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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. crazychile

    Plug them into anything that makes noise at a normal listening volume. I didn't notice much change after about 15-20 hrs of use, so you can do this over a couple of days while at work, sleeping, etc.
  2. amigomatt
    Sure, but don't expect them to always stay on your head very securely, so light is the clamp.
  3. WilliamLeonhart
    Don't burn them in by turning on the cans for 10s hours straight! Listen at 5 hours max per session and after a while you'll see the effect. 
  4. State Of Trance
    I know. I did 50 hours 4 hours at a time.
  5. WilliamLeonhart
    Great! Use your music rather than those "pink noise white noise" stuffs! I never trusted them, and my listening genres are versatile anyway. 
    Btw, back to your first question, due to the fact that the E10K is solid-state, I think it wouldn't matter if you leave it on for hours.
  6. crazychile

    Why not? I'm more interested in bringing new gear up to its full potential as quickly as possible so I can enjoy it when I actually have time to listen. To clarify, when I wrote "anything that makes noise", I meant that you should use music, but what it's initially connected to doesn't really matter during break in. It could be a cheap receiver, portable, or whatever is handy.
    When I managed a hi-fi shop I'd do this all the time with a new set of speakers. I'd put a CD on repeat, or even use a tuner and let it run overnight for a few nights or longer if needed. There's no sense in wasting a customers time listening to a speaker or component that isn't at it's optimal state. First impressions count.
    Having said all that, the HD-598s break in really quickly and aren't terrible out of the box.
  7. WilliamLeonhart
    I do believe in burn-in, but putting the cans on for 10 hours straight or overnight would (very) likely damage your headphones. I do believe this is what Grado, one of the few manufacturers that actually promote burn-in, states on their boxes. I don't know much about the technical side of things, but this makes sense to me.
  8. Frosty3258
    I don't see why they would get damaged so long as they were at normal levels and note over exerting the drivers.
  9. Bansaku
    The best way to burn-in headphones is simply listen to them normally. The break-in and testing of products I have worked with go through on/off cycles, not constant on for x-hours. A 'cool down' period is necessary between cycles. I always treat headphones (and speakers) the same way. Listen to them for 2-3 hours (what I consider a long listening session) and be done with it. Rinse and repeat daily.
  10. Bansaku
    Because the motion of the drivers are mechanical, and mechanical motion produces heat, heat causes acceleration of micro-changes in the materials.
  11. Frosty3258
    I still do not think it is enough to damage the headphones. That being said, I agree with your burn in process and is exactly how I break in all of my products.
  12. Arsis
    I've done all of my phones and iems for days at a time. Moderately loud, alternating between itunes shuffle and pink noise. No damage. :beerchug:
  13. Redcarmoose

    True with high frequency and speakers. I melted my best tweeters by having them produce too high of tone. It was feedback trying to hook up a phono preamp directly to a power amp?
  14. Ithilion
    I've got these headphones about two years ago and, coming from having always used cheap headphones, I discovered a totally new level of audio quality.
    That said, one thing I have was always been unhappy about is the headband cushion: I much prefer velour or cloth or otherwise breathable material instead of leatherette.
    Now that the warranty is gone I was thinking about giving them a little mod. What are my options, while taking aesthetics and removability (for cleaning) into consideration?
    I was thinking something like: unglue the old cushion, glue back a velcro hook and find a nicely colored and velcro-ed cloth cushion (this part is most likely impossible).
  15. Bansaku
    Order an HD598 or HD600 headband from eBay and use a light layer of contact cement (rubber cement) and glue it on. They run for like $6. 
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