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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. RickB
    That's a steal.
  2. FastAndClean
    that's what i thought but i have HE 500 and i am not sure if i am gonna use them, i can just buy the HD650 and if i dont like the sound compared the the hifiman s i can always sell them after that
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  3. koover
    If you don't buy them, PM me from who's selling them and I'll immediately jump on them, even though you shouldn't hesitate! :ksc75smile:
  4. FastAndClean
    is in Norway, the guy does not respond, if you want i can give you the link
  5. FastAndClean
    omg now there is a add for HD600 at 40 dollars, what is happening
  6. Frankster010
    I would be bit concerned about the state of such priced cans. But if they don't smell and sound okay, it's bargain!
  7. Deftone
    Yes of course
  8. SolaVirtus
    If it's in good shape, yes. I'd spend that for a spare parts or modding pair a without much concern.
  9. koover
    Well they’re both so cheap, in Norway, seller not responding.......not sure about this. But again, what time is it there? He might be in bed.
  10. FastAndClean
    the HD600 got taken away in a instant, the HD650 is still there but i am sure that the owner is just not online, it will be gone the moment he log in
  11. Colors
    Oddly enough, I tried my H6XX with the Magni 3 and I found it too bright. On both high and low gain.

    O2 sounds pretty good if not just a tad dull. My favourite is surprisingly still out of my N5ii balanced. It only needs about 45-50 volume.
  12. BrotherKathos
    JDS Labs El Amp is great with the hd6xx. I also have the magni 3 and found it to be too bright. I also have the o2 amp and aslo found it much smoother than the magni 3, but prefer the el amp over the o2 amp with the hd6xx. My hd6xx are right now hooked to my topping d50 with slow linear filter and the El Amp. Great combo. Super smooth, detailed and pitch black background with great instrument seperation. I’m getting and asgard 2 tomorrow and will be comparing my hd6xx against the asgard 2 and modi multibit vs the d50 and El amp setup. Will be interesting since both dacs and amps are using different topology.
    Colors likes this.
  13. SilverEars
    I don't think HD6XX is HD650, at least not an older version I've had. If there has been update to the driver over the years to HD6XX, I'm quite ok with it (I much prefer it over what I recall of the HD650). I just wish Sennheiser can just be transparent about it if it was the case.

    I wish somebody can confirm. Maybe somebody has some evidence from the internals?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
    rafaelo likes this.
  14. HungryPanda
    Get the HD700 with balanced cable. Do not look back
    trellus likes this.
  15. Pharmaboy
    It looks like an HD800. Does it sound like that, or something else?

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