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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Jodet
  2. AppleheadMay
    I wonder if you can even order them to a US address from the UK site.
    I just ordered them this afternoon.
  3. god-bluff
    Aren't they made in Ireland?
  4. L0rdGwyn
    You cannot, I checked yesterday, there is no way to input a US address. With that being said, they are supposed to be available is the US in about two weeks.
  5. rkw
    Why would you do that? It will be available in the US, probably within a matter of weeks,
  6. mrip541
    WEEKS! AAAAAhaaaaaaa!!!!
    scrob likes this.
  7. chimney189
    I'm starting to think that 'upgrades' are nothing more than actual 'side-grades'.
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  8. lugnut
    Trust but verify !
  9. LugBug1
    The new model does seem a bit pricey to me... But they have got different drivers and efficiency (means nothing to me unless they sound much better). I love the 650's but I doubt I'll be shelling out at the opening price. Not when you can pick up a second hand pair of HD800 for not much more...
    zazex and George Taylor like this.
  10. iancraig10
    Kind like how us Brits feel about Grados.......

    We’re ripped off for them here.
    god-bluff, HungryPanda and LugBug1 like this.
  11. pietcux
    I am listening to Pink Floyd The Wall right now. The different soud sources of this very complex mix are all properly represented.
    Absolutely, made in Ireland.
    god-bluff likes this.
  12. rkw
    Pricey compared to what? On the US website, the price is the same as the HD 650. On the German website, the price is only €40 more than the HD 650.
  13. pietcux
    To me the headphone review starts with the wearing comfort. I found the earpads of the HD800 press to much on my jawbone=discomfort to me. The HD650 never did such thing. The HD660S is even better in that regards, the pads are deeper, my earlobe no longer touches the foam.
    On top they sound much more awake than the HD650. The HD650 is so laid back that I reckon it as a tool for meditation, love it it's wonderfully.
    The HD660S is wide awake sounding compared to the HD650 without any flaws to me at last.
    May the believers in waterfall diagrams and lazy unfriendly cats be nice with what I state here. They must find flaws, even when there are no.
    CyraKiraly, Sennheiser and YtseJamer like this.
  14. banco-sg
    How is the soundstage compared to HD650? Does it have punchy bass?
  15. pietcux
    The bass is very punchy and exact to me the HD650 sounds muffled in direct comparison. Let me not yet comment on soundstage, the can is too new, need to get used to it first.
    The bass is really better on the HD660S than on the HD650, wow....Pink Floyd Final Cut...One of the Few.
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