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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. Midgetguy
    +1. Have had several braided cables and not a single one has had any problems.
    Guess I've been lucky to not have to deal with Lunashops support, sounds like a nightmare.
  2. DavidA
    Bummer, all the items I have ordered were decent but then I've mostly ordered parts so nothing to fall apart and I've only had to deal with their customer service once and they took care of the problem very quickly (pin connector for HD-800) and just sent me 2 new ones, no charge, I think they had others note the issue so they didn't even question me, just told me that new pins would be shipped.
    As for the 2 cables I ordered from them, both are still used but I've re-terminated them for use with different headphones, like the HD-600 cable I posted above, the cable is from Lunashops but the 3.5mm jack is from Double Helix and the HD-6XX pins are Cardas.

    Never had problems with braided cables but I don't really like them as they can get a little heavy (8 strand versions)
  3. evmedievalol
    hmm i have a logitech mouse that has braided cable and over time, the surface of braid gets fuzzy, if you know what i mean..
    Maybe there are different materials of braid..
  4. Midgetguy
    I've seen hard nylon/plastic braid and also cloth braid, which I would think is more susceptible to the fuzzing you're talking about.
  5. PinkyPowers

    I can see how a mouse cable might produce problems. The super-repetitive back and forth movement along the surface of your desk/mouse-pad can abrade most materials. For headphones this is not a realistic concern. They last a long, long time.
  6. DavidA
    I think you might be right that the braided covering is a different material.  On my VModa XS the cable has a Kevlar material braided over it and it has started to fray in two places after 3 years so I understand your point.
    I braiding I was thinking about is the braiding of multiple strands so there would be no material to get fuzzy.  There are some cables that have a paracord material to cover the individual strands of cable or encase the 4 wires with a single layer of parcord or other type of material which I could also see fraying over time.
    I guess people need to be more specific as to what "braid" they are talking about.
  7. GoodGucciGoo
    After 3 months of owning my HD600, I realized that I love it so much, I want to tell the world how good this headphone is. To be honest, I can hardly imagine any headphone to beat my HD600. Though from time to time I would still be tempting to get new headphones, after I put my HD600 back on my head, I lost my interest in other headphones. I would be out working yet still thinking about my HD600 and just couldn't put this gem down when I came back from work until sleep. 
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  8. PinkyPowers

    The Audeze LCD-2.2 Fazor is a perfect upgrade to the HD600. It keeps so many of its qualities and balance, while managing a true leap forward in sound.

    When you are ready to explore new options, I suggest you start there. But please enjoy your contentment for as long as you can. It is precious, and so easily lost. :)
  9. GoodGucciGoo
    haha right thanks for the suggestion! My friend actually has a pair of Audeze so I want to audition it sometimes. I heard a few people bashing about the quality control of Audeze though, I don't know if that's the case. I'm also looking into Beyer T1 and Senn HD800. While all three of them are definitely great headphones, I want to audition them before pull the trigger.
  10. DavidA
    The T1, HD-800 and LCD-2 are all great headphones but sound different enough that I still have all three and don't see me selling or giving away any of them.  Sad to say I did part ways with my HD-600 but it was to a friend who wanted them right then and there, I may get another pair sometime down the road but it would most likely be a used one since the pair I had got very little use, I used it only as a form of having a common reference point since many know the sound.
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  11. Arniesb
    For me T1.1 is like DT880 and HD600 having a baby:). With warm ss amp or tube amp it is smooth and natural as HD600, but with a DT880 precision and deltails. All this, but also with big increase in resolution, soundstage and imaging. Also T1 is best all arounder ever!!! Although I'm loving T1, but i still gonna buy HD800 or HD800S.
  12. Pahani
    I'd personally be interested on hearing your opinion of Stax. My 2170 set is less than a week old, and I'm still trying to calm my enthusiasm for them before I start to comment.
    I've seen your posts very frequently since I've joined here, and my opinions jive with yours a lot....that is, on HP I own. If it ain't in my sig, I haven't heard it.
    I won't be selling any of the HP in my current collection, I feel they're all pretty strong reference points.
    /end thread hijack
  13. PinkyPowers

    Out of those three, the LCD-2 is the closest to matching the signature of the HD600. That's why I call it the perfect upgrade if you really love that sound. It's the HD600++
  14. madwolfa
    FWIW, I've sold my LCD-2F and got back to my trusty HD600...
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  15. PinkyPowers

    That's perfectly reasonable. The HD600 is good enough, you don't really "need" better.
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