Sigmaaa
    Yeah, sure, they don't even test the enclosure shapes and mend the sound peaks only several years later and only in hd800, not in hd700 too.
  9. god-bluff
    Yeah; the manufacturers have not got a clue have they?? Nothing a bit of cotton wool, cork sheet and sprinkling of fairy dust can't sort though
  10. LaCuffia
    I guess he worked for Sennheiser and knows all of the inside information. :o2smile:
  11. Sigmaaa
    Well, there are obvious things of neglect, like de awful treble peaks that users have been mending with different methods for some time and Senn only did it much later, with hd800s. There's the ridiculous paint of the hd650, that always chips away worse than any 10$ headphones. Ok, manufacturers test their products, it's normal, but let's not exagerate with the foam, they just used some foam and that's all.
  12. Pedro Oliveira
    Anyone receiving his pair today? Looking forward for some more impressions and conparisons please... :)
  13. Pedro Oliveira
    The hd600 chips as easily as the hd650? My pair is now a year and a half and the paint is still flawless.... But i baby them of course...
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  14. Sigmaaa
    I guess that if you bend the metal parts of the headband and try to keep the plastic headband completely unstretched, you can preserve the paint. On one pair, long time ago, I bent the plastic (just a bit though) and the paint chipped away in a few months. On the second pair I only bent the metal but I still have a few chipped spots on the plastic headband, not nearly as bad as the first ones, but not normal for a headphone this price though. They should have left them bare black plastic if they couldn't master painting, they would have looked better too, the gloss is kinda gross to me.

    Well, even with these problems, there are other brands with a lot of bigger problems, like counter-ergonomical shapes, not enough padding, badly placed padding, all kinds of innovative but not so user-friendly headband systems. And sound wise, I don't deal with the peaky Senns, I only deal with the 6xx series, so that's good. HD650 were still the best for me, considering all factors, and I hope HD660s will be a worthy succesor.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
  15. pietcux
    I am pretty sure that the paint job on the HD600/650 series was done to eliminate resonance and not to create beauty. Now they probably use a better damped plastic and could get rid of the paint. And btw, my HD650 has a flawless paint coat because I care of my stuff, because I know how long I have to work for the money.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
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