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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. thirstysparrow
    Is the deal still live for you??
  2. opiePRO
    just ordered with Vmoda boom pro. I will be waiting for the L2 next those are the ones i really want
  3. Bansaku

  4. livewire619
    Deal is pulled of by the seller.
  5. thirstysparrow
    Really hoping that it comes back on.. Please post here if it does :)

    Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
  6. opiePRO
    So i bought the 598 but i got quick question guys.
    Do you think it's worth buying Fidelio L2 after HD 598? 
  7. Fegefeuer
    HD 598 SE for Germans/EU 99€
  8. amnesiac75
    I've owned the hd598 for almost 3 years and still love them I've tried many headphones in the 100-200 price range and these are one of the best. The akg q701 for the $129 price on Amazon a few days ago was a good price for a good headphone but the current $95 for the hd 598 se with both the 3m and short cable is the best headphone deal I've seen so far during the Online Black Friday deals. If your willing to spend a bit more the hd 600 with an amp/dac is an overall better headphone but the hd598 is a better value at the current price.
  9. djmuzi
    The price is just WOW...
    Is it worth selling the 558 for 50€ and buying the 598 now? I love my 558 unmodded!!! The mod is too bright for me! Consider this please :)
    And I like the bass punch of the 558. I shouldn't be less on the 598
  10. oopeteroo
    hd598 black edition with brown orignal pads seems pretty ?:3
  11. Arunabha Lahiri

    The deal was pulled off real quick. In the morning it was showing me the deal's got 14 hours left. But suddenly it was pulled off. It is sad. Hope you will get a good deal.

    You think Amazon will refund me if I cancel loss. It seems amazon is telling me to contact the retailer..
  12. Tuneslover
    I already own the HD650's but jumped on today's HD598SE's sale. What a great deal!
  13. Budske
    Hello... i need help!!!
    Senn HD598 or AKG k551???
    enter here and help me please before the deal ends :p
  14. donunus
    Its still on
  15. Arunabha Lahiri

    Cool... It's not showing me though..

    Mine has already shipped...
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