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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. gefski
    While I believe most aftermarket cables will have "different" sonic characteristics, my experience fooling with them at meets and with friends tells me they will be all over the place sonically. Especially since they interact with the headphone AND amplifier in a given system. This particular market is also driven by the cosmetic appeal of the cable.
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  2. WilliamLeonhart
    cosmetic appeal = bragging rights too. Sometimes my colleagues would ask if my Sennheiser cost a few dozens bucks, which is their definition of “costly” headphones. With aftermarket cable they have raised the speculated amount to “hundreds”.
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  3. jkpenrose

    As I understand it balanced output also provides a lower noise floor - but I tend to agree that cable is cable.

    I currently have a balanced cable on order for my new hd6xx to use with my earstone es100.

    When I switched to a balanced cable for my meze 99C, I noticed that the soundstage changed. It is wider and vocals are not as forward.

    I attribute that to the change from SE to balanced, but I haven't tested using the balanced cable with a converter into the SE output.

    Interested to see if I hear similar results when the balanced cable for the Hd6xx arrives this week
  4. dakanao
    I also have a cheap 10 dollar cable from ebay, and the HD 650 cable definitely has more bass impact with cleaner highs.

    I also tested all those cables on my HD 540 Gold, and same results.

    I must say that the HD 650 with the stock cable is not really forward in the vocals, but rather neutral.

    My HD 540 Gold with aftermarket pads are definitely more upfront with the vocals
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  5. B0NES
    I recently got my HD 650 a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying them. The only issue I have is that I'm not a fan of velour pads. My first set of cans were K7xx with Dekoni sheepskin leather pads and it was glorious. Are there any leather pads out there for the HD 650 that won't affect the sound signature much?

    Sorry of this has been asked multiple times...2800+ pages is a lot to go through even with the search function.
  6. ls13coco
    Not speaking from experience, but I have read a few times on here that pad rolling really changes the signature for the worse.
    That said, I am interested to hear if anyone has a found a good combination.. but YMMV.
  7. WilliamLeonhart
    Not just the HD6xx/HD650, not just Sennheiser but other brands as well. I've had Grados that react quite well to mods. At first I really liked the change but as time goes by I realize these mods don't really make the sound "better", just different. And I always find myself going back to the "stock" sound.
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  8. claud W
    A well designed cable for your headphones is the most effective mod you can make. Choose a well known brand like WyWires, Norne etc and choose what your wallet can bear. I started with the "Smurf blue" Cardas on my HD 600s many years ago, but got tired of such a stiff cable. It really made a nice improvement though. I replaced it with a Toxic Silver Poison which has a tad bit better base and is very nice and limp. I ordered a Norne Silvergarde for my new HD 650s.
  9. MacMan31
    This is what I bought (currently out of stock) for my HD6XX and 58X. Bought two at 5 feet length each. https://customcans.co.uk/s/s/index.php/cables/original-sennheiser-cable/basicxlr.html
  10. dakanao
    Indeed. I still find the stock HD 650 cable a bit too laidback with the vocals for my taste, and the Canare/Mogami mini star quad fixed that nicely with my previous HD 6xx.
  11. B0NES
    Holy cow...does it make $600+ worth of improvement though?? I guess it's subjective, and if you have the cash...

    I have a question for you though! I'm currently running a Bimby and Jotunheim with my HD 650 (all with stock or cheap cables). I wanted my next pair of cans to be closed so I've been considering the MrSpeakers Ether C Flow. Would my set up do well for both cans? Also, if I were to grab these and decide to stick with the two, what order would you recommend I start upgrading the rest of my gear in the coming years? Sorry for the loaded questions, please feel free to answer as much or as little as you'd like! Thanks.
  12. B0NES
    Pretty new to the audiophile world. Googling the Canare/Mogami mini star quad took me to here: https://www.markertek.com/product/l...-star-quad-microphone-cable-by-the-foot-black

    Does this mean you made your own cable? Any recommendations for the remaining parts? I plan to follow one of those cable-making guides and I've already picked up a soldering iron.
  13. dakanao
    No I bought them from venus audio on ebay


    You can ask for the length and type of plug you want
  14. megabigeye
    Hey there,
    I haven't made a replacement cable for the HD 650, but Redco has the best prices I've found for cables and connectors.
    Canare L-4E5C - $0.48/ft
    Sennheiser Connectors - $19.95/pr. I remember having seen a similar set for maybe half this price, of course I have no idea where I saw it.
    Neutrik NP3X-B - $5.48. I've had good luck with this one in the past.
  15. B0NES
    Ah it looks to be non-English haha. I'll see if I can find something similar in the US. Thanks!

    Awesome, thanks!! Do you or anyone else know if this would make a noticeable improvement over the stock cable?

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