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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. Zulkr9
    HD 6xx series of headphones are the type of that will make you love them more the more you listen to them, they don't have that wow factor that some headphones have but they just have something magical about them that keeps pulling you back.
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  2. BrotherKathos
    I just got a modi multibit today, and after immediately putting on a song I'd been listening to alot this week I was pleased with the HD6XX, Mimby, and O2 amp pairing. Since I did not do a back to back and it was only a short 2 minute or so listen whe the modi was fresh out of the box its hard to say whether its just a happy placebo for me, the 6XX is geting more broken in over the last few days, or the new pairing just works well in that song. I'll be listening to them more over the wek with the O2 amp and Mimby as I wait for the Magni 3 to get back from service. Had a bad volume pot which was promptly fixed by Schiit. Good customer service from them IMO. I have not liked the magni 3 with most of my other headphones and dacs, but did not have the HD6XX or Mimby before I sent it back for the bad pot. The only phones I liked with it were my HD 598 Cs. The 558 were still too harsh with the magni 3. So far it looks favorable for the magni/mimby stack, since I at least had a good initial impression of the HD6XX with the Mimby and O2 amp.
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  3. joseph69
    This sounds like a bigger improvement for you than you seem to think. :)
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  4. LazyListener
    Well, that's good news. Does that include no issues with initial build quality, such as mismatched drivers, paint issues, fit and finish, etc.? Is it safe to say that everyone's HD 6xx have the same level of build quality as the HD 650?
  5. BrotherKathos
    I can't give you anything regarding reliability since I just got my HDXX a couple of days ago, but it looks like it would hold up at least as well as all my other Sennheisers that have been with me for at least 5 years with no problems so far. The channel balance is good and I'm happy with the imaging and overall sound as well. Reliability will have to see in the future, but so far it looks promising.
  6. Anarion
    I haven't had issues with mine, no complaints. They'll do QA properly and Sennheiser gives two year warranty.
  7. DavidA
    My HD650 is a bit better finished compared to my HD6XX and HD58X, most noticeable difference is the HD650 doesn't have any ridges from the molds while the HD6XX and HD58X have some ridges from the molding process. The finish of my HD800 and HD700 are still a step up over any of the HD6 series that I've owned.
  8. Zulkr9
    I'm guessing thats the cost cutting that massdrop have to undergo to sell these cans at their respective price points which is well below msrp of the non massdrop models.
  9. LazyListener
    Thanks to all who replied. Good to hear there's no channel imbalance/ mismatched drivers, or other noticeable issues.

    @DavidA When you say that the HD 6xx has ridges that the HD 650 does not, is that what I'm seeing in the photos on Massdrop of the headband, just to left of the "S" logo? It's sort of like a bit wavy and not completely smooth? Are these ridges evident just on the headband or elsewhere? Do you think these ridges are only a cosmetic thing and would not lead to degradation of build quality over time (such as paint peeling or other problems)?
  10. LazyListener
    Do you guys think that the HD 6xx has "hurt" sales of the HD 650 enough, that it may be possible, or even likely, that the HD 650 may be discounted for Black Friday? Amazon has been known to heavily discount other Sennheiser headphones as BF specials. Does anyone know if the 650 has been heavily discounted before?

    Also, do you think that if I wait until BF to see if HD 650 is discounted, that the HD 6xx will still be available from Massdrop for delivery before Christmas?

    I'd really prefer to get the HD 650 over the HD 6xx (I think they look better), but don't want to spend the $300+ if I don't have to.
  11. dakanao
    So I kept reading several times that the HD 650 actually had another revision back in 2016, where the uppermids were supposedly more shouty, than the 2014 version. And both were silver drivers, black box..

    I certainly DO notice a shouty/slightly harsh uppermids section, if the fit isn't 100% correct..
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  12. SilverEars
    The HD650 looks the best out of the siblings IMO with the finish. It has the best finish and the color, and I personally don't like the HD600 marble look.

    Based on the number of sold, this drop was highly successful. Isn't it more than 55k sold? This is probably the most sold Massdrop.
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  13. gefski
    If you're patient, just watch for a used one. I just added a mint (finish, pads, headband, box, immaculate) 600 black driver damping to my stable for $185 shipped. But I'd had the 600 on watch for months. He listed it at midnight and I bought it within 2 hrs.
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  14. DavidA
    The area were I notice the ridges is on the yokes, the HD650 yokes are quite smooth and maybe due to the painting while the HD58X and HD6XX are not painted / finished the same way.
    Lowest price I've seen for HD650 is $285, BF sale in 2015 IIRC

    @gefski, I got my HD600 in 2015 for $235, brand new from Adorama BF sale IIRC and it was free shipping to.

    I guess I'm not too picky since I like the look of the HD58X, HD6XX, HD660S and HD650, only the HD600 didn't really appeal to me.
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  15. tafens
    One of mine HD6XX had bad pads out of the box. Looked new but behaved as worn ones and made the headphone sound just “wrong” (dull, not as engaging, no sparkle - “veiled” for real) compared to my other pair of HD6XX. Hopefully this should be very uncommon though.

    A couple of new pads from Sennheiser spares store solved that and they now sound as they should :)

    However, a good lesson did come out of this; do not judge a HD6 series headphone (especially HD650/HD6XX) unless you know the pads are fresh.
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