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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Pedro Oliveira
    Let the poor guy enjoy is new headphones. :D Tyll already has them or will havê them very soon and unlike pietcux and most of us he does not havê to pay for them. :)

    Sennheiser is not a newbie. If jude already hás them other reviewers like tyll already havê them as well or are getting them very soon.
  2. Pedro Oliveira
    Another question is how does this leaves the hd6x0 line up from a consumer perspective.... Since its a upgrade to the hd650 is it even worth buying the hd650 anymore? Are the 3 different enough to justify owning the all of them? The conscious choice seems to just have the hd660s or the 660s plus 600 since this one is more neutral.


    Your hd650s are the poder version or the newer one with silver drivers? Old one was supposed to be more muffled sounding. The newer one is closet to the 600 according to the many posts i havê read.

    Can you give as a little more on the bass now? Specially the sub bass. You already saíd it had punchy bass but is the punch much more noticeable compared to you 650s? In terms of rumble, do they make a nice rumbly bass when needed to? Does it go much lower than the hd650?

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  3. L0rdGwyn
    Since it was described by Sennheiser as the "successor" to the HD650 and has the same MSRP, I think their intention is to discontinue it. Where that leaves the HD600 is yet to be seen. Perhaps Sennheiser feels they are different enough products that they will not cannibalize each others' sales, or maybe a HD600 refresh in the near future dependent on the success of the 660S? If we start to hear rumblings of a Massdrop-branded HD600, we will have our answer :wink:
  4. iancraig10
    Well, if the HD650 price drops to where it should be, I would buy a couple of them in preference to the hd660s I think.

    Companies charge too much for many headphones imo.

    Once the hd660s is properly out, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to others at the same price. Sennheiser have the benefit of their name but to me, it kind of resembles the hd650 pretty well as far as the FR goes and the differences might not be worth the price jump......

    As usual, time will tell.

    I think that the hd580 should have been resurrected.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  5. amartignano
    But this is indeed the Hd580 updated and resurrected :wink:
  6. iancraig10
    I never realised just how much I liked the 580 until one day, I went back to it and in comparison to what I had been using, it really shone.

    In the end, the pins started playing up at the bottom of the cups so it was hd600 time, but that 580 was really well balanced tbh.
  7. pietcux
    I can assure you, I had them on for 7 hours in total Yesterday, to me there is no fatigue at all.
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  8. L0rdGwyn
    Alas, He has spoken! What news from the front? What strange new worlds of sonic bliss have you visited? O prophet of the Senns, spare but a word on the 660S's greatness so that we might dream of tasting their sweet nectar!

    ...in all seriousness, are you enjoying them? :)
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  9. pietcux
    If I was you, I would try the HD660S before speculating any further. I took my chance to listen before anyone could proper test them and let me tell you it is a pleasure using them unbiased by people who live from testing gear or live from destoying reputation of gear. Come on this is not the TOTL or UberTOTL line. Go get it, take the risk... noone can do this for you, you need to listen.
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  10. pietcux
    I do! Just got the new Angus and Julia Stone album "Snow" ripped it to my Sony WM1A as FLAC and listen to it now with the balanced cable. Volume level is 58 of 120. The drums the voices the guitars... It is all there and all is perfect to me.
    Kudos to the team @ Sennheiser finally a perfect successor of whatever you want for a reasonable price. I am sold.
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  11. iancraig10
    I know exactly what you mean by ‘testers’ and people with opinions. Been looking at many sites and some of the speculation out there is total nonsense really. I have two hd650s and one hd600 so I guess that the hd660s would finish the collection off. :wink:

    I use my hd6** with an amp that has built in eq that extends the hd650 bass lower and reduces the mid bass hump. It’s a clever amp called a Kameleon and looking at Jude’s graph, I might well end up needing another filter for this one as well, making it very similar to the hd650 in the end.

    I will wait a little while before making a decision I think to see what emerges from all the dust......... :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.
  12. logip
    Hi, I see that you also have the DT-1990. How do they compare? Especially the soundstage and bass.
  13. amartignano
    I must admit that I regret to have sold my HD 580 :wink:
  14. Mark Up
    The graph shows slightly more sub bass, just slightly. What he's said, so far, indicates better bass, faster, more defined, which isn't found on that graph. If you really want sub bass beyond most open headphones, semi-opens like the Philips Fidelio L2 will get there (with more highs than the Sennheiser) or the L1 (with the same or less highs, these are very warm sounding to the point of it lacking detail). The best sub bass response on under $500 USD street priced fully open headphones is the Audio Technica ATH-R70x. They also have the warm high mids of the HD650. In fact they are even more laid back in this area, too much for many. They have a bit less high treble, and a bit more of a narrow high peak that's still not too bad. The sub bass is remarkable though. They do have fit issues for me; not quite enough for my big head, ear pads are a little small. The HD 660S from what I hear will not have that kind of larger sub bass.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  15. Sigmaaa
    Only now I get what people were saying. I didn't look with enough attention at the graph, I thought the 2 lines were the left and right channels of the hd660s. That's why I didn't get the matching thing.
    Now that I see the comparison, I'm really clueless, it doesn't make any sense. They are to close, they can't sound so different with such a resembling graph. The major differences are in high freq, where graphs easily can get different from measurement to measurement for the same source. Also, the HD650 don't have the 5kHz peak, they have a huge dip there, and it shows in all dozens of grapshs on the net, they all show more or less the same thing, contrary with this graph. Couldn't you, by mistake, uploaded the left and right channels of the same headphone instead of measurement of the 2 models?
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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