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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. DavidA
    Hard to believe the pads would be bad on brand new headphones and the other thing is I've noticed my HD650 actually sound brighter with old pads since the drivers are closer to my ears.
  2. SSandDigital
    Which USB powered DAC/Amp do you use with your laptop w/ HD650? Must be small, like the Fiio Q1, no external power.
  3. BrotherKathos
    Audioengine D1 is a great little dac/amp. Very smooth, small and versitile as it can be used as a preamp for speakers as well as a head amp. reasonable price as well.
  4. WilliamLeonhart
    I find it to be too closed-in and lacking details as well. That is in comparison to the O2/ODAC, which is in the same price range.
    iDSD Micro and Theorem 720 are the first ones that comes to my mind. These are bigger than the Q1, but I think it's impossible for something the size of the Q1 to drive the HD650 properly.
  5. dakanao
    Selling my HD 6xx, if anyone is interested. Great condition. 180 euro shipped.

    Reason being is because I want to try out an older revision HD 650, to see if they are smoother in the upper-mids. Posting it here before I'll put them in the classifieds.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  6. tafens
    Yes, I agree, indeed it is very hard to believe. A brand new headphone shouldn’t have any faults, but as with other things I guess it can happen. I didn’t think about the pads first either, but asked for help in this very thread (this was back in July): https://www.head-fi.org/posts/14356296/

    Among other things someone suggested the pads might have something to do with it. As it would be a lot easier if a pad replacement could fix them instead of sending them back to Massdrop and all that, I started with checking them. I tried to exchange the pads between the two HD6XX’s and yes, the problem moved to the other headphone, with the pads. So I ordered replacement pads and the problem was gone :)

    I assumed that the bad pads would act similar to worn out pads, but maybe that is not the case.

    It was definitely the pads that were the problem though, as before I replaced them I could easily hear the difference between the two HD6XX’s, but with the bad pads replaced, I cannot.
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  7. Ichos
    If you can afford it the the Q5 - balanced is a great choice.
  8. LazyListener
    When I had a brand new HD 650 back in late 2016, I likewise thought that on some songs, the mids sounded a bit too elevated / sharp/ shouty. It wasn't terrible, and only with some songs, but definitely noticeable. I wouldn't doubt it that the sound signature was revised at some point, especially since so many complained about the "veil."

    Good suggestion, except I just really enjoy that new, factory fresh feeling. It's like the difference between buying a new car and a used car. There's just something special about "new," at least for me.

    Thanks @DavidA for that very useful and helpful post, as usual.
  9. LazyListener
    When I had an HD 650, I used my Fiio E10K with it without issues. It drove them to loud enough listening levels. For comparison, I also bought a Magni 2, and used the E10K as DAC only with it, and the M2 added not only more volume, but more dynamics and punch. Surprisingly, the soundstage was bigger with the E10K than the Magni 2/E10K combo.
  10. Colors
    Got my 6XX yday.

    Sounds great for watching TV shows on (that soundstage). I don't think I'm doing it justice by running it out of my Cayin N5ii or iPhone X though. Definitely needs more juice...going to try to get a balanced cable ASAP. Don't really want to commit to a home setup (I hear it's like going down a rabbit hole. I don't have $ =P).
  11. WilliamLeonhart
    Go for the tried-and-true DAC/amps. The HD6xx really counts as one of the “end game” choices in my book, investing in DAC/amp for it is really worth it IMHO
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  12. joseph69
  13. Carcara
    The 650 would be better with tube or ss amplifiers?
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  14. BrotherKathos
    In your case I can tell you one to not get if you want to keep the 650 softness untouched and that is the magni 3. It elevates the treble and bass so not warm at all. I actually like the way it sounds with my HD6XX alot though. I don’t like the magni 3 with my Audeze or hifiman headphones at all. The hd6xx are the best sounding headphones I have with the magni 3 by far though and am very pleased with that specific pairing. Its just not the same as when I use my more neutral o2 amp and JDS Labs EL amp with the HD6XX which are basically hd650s. there is a slight change to presense up top and in bass output with the magni 3, but the softness of the hd6xx ofsets the treble bias I find piercing and grading wih my other phones. I only have those 3 amps and out of all of them if I had to give a winner to the warm category it would be the EL amp. Its basically the same as my o2, but just has slightly more heft due to its higher power. Hope this helps, but this is only an isolated opinion, If others tell you the magni 3 is warm, then the other ones i have are ultra velvet by comparison.
  15. TooFrank
    FWIW: rediscovered the salient and smooth sound of the 650s with my old Sony pha-1 amplifying the nw-zx2. Now it is Praire Wind with Niel Young. Wauv!
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