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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. DavidA
    You don't need more "juice" but an amp with better synergy such as an OTL (BH Crack or similar), but this is one big rabbit hole as many can tell you.

    My vote is for tubes, OTL amp but a hybrid will also work, this is if you want to keep the warm sometimes overly warm nature of the HD650. If you want to clean up the sound then an SS amp like the Jot works quite well.
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  2. Guss2
    Wow, I can't even remember when I posted that. Thanks for waking me up though, and enjoy. Also, which version of the 650's do you own? I still have mine, and they are the original/first production versions. Can't say I've heard the revised 650's. Honestly wouldn't matter, the HE90's smoke them.
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  3. bcaulf17
    I love my Magni 3 with my HD6XX. I actually received the headphone before the amp and tried them through my MacBook and thought the sounded great just like that. With the Magni 3, I sense a little more air and sparkle, tighter bass, less congestion, more dynamics and depth, all while keeping the headphone’s smooth and inviting sound. Sound is clearer and cleaner. It’s still quite warm. The changes are slight but make a pretty fair difference. For $99 you really can’t go wrong.
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  4. BrotherKathos
    I like the magni 3 alot wih the hd6xx as well. The added treble bias of the magni 3 gives the hdxx hat air and sparkle, with the high power rating helps wih controlling the tight bass. Its definitely more dynamic, almost like a smoother Beyerdynamic headphone. If the desire is to keep the hdxx or 650 sound signature untouched howe er, the magni 3 is absolutely not the amp to get, even if people including me like the pairing. You’d be better of in my experience getting an o2 amp or jds labs el amp t keep the hdxx or 650 untouched.

    But I want to make clear that I find the magni 3 and mimby almost a perfect match to the hd6xx. I liked the hd6xx with the mimby and my smsl su8 hooked to my o2 amp before the magni 3 got back from repairs. I hooked the magni 3 and mimby together and have been listening to the hd6xx with them for a few days. I wanted to see if I would like the o2 better since I don’t really like the magni 3 with any of my other headphones. I plugged the o2 up and starfed to listen. It was almost immediately noticed that the music became much more flat. The bass was less pronounced with the o2 mimby 6xx for some reason vs my su8 o2 6xx. The highs were also less pronounced and almost squeezed together more if that makes any sense. The music felt like it lost something I’d grown accustomed to. I plugged the magni 3 back in and it was all immediately back. I’m still not going to recommend he magni 3 if someone is looking to leave the hd6xx sound untouched, but if they are willing to then the magni 3 mimby stack with the hd6xx is absolutely a great pairing. Highly recommended.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  5. TooFrank
    I don’t know how to tell which version of HD650 it is. But probably a newer as I bought them last yearI had read so many appraisals, that I simply just had to try them. As expected much different from grados, but with some music in the right quality they really shine.
  6. DavidA
    If you got them new last year then they are the latest version but if you are still curious to find out how to tell the differences you can search back in this thread as there were a few post that gave the info (color of drivers, box, and year made) to determine which revision they are.
  7. TooFrank
    Many thanks. I suppose the newer versions should be improved in some way?
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Someone in another thread, plugs their HD6XX into the headphone jack of a Sound Blaster Z sound card and is not really happy with the audio.
    Can one assume the SB-Z's headphone jack is not able to bring out the best in the HD6XX.
    For $200 budget, what would be a recommended headphone amplifier, for the HD6XX?
  9. RickB
    I would look at Schiit Vali 2.
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  10. SilverEars
    I can't help but to point out that HD6XX is not identical to HD650 in sound, particularly the treble response. HD6XX has forward 6k in comparison. In the past, my impression of the HD650 was a bit veiled, but HD6XX doesn't seem to be although I wish it has more shimmery highs (for better instrumental tonality) than just forward female vocals (3-4k). It sounds more agressive than what I recall of the HD650 in terms of forwardness and the obvious 6k peak.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
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  11. riffrafff
    Agreed. I listen to my 6XX with this chain: CPU (USB)->EITR->Mimby->Loki Mini->Vali 2->6XX. It sounds great. :metal: :metal:
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  12. DavidA
    Agree with you on the slightly better treble of the HD6XX and to me the HD6XX its also a bit more extended down low compared to my HD650. These differences are quite subtle and I even tried switching pads around but the differences are still there so its not ear pads related. Only problem with this is I was going to mod my HD6XX but since they sound different from my HD650 I don't have a good control to judge against and will have to borrow a HD650 from a friend and have to mod my HD650 (which I don't want to do) so holding of any mods at this point.
  13. SilverEars
    I got to admit that bass impact was hefty and came out stronger than I expected (keep seeing the bass roll-off in the graphs). Matter a fact, it comes out stronger than the HD58X. HD6XX overall character is definitely more forward than the HD58X. It sounds more cohesive in the forwardness. It's not like it's the most forward headphone or anything (Focals like Elex or Utopia are more forward), but I'm pointing this out because I was expecting it to sound like HD650.

    My HD650 was from almost 10 years ago.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  14. BrotherKathos
    That being the case I’m glad i got the hd6xx instead of the 650. It took me the better part of a month to find a set of headphones I liked with my magni 3, and the hd6xx mimby and magni 3 are just about perfect. I honestly have no desire to do anything to change the sound at all except for somthing basically non noticeable like a usb to spdif converter.
  15. megabigeye
    I often wonder if this isn't just the tolerances that headphone manufacturers, uh, tolerate? That would help explain why some people hear the HD 650 and HD 6XX as different and some hear them as the same. It might also help explain why some hear them as veiled, some don't. I'd imagine that a percentage point or two along the frequency spectrum could add up to be something subtle but noticeable. And if the drivers are matched, the differences won't be obvious without comparing directly to another headphone of the same make. Doesn't the HD 6XX box say "HD 650" right on it?
    Of course, I don't have the HD 6XX, only the 650, so this is just what I've gathered from reading.

    Anyway, just a thought.
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