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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. claud W
    I ordered a new pair of HD 650s. My 600s have a Silver Poison Toxic cable, but alas, Toxic is no more. For the 650s I have ordered a XLR balanced Norne Silvergarde S3-C. I did not have a balanced connection on the Toxic. Should be great being driven by Yiggy & Stratus.
  2. gargani
    I wonder if it's something as simple as different sensitivity of different headphones.
    If headphone A is slightly more sensitive than headphone B ; and you're listening to headphone A at any given volume level. Then you plug in headphone B, it won't sound as lively or dynamic as headphone A.
    So you have to turn the volume up for headphone B.
    Just a thought.
  3. castleofargh Contributor
    hd650 impedance vs volume.jpg
    what I get measuring the HD650's impedance at 3 different volume levels. green, purple(hardly visible) and yellow the quietest measurement. I started around 85dB SPL at 1khz which feels pretty loud to me after midnight^_^. I reduced by more than 10dB each time to be sure to get at least that subjective half loudness. the third measurement was at about 61dB SPL.
    I'd be very tempted to suggest that we're not seeing any relevant change in the overall impedance curve. the added noise I get as I lower the volume is more likely to be my rig having to calculate the impedance based on smaller and smaller voltages and variations between the reference and the other channel. this logically makes any noises in the circuit show more and more influence as I turn the volume down. I have cheap gears so I could surely improve things with better input gain setting, but I didn't want to touch anything so that the 3 measurements would show the same conditions except for the volume level. choices were made :wink:

    about the frequency response, I did measure that at various levels last year with the pads removed(so they don't screw up the results) and the headphone firmly held in place on the mic, but I don't know if I recorded that somewhere, at least it's not in my HD650 folder on this computer. so you'll have to trust me on this one, but the frequency response also doesn't change in any relevant way, at least on my horrible horrible O2, oh no how can you listen to music with that? ^_^
    I'd expect possible changes on both the impedance curve and the FR if for example the airflow was miserable so at high level the driver couldn't move as it wants because of the stronger air resistance. another hypothesis would be if the coil got really hot at high level, to the point that the impedance curve would be affected, and with it the FR(at least measurably so).
    the last option I can think of that would be strictly caused by the headphone side of things, is simply that the driver distorts like crazy at high volume level because we're asking it to go past its nominal excursion.
    none of those ideas seem to fit our situation. the hd650 doesn't have crap drivers. and people find that low volume listening isn't as good. so unless they happen to enjoy the low freq distortions at higher volume(which isn't excluded TBH), I'd be tempted to suspect the human error and some psycho acoustic mess with a given signature.

    I have no idea about distortions as even a "dreadful" 1%THD is already 40dB below signal, so it's hard for me to make sure I'm not measuring ambient noise(even less with the computer ON).
    and obviously the same issue exists when trying to look for other non linear behaviors. impedance and FR variations are pretty much the limit of what I feel confident to test. :sob:
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  4. raybone0566
    06EB2734-B1B1-47C7-9D3D-A55C12E99E57.jpeg Been using this setup as of late. Crimson is very good with the 650’s.
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  5. castleofargh Contributor
    the top shelf and what's on it really challenge my inner OCD. ^_^. are they usually placed like this?
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  6. jimmers
    I will send you a picture of the stuff on my computer desk if you are not careful, just a few *square feet at a time to prolong the experience for you :scream:

    * perhaps that should be cubic feet :smiling_imp:
  7. megabigeye
    Ha! It's the headphone stand directly in front of the Schiit amp's volume knob that's killing me!
  8. dakanao
    For some reason, my HD 650 sounds more present with the vocals with my onboard soundcard vs the Chord Mojo... Is this because of 2nd harmonic distortion, or something else?
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  9. raybone0566
    10.00 on amazon, no sense splurging on stuff that has no affect on the sound. That’s a preamp to the left which isn’t hooked up. I appreciate everyone’s concern but I got this
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  10. megabigeye
    The perfect price for a headphone stand, in my opinion.

    I was talking about its obstructing access to the Schiit's knob*.
    Anyway, I don't mean to be picking on you.

    *There should really be a product called the Schiit Knob.
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  11. dakanao
    What kind of cable is that?
  12. MacMan31
    I'm curious about the headphone cable also. Where did you purchase it?
  13. raybone0566
    I bought that cable from custom cans, think I paid 140.00 for it
  14. MacMan31
    Oh cool. I'll have to check them out. Do you experience any microphonic noise when using the cable? I have that issue a lot with my Periapt cable.
  15. HungryPanda
    I bought a cable for my HD700 from Custom Cans, it is excellent.

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