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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. mowgli-kun
    You could also braid the cable and save some coin. [​IMG] 
  2. Midgetguy
    I did this with my TH-X00 cable, totally works [​IMG]
  3. DavidA
  4. GloriousLettuce
    It's not about the cable length, but design. It's thin heavy and too foldable. It's so easy to get it around the chair or step on it as it just gets everywhere, and the connector design is just poor so if you stand up or even move in a chair it can strain the headphones easily.

    Fidelio cable is way better.

    But mmmkay
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Funny - I've had an HD600 on and off for the best part of 5-6 years now - never had a problem with the cable, and only ever snagged it once (but not enough to pull it out of the socket).  I guess YMMV with this.
  6. krismusic Contributor
    I've never had a problem either. I've always liked the cable.
    I believe the 650 cable is heavier and can be used with the 600.
    Anyone put off buying the 600 because of this would be seriously missing out IMHO.
  7. MWSVette
    I have yanked, stepped on, rolled over, closed in drawers and many other abusive things to my cables.
    Never considered it to be a flaw in the cable.
    Mostly operator error...
  8. DavidA

    Wow, if you think the HD-600 stock cable is heavy you should try one of the new Grado's with the 8 conductor cables, that is heavy, so much so that if you move around the weight of the cable will move the headphone on your head.
    The worst for foldable goes to the HD-700, couldn't get it to straighten out no matter what I did (hang with weight for a month, heat gun, wrapped around a 50gal barrel).
    Design of HD-6XX connectors are actually quite good and the after market cardas ones that I use have good strain relief, better than the original cable.
    My Fidelio stock cable for the X1 was not a good cable, a little stiff and too much resistance in them.
  9. wormcycle
    The first thing I did after getting HD600 was to upgrade the stock cable to HD650 cable (thicker, better connectors, it gives you a bit better bass, not much) , then I braided the stock cable for occasional portable use. 
    Now it looks ugly but it's only 4' long. No change in SQ that I can hear comparing to non braided,  at least not with a cheap portable headphone amp.
  10. mowgli-kun
    Thanks man! [​IMG]
    I kinda agree; the cable and connectors are one part of the headphones definitely starting to show their age.
    But like most people in this thread (and yourself, it seems), I'm willing to deal with this shortcoming for all the things (treble, mids, timbre and comfort) that it does so well. You can't really have it all in this hobby, but I'm just happy to get so much at this price point! [​IMG] 
  11. GloriousLettuce
    Definitely worth it - did you notice I'm buying another pair? :p
  12. DeadHead57
    Why don't you contact Sennheiser customer service and inquire about cost for repairing them?
  13. evmedievalol
    Is there a shorter cable replacement for HD 600 for $20? without changing sound signature.
  14. jazzwave
    I tried some Chinese cable (said "silver audiophile") within $20-40 budget....but the sound not good. The Original Sennheiser cable do better.
    Cardas do better but the cost more than $100...
  15. DavidA
    Look on ebay or amazon, there are lots of them.  I don't know if I would go that cheap since just the parts alone for decent stuff would run about $20 to start with ($6 for TRS plug, $10 for pair of cardas connectors, $4 Mogami cable 4ft length).
    I've tried some from china with my HD-700 and they were decent with no change in the sound signature but a little microphonic at times.
    Usually don't have changes in sound with just a cable change unless the existing or new is of really bad quality
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