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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. DavidA
    I didn't pay for the Forza (HD-700 connector) and Double Helix (HD-800 connectors) cables, they were given to me by a good friend who just had them lying around.  I've returned them since they were both too short for where I normally listen, both were 2m while I need 3m cables to reach my reclining sofa.
    I built the adapter, total cost was about $8 IIRC.
  2. Midgetguy
    For those who do buy them, I'd say to just buy a new headphone; but as always, to each their own.
    Great, so pretty much, anyone who needs a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter can either build one if they have the skills, or buy one, both options costing under $10. It's the right option to use this kind of adapter, I don't like to think about how much weight and pressure is on the 3.5mm when you just use those bulky adapters. It's why I prefer to have cables that are natively 3.5mm instead of 1/4"; putting on a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is much nicer than the other way around.
  3. DavidA
    I think Grado also make one like this and used to ship one with their higher end headphones that had 1/4 plugs.
  4. Midgetguy
    Wouldn't be surprised. Sennheiser packed one like yours with the HD650. The HD600 didn't need it cuz they went with a native 3.5mm and shipped a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter with it (that could only fit that specific wire anyway).
  5. earl grey
    Full disclosure: I have gotten into headphones very recently and have only heard the HD 600 through the HA-2.  This makes my feedback somewhat limited but here is what I would say.
    I love the sound.  I had no idea that a headphone could sound so good. The clarity and presence is stunning particularly at higher volumes.   But I must say there are times that I would like to have more volume. Maybe 5-10% of tracks could use more volume.  I have been amazed at the sound I get and have a hard time imagining how the sound can get much better but seeing the responses here has convinced me that I need a dedicated desktop amp. Maybe the valhalla2 with the HA-2 DAC?  With nearly all the tracks I listen to (nearly all on Tidal) I am satisfied and often have a notch or two left on the volume knob.  I have been amazed at how the increased volume lacks any sign of distortion.  If I only had the HA-2 and HD600 I would likely be pretty happy....but, maybe that new amp...  lol
    disclaimor 2 -I have a history of playing percussion instruments which often puts me next to the bass player.  Whether it is the tuba player in a concert band, the string bass in an orchestra or the wonderful sound from a good bass cabinet in a rock band I love deep bass and volumes that others might find, um, excessive.  lol
  6. DavidA
    @earl grey, nice of you to post your impressions of the HD-600 with the HA-2.  Are the tidal tracks that you are using the high quality ones or the standard?
    I played rhythm guitar and trumpet in a small band with some friends from middle school and through out high school and its hard to beat the live sound and the feeling of standing by the amp for the bass player, really get to feel the beat.  If you like bass I would suggest the TH-X00, or even the HD-650 when you decide to expand your listening.
  7. earl grey
    yes, I use what they call the "hifi" files which are apparently hi-res files.  Between Tidal, HD 600 and the HA-2 I am enjoying the tunes.
    Thanks for the recommendation of the TX-X00 and 650.  At this point I am amazed at the bass that comes from the 600.  Yes, I could use more....lol  
    I love the sensation that female vocalists are literally singing in my head!   
  8. Ben Che
    Simply amazing soundstage.   Unbeatable really for this price range.
  9. Pahani
    While I'm not able currently to test HD600 with my HA-2, I HAVE briefly tested my T50RP Mk3's with it. Normal listening volume on my desktop setup has identical volume twist for both headphones (@ 40% on Low gain), so I would think the listening experience would be similar.
    ...and what I experienced with my Mk3's closely mirrored earl's impressions :) LG G4 -> Tidal HD -> HA-2 -> Mk3
    The volume was more than satisfactory with Mk3's, but falls just shy of true headbangin' volume LOL. I found the most satisfying sound signature to be on Low gain, with Bass Boost on.....the Mk3's loved it! Switching to High Gain with Bass Boost on, the low end still benefited, but seemed to lose some impact. My guess is the amp just ran out of headroom. But there was absolutely no distortion at whatever volume I chose, including 100%.
    I don't have the "golden ear" to wax superlative on audio qualities , my hearing is quite horrible actually LOL. But the actual sound quality was very pleasing, so pleasing I kept turning the volume up to max and then wishing for juuuuust a bit more.
    Part of the HA-2 experience as well, is just actually holding it in your hand.....it is so well built, it's a first-class piece of equipment from top to bottom. It feels solid, it looks elegant, the leather covering caresses :) It's expensive, and it feels expensive.
  10. TheEldestBoy

    Thanks for the feedback earl grey.

    The fact that you do find yourself wanting that extra little bit of volume on some tracks makes me think that the Peachtree SHIFT might indeed be the better option for me; the SHIFT has a bit more power than the HA-2.

    I do prefer the design and the features of the HA-2 though.... The SHIFT doesn't have a bass boost, and there's no volume knob (the volume is controlled only using the smart-phone buttons or slider).
  11. UtopiaB
    Thankyou David. You saved me from wasting money. I accept your advice.
  12. UtopiaB
    FYI. In case you didn't see it, another poster already posted a link a few replies back, FiiO is now offering and "X7 body-only" option without an amp, finally! Doesn't mean i'm gonna buy it though. I'll need to audition the iBasso DX200 first since it's gonna have the very latest brand new ESS top-tier DAC in it.
  13. Happytalk
    I found a difference with the grey cardas cable. You can find them for $100 used I think. I found one locally for $50. Big enough difference for me. Tighter bass was the main improvement and was exactly what I was hoping for. Bass was cool on my SS amp win stock cable, but once in a blue moon I carry my dx90 around the house and this is where I really heard a marked improvement.
  14. thefitz
    Pulled the trigger on one of these:
    I'm using my EL-8 exclusively with my Pono player in balanced mode. It'll be interesting to hear the difference. I sure hope the Pono can power the HD600 adequately in balanced mode.
  15. _gl
    It does, nicely.
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