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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. MacMan31
    Custom Cans actually sells the default Sennheiser 6 Series cable with 4 pin XLR so I bought two in 5 feet length. Plenty long enough for me. Cost me about as much as one of their fancy ones and I’m sure they’re just as good.
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  2. dakanao
  3. MacMan31
  4. dakanao
    What would be the lightest and most flexible cable for the HD 6xx series?
  5. PeteMtl
    How about the genuine Sennheiser HD600 cable ? It differs from the HD650 cable with a slightly narrower and lighter gage cable, a 3.5mm/1/8 inch miniplug ending and you may also purchase the 1/4 inch plug adapter which blends itself with the miniplug ending. This HD600 cable is compatible with all HD 600 series headphones and even HD25 series headphones, since they share the same L-R endings that clips on the driver cups.
  6. dakanao
    No that one is too long (3m). I need something like 1.2m - 1.5m

    Also want an upgrade in sound over the stock HD 650 cable.
  7. MacMan31
  8. dakanao
  9. MacMan31
    To be honest I'm not sure. I've never held one in my hands before. I know the Periapt offerings can be kind of stiff but are good quality. I actually ordered a pair of these (now out of stock) so I can have 4 pin XLR. I was able to choose the length as well. https://customcans.co.uk/s/s/index.php/cables/original-sennheiser-cable/basicxlr.html
  10. PeteMtl
    I’m not sure that you may find an upgrade to the stock HD650 cable. You may find shorter cables, more colourful cables, cables of different textures, but I seriously doubt that you may find a better cable. I personally don’t not believe in audibly better cables. Some people listen to cables, I listen to music, and I do though good headphones with a good gage grade resistent cable. The stock cable is just that. I also own for my HD58x an aftermarket 1.2m cable. The only reason I bought it was because it also has a mic + remote compatible with iOS. It’s made by Newfantasia, bought on Amazon.com. It didn’t cost me much, 20$ if I recall. Does it sound good? Yes, sure. Does it sound better or worse that the stock cable? I don’t think so, I don’t hear any difference, and I will pay a very good bottle of vintage wine to the individual that may hear a difference between such cables in a double blind test. I do not believe in cable listening differences, not with such short cables, not for average or over the average cables. Yeah maybe with el cheapo cables that are so thin that they break just by looking at them, but I guess we’re talking about decent cables here, with sufficient gage so that they may resist normal wear and tear... i salut those who seek better and more expensive esoteric cables, I just don’t believe in them, as with many audiophile gimmicks it’s just snake oil. I own many higher end audio gear by the way, and i’m very critical regarding the sound quality of my components. I just don’t believe in esoteric cables, even in the case of analog audio cables such as the headphone cables discussed here. Just my 2 cents of personal opinion...
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  11. dakanao
    Well, the Canare L-4E5C and Mogami 2893 mini star quad cables are without a doubt an audible improvement in sound over the stock cable.

    Better refined in every single way, tighter bass better separation, more precise imaging. I know it's not snake oil with atleast these 2 cables, but unfortanetly they're too stiff and heavy for my use.
  12. PeteMtl
    Are these balanced cables? I agree that balanced cables make a difference in sound... but not the way you may think. It has been proven by many industry reviewers that balanced cables for headphones have very little or no difference in sound quality compared to unbalanced regular cabling. It does make a difference in speaker cables when the ouput power is moderate and the distance between the amp and speakers is long. I would favor balanced cables for concert speakers when the cables are 10m, 20m, 30m long. But for headphones? I told you there was a difference: the sound quality is the same, but balanced configuration let you benefit from additional amping, since you are using the equivalent of two amps to drive headphones in balanced configuration. The result may be more power, more loudness satisfaction, more dynamic sounding, but it is strictly a question of amping power. With sufficient amp power, the audio quality should not differ in balanced or unbalanced mode. In a 1.2m or 3m headphone cable, the added resistance in the cable, calculated in very slightly higher impendance (ohms) should not even be audiby discernable. A 150 ohms (nominal, averaged) headphone should not sound any different than the same headphone at 153 ohms... The same goes for 300 ohms headphones (which anyways have 450 ohms + peaks at certain bass frequencies). An averaged weighted 305 ohms (instead of 300 ohms) is undiscernable and no cause for concern. By the way, the added impedance with a cheap low gage cable compared to an expensive high gage cable is far less than the 5 ohms in my example, it is rather a fraction of an additional ohm, typically 0,1 or 0,4 ohms added, really undiscernable. That said, if you use a headphone amp that may be switched to balanced mode / unbalanced mode, I agree that in balanced mode the output power capability will be greater in balanced mode, and it may make a difference if your push your amp at higher output for rather loud listening into your headphones, but don’t get fooled, it’s only a question of output power which shows in higher db in your ears, not a question of sound quality difference. I personally don’t listen to headphones at rock concert levels, and therefore I would not find use of additional power from my headphone amp (if it was switcheable to a balanced mode), so the whole balanced mode amping and cabling is just useless to me. My amps are powerful enough for my needs with my HD600, HD58x and HD6xx.
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  13. MacMan31
    I do notice a bit of difference between balance and SE on my Aune X7S but it's not night and day. I'm using the HD6XX and 58X and they do sound a little more "open" with balanced and it seems the "veil" is diminished. However that may differ depending on the amp being used.
  14. Tuneslover
    The philosophy I tend to use is that any respectable company like Sennheiser for example will design a cable for their headphone (say the HD650 or HD800) that will do the headphone justice. I can only assume that they will supply the best sounding yet cost effective cable because they want users to get as good as possible of a listening experience from their headphone. Now I don't doubt that a decently designed and built aftermarket cable may sound "better" than the stock cable. However the question is how much better is the improvement versus the added cost. In the case of the $150 HD58x, I just can't see myself replacing the stock cable with an aftermarket cable that costs as much or more than the headphone itself.
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  15. castleofargh Contributor
    my best upgrade(subjective!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for the cable has been to poorly attach a clip to it so my shirt is handling the weight and movements instead of my head. it's only a few grams but that was annoying me and now it's not so: \o/
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