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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Arsis
    thats awesome!
  2. jaywillin
    $95, that's a no brainer, order placed first thing this morning, will have it sunday, i do like amazon prime
  3. Letmebefrank
    $95 deal is going still on Amazon, just ordered mine and I'll have them on Sunday!

    I hope they sound as good or better than my ad900x, the 3D wings leave uncomfortable indents on the top of my head so I wanted something with a traditional head band.
  4. vinylsoul1965
    First post on headfi!  Hello everyone!
    Well I took the plunge.  For us Canadians, the 598 were $109 CDN (which if I bought them from amazon.com would have been $127 CDN - this way I got free shipping and just had to pay tax so when all is said and done it was $124.29 CDN which is $92.96 US with taxes and shipping! 
    I was HOPING to hold out and buy either the 650s or the 600s but this price was too good to pass up!
    Here is my headphone "cabinet" contents:
    AKG 240 (two pairs - one is the older model higher impedance, the other has the detachable cable)
    AKG Q702 (white)
    CAD The Sessions (orange and black)
    Audio Technica ATH-50xBL
    Grado SR225i
    Koss Portapro
    Bose AE2i
    Looking forward to adding the 598s to the mix :)
  5. oopeteroo

    now buy a original hd598 and change parts to create this beauty xD
  6. Hammy

    Nobody has confirmed in this thread if the sound is the same or not, but the technical details appear to be identical and only the colour different.
    Anyone still on the fence, here are all/most of the remaining links (no referrer ID, few hours remaining):
    And, while I'm at it, the strangest Black Friday deal I've seen today:
  7. Sam21
  8. dullknives
    fyi for anyone in a prime now city - if you haven't used the service before there is $20 off promo code in the app.
    i got these for $81 in less than 2 hours to my door..  
  9. amnesiac75
    I have been listening to my hd598 for a few hours tonight on an uberfrost/Asgard 2 and plan on listening to them for the next few days and when I receive my 598 se on Tuesday I will see if I can tell any difference. I have about 300-400 hours on my 598s so it will be interesting to really see for the first time for myself if burn in or manufacturing changes (mine are 3 years old) have any effect on sound.
    amigomatt and Hammy like this.
  10. supermaxgaming
    I am buying these and want to get a VMODA Boompro mic as well. Anybody know if there is any change to the locking system? Also is the process of modding this headset going to be the same to get a VMODA Boompro mic in?
  11. donunus
    Looking forward to that
  12. willy156
    Finally got my first pair of open backed Headphones! Can't wait to try these out
  13. strangeBoy
    I have been eyeing the HD 650s for a few years, and have been squirreling away Amazon gift cards recently to make the purchase. However, the 650's price bumped back up when I last checked AND the 598 deal had only a few hours left when I got online last night...ordered the 598 after some furious R&D here and elsewhere. The comments I found here coupled with the ridiculous price point made it easy, and I can't wait to get my hands on them Monday!
    Now time to play the "which AMP to buy" game...
  14. dullknives
    i bought the massdrop o2+odac unit specifically for the HD 598 in hopes the price would drop significantly by the time the o2+odac arrives.  looks like i timed things just about right as the massdrop units are beginning to ship.  
  15. razorpakk
    I'm not sure about those headphones (thinking they'll be back on sale for cyber Monday), I sold my HD700 because they were dull and the X2 because they were uncomfortable.
    I hope I'll still be able to enjoy the 598s coming from those two.
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