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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. Jim Hodgson
    I had an interesting experience last week as the bug to upgrade my HD600s has started biting harder and harder.  I sat down with HD600s, HD650s, and HD800s (all well-broken-in) -- along with Trio Wanderer's recording of Haydn's piano trios nos. 39, 43-45.  (I wanted to limit myself during this session to one recording that is both excellent and very familiar.)  File was lossless from CD played by iPhone through AudioQuest DragonFly Red (which is my portable setup).  I dismissed the HD650s immediately as sounding veiled, congested, and foggy on this recording.  (This is how I remember them from listening years ago.)  Overall, the HD800s were exquisite -- with so much air and delicacy.  Strings were gorgeous.  There was something nagging about the HD800's portrayal of piano, however.  Timbre was off.  I don't know quite how to elaborate on this ... it was just inaccurate.  The HD600's representation of piano was qualitatively better -- and still the best I've ever heard.  Spot on.
    I was surprised.  I've been gearing up for a rather significant purchase -- which I now question as being necessary.  Whatever the case, I've slowed myself down, joined this site(!), and expanded my options to include remaining with the HD600s.  I (still) think that they're wonderful ... and get many things absolutely correct.  I'm going to continue these listening tests -- much more to be done! -- and include other 'phones as the opportunity presents.  But, I'm wondering if the HD600s can be improved upon (for me) with any reasonable amount of money.
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  2. Midgetguy
    Several posts a few page back would suggest you might like the LCD-2 (I'm not sure which version they were talking about, the LCD-2 line was a little confusing to me). And it's more affordable than something like the HD800.
  3. madwolfa
    LCD-2 renders piano rather nicely, but I still prefer HD600 with audiophile grade music, especially acoustic/vocals, by a wide margin. Audeze worked great with heavy rock, metal and EDM, though.
  4. audiojun
    try modding the hd 600 and better amp and dac.
  5. wahsmoh
    Naww.. leave the HD600 alone. I think maybe he needs an OTL tube amp for the HD600s. They really shine on a good tube amp. Nothing will give them a substantial amount of subbass though. I use them entirely for live music, acoustic, rock, orchestral pieces. Hardly use them at all for modern/pop music because they lack bass impact and depth. i.e. they sound rolled off on the bottom
  6. Jim Hodgson
    WRT "better amp and dac," if you can recommend something better than DragonFly Red that's plug-and-play with iPhone, I'm all ears!
  7. thefitz

    I do think so, SE or balanced it's for the same reason.
    Perhaps there's a large amount of personal preference, sound signature-wise. For me, it came down to resolving detail. I was hearing nuances with the HD600 that I wasn't hearing on the EL-8, and I even had trouble hearing them on the EL-8 after I knew what I was listening for. Make no mistake, the EL-8 is fatigue free and a pleasant listen, but I really appreciate resolution.
    The moment for me was listening to God Only Knows by the Beach Boys and hearing this washboard/wood block percussion at the end, which was barely audible (and completely without texture) on the EL-8.
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  8. audiojun

    Geek out v2 is really good.

    I don't think there is any dac/amp for the newer iPhones that does the HD600 justice.
  9. simonecosta75
    Sorry for my english
    Today i have try my new hd600 whit my dragonfly red in my phone s7 edge and the music volume is too low

    Ok , the hd600 is new , arrive today and i think need more time of burning but is very low
    Before today i use s7 edge and DFR whit audiotechnica mx50 , and i dont need more power , the volume is very high
    I use usb pro for improve the volume , but same result .
    Is possible the prb is impedence ? Or need more more time of burning ?
    Or better Dac/amp?:mad:
  10. Eisenhower
    So the foam ear pads / covers on my HD600 have finally bit the dust after a decade (weird to think I've had them that long). One of them is ripped and they are both basically disintegrating.
    I was considering replacing them for like $10. But is this really necessary? Do the foam pads really do anything? I suppose they work as dust covers, but it is unclear how necessary that is. Any suggestions from people here?
  11. ZoNtO
    They not only protect from dust/hair, but they also (at least partially) absorb the front wave and reflections. Removing them affects the frequency response, so I'd suggest replacing all the pads with Sennheiser's pads (not the Chinese knock-offs on eBay). 
  12. DavidA
    Thanks for the reply, I know you were pretty hyped about the EL8, so this is a little surprising.  I guess this is one of those were everyone hears differently, to me the HD-600 highs were a bit sharper and grainy compared to the EL8, but this might also be due to different gear used and as always personal preference.
    @Jim Hodgson, best upgrade to get the most out of the HD-600 is an OTL amp but if you need portable then it seems that the Pono in balanced mode that @thefitz uses seems like a good choice.  The HD-800 and HD-650 have never sounded decent on any portable device that I've tried, only with good desktop systems have either of them showed what they are capable of.
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  13. thefitz
    The HD600 is definitely more grainy than the EL-8 (which is smooth as butter), but the HD600 is more resolving. I'd deal with the grain.

    If I didn't just get an Oppo PM-2 the EL-8 would be going nowhere.
  14. jazzwave
    Audiotechnica mx50 , has 38 Ohm impendance you can pair with you smartphone directly
    HD600 has 300 Ohm impedance, you need amp to make this headphone singing.
  15. simonecosta75
    The dragonfly red is not sufficient ?
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