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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. ContinualSoiree

    No man. I really appreciate it. And that basically summarizes what I've learned from all of my reading. I really want that clarity and pronounced mid for most of my music. And book listening. I love all genres and record my own. So that's just as important as the movie/game aspect.

    But it seems like maybe I could buy the 50x now(for $99) to do a little bit of everything, including movies. And hopefully eventually get the 598s for music especially. *dream scenario* But if they drop in price I may swap that idea haha... I obsess about this stuff.

    But thanks again. Helps a lot.
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  2. livewire619
    I can't decide whether to buy senheiser hd 598 or not . I usually listen to pop or electronic.My last pair was senheiser hd 449.help pls
  3. Arniesb
    I had 449 and 598 was not big upgrade besides soundstage... If you want similar cans, go with HD600, but if you want for pop and electronic then go with Philips X2.
  4. Arunabha Lahiri
    I am getting a deal with 598 for 99$. I listen mostly post rock and classical. Should I go for them?
  5. thirstysparrow
    Same as above, there's a deal going on at Amazon India, the 598SE for 100 bucks, is it worth buying?
  6. Vanquished
    75GBP on amazon.co.uk for all black HD598.
  7. Hammy

    You guys are wasting precious time by asking.  At that price, GO BUY THEM NOW!  And buy a spare pair to keep in the cupboard.
  8. Vanquished
    I don't ask, just share the information :)
  9. opiePRO
    I was hoping for L2 to be on special mannnn. but HD598 are quite cheap $99. idk if i should get these lol
  10. Arunabha Lahiri

    Well I have ordered mine already. Now I want to cancel the Koss Ksc75 I previously ordered. But in India there is a problem with cancelling orders. It would be sad if I don't get a refund. By the way it's the black version of 598. Is the sound any different?
    I was thinking what should I do with the koss now. I guess 598 will be loads better.. Maybe I can use Koss for portable use. But I already got my klipsch s4i rugged for that...
  11. opiePRO
    forget koss lol and the color wont change the sound signature. relax man youre ok. im going to order these too. they are so cheap but black looks too plain i like the other color. damnnn
  12. zotjen Contributor
    The 598SE is currently 94.99 on Amazon. I'm really tempted to get them. However, I still own the 595s which I've had for over 10 years and they're still in great shape. I just don't know if I should bother upgrading at this point.
  13. opiePRO
    sorry for double post but amazon is showing it for $94.99 now What lol wowwim going to wait a few minutes more then
  14. tgx78
    Amazon Canada => US$82.50
  15. thirstysparrow
    The deal looks like it disappeared :frowning2:

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