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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. banco-sg
    Sounds really promising... i can't wait to hear it myself! Not a big fan of HD800, hopefully Sennheiser can convince me this time.
  2. FastAndClean
    it is time for you to sell the utopia, to much money staying into that ugly black frame :floatsmile:
  3. Tuneslover

    I can listen to the HD650 for hours at a time without any listening fatigue (especially compared to my HE500's). I see that you also have the HD650's so perhaps you understand what I'm saying. If you do indeed enjoy lengthy listening sessions I would be very interested in your opinion on how the HD660's compare to the HD650's in this regard. Of course after you have had adequate time to allow the 660's to settle in.

    Danke Schön!
  4. Solrighal
    Or you could buy something from a manufacturer who treats your country with the respect it deserves?
  5. Harry Manback
    So glad yo hear someone say “get used to the sound” instead of burn in. Headphone burn is a myth.
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  6. endgame
    In your opinion....
  7. Schwibbles
    Just because you don't think it's real doesn't mean it isn't.
    It may not be necessary on some headphones but very necessary on others.

    That's not to say getting used to the sound makes a big difference, because it does. I'm just saying that differences you hear over time could be partially your brain and partially the headphones.
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  8. L0rdGwyn
    Tell that to @mrspeakers :wink:
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  9. castleofargh Contributor
    why rely on what is known and verified, when we can add hypothetical stuff for fun and then swear it's real and the leading cause for sound change.
    here is what I believe to happen on almost all headphones when it comes to perceives differences:
    dropping the headphone violently and breaking something > brain plasticity > the way to place them on the head(finding the right headband setting, and the most comfy position) > the pads giving in over time, drinking our sweat... > whatever is left to put into the "burn in" bag, like diaphragm break in, dust on some filter, rolling over the cable 20 times with a chair, ....).
    if someone knows of a headphone where the magnitudes of change don't go in that order, I'd be very interested to test a new pair(the main issue being that I'm cheap and poor at the same time, so any free solution would really be amazing ^_^).
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  10. mtoc
    @pietcux do you mind sending your pair to a reviewer named Tyll, I know it would be a hard decision since the honeymooth effect, but overall it would be fast quick, Tyll will do a lightyear fasty brief listening and a measurement and send them back, won't exceed two days. I don't know how to contact Tyll, but I'm sure people here will help that out, Tyll is waiting for a pair urgently to do just a impression but it's impossible to get them now in the US.
  11. sterob
    I hope this time they fix the cable. I absolutely love the HD600 and have been using it for a decade but its cable keep dying after a year or two.
  12. Zowie1
    Can you tell are they as forgiving as HD650 or more neutral? What I really like about HD650 is how they make even badly remastered music sound at least passable and I'm wondering if that is also the case with HD 660 S.
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  13. L0rdGwyn
    My biggest question is where this headphone is going to lie on the value spectrum. Does this sound like a $500 headphone? Does it punch above its price point? Or is it a marginal upgrade? So many headphones have been released since the initial launch of the HD650, time to see if this new iteration can hang with the new kids
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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  14. amnesiac75
    I have owned many headphones in the $300-$600 range in the last 10 years or so and I find myself always going back the the hd600/650 for overall sound quality and no listening fatigue. I always thought the hd700's sounded better than the hd600's but could not listen to for long periods of time without ear fatigue (same issue with the monoprice 1060 v.2). I found a few headphones that didn't give me any ear fatigue like th akg k712 or the beyerdynamic dt880/600 but preferred the sennheiser sound and really hope the 660s will give better sound without making my ears hurt after 30 min.
  15. Pedro Oliveira
    I was kidding. :) of course its a pitty they dont ship directly from their website to Portugal but i still love them nonetheless. They made all my favourite headphones só far. :wink:
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