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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. beowulf
    I think the MDR-CD3000 are one of those creatures and that's why I'm curious to compare them. If the 598 don't beat the 3K and soundstage (and overall quality) I'll probably sell the 598 quickly.
    If they do, who knows, might end up selling the 3K instead... seen them used for sale at about 5x-6x the price of the 598 :p
  2. Frosty3258
    Wow, I have not heard of your exact model of headphone. Just in general open backs have a much greater soundstage. And as far as the hd800, the 598 competes in the size of the soundstage but the hd800 has better seperation.
  3. Bansaku

    IMO, the MDR-CD3000 are oldies but goodies. They do hold up well. But I regard the soundstage of the MDRs to be similar to the  T 70 or T 90 beyerdynamics; Big, but somewhat unnatural. Kind of like the HD800. But just my 2 cents.
    Regardless, I think the HD598 are 'timeless' (just cleaned mine today with leather cleaner) and in my 2 years of owning them they have not cracked, faded (the plastic darkening or pads lightening), rattled, scuffed, or any other negatived I can think of that my other headphones have suffered. They even have fallen off my desk (3') onto my hardwood floors (damn animals and their tails) numerous times with no ill effects.
  4. beowulf
    I've been listening to the 598 for a few hours now and surprisingly the MDR-CD3000 are considerably better in width, depth and height of soundstage. A few binaural tracks of Dr. Chesky walking around and whispering in cathedrals and such made that quite obvious, but it is noticeable in regular music.
    In that sense it was a bit of a disappointment, considering that they are open. On the other hand I paid 120 Eur/$133 for the 589, while the 3K cost me around 540e/600 USD in 2001.
    The 598 are also considerably darker, jumping directly to the 3K on the same track almost makes me feel as if a veil was removed, something was peeled off.
    They are equally detailed however, I just tend to prefer a bit more brightness. On the other hand, the Senns are never sibilant and might be less tiring with some types of music.
    No complaints when it comes to bass, it is not as tight but still enough for my taste.
    Comfort-wise they are pretty good. Again I was surprised that the 3K still feel comfier somehow, lighter, probably because the pads are bigger and don't touch the ears at all, plus the clamp is less tight.
    Anyway, definitely not blown away, but for the price I  think they are a good choice. I've already ordered a short cable as the included plug/cable pretty much makes it look as if you have a pistol silencer connected to your phone or portable amp. :)
  5. Frosty3258

    Wow, the 3k sound like an amazing headphone the way you describe them! I would also say that the 598 were the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn including the hd800 so to hear that the 3k is even more comfortable is amazing. How is the low end on those? If they could be even clearer than the hd598 and still have a low end with that large of a soundstage they sound like a great deal for what you paid. I have found it quite hard to find a closed back that I fully enjoy.
  6. Redcarmoose


    Here is a pair of MDR-CD 3000s for sale for over 500 euros. I have always wanted a pair of MRD-CD 3000s to go with my MDR-CD 870s.
  7. beowulf
    They don't look too bad for the price. Mine are a bit worse.
    Three things will eventually break in the CD3K and have to be replaced: Pads, the mid support strap and eventually the top headband material. Too bad they didn't use real leather.
    Pads are not a problem, still tons available. The mid strap and top headband however will require some creative work if you want to use real leather there. I'm looking for a way to do that with mine because the cans are amazing.
    But to get back on topic, I just asked my girlfriend "Do you think I have a big head?"
    I don't have a big head. I have this coworker tho looks like a walking candy apple, not to mention a couple of friends. I'm average at best when it comes to size. :-|
    Anyway, I'm finding the 598 to be quite uncomfortable with time. They just put too much pressure on my head, plus the pads aren't big enough, they kinda touch the ears a bit (and like all the rest, the ears aren't big). [​IMG]
    So to me they are not on my top of comfortable headphones. They're still OK, but in comparison to the huge beanbags 3K, no way. It's a relief to take them off after a couple of hours.
    Any tips on how to reduce this clamp of death? Maybe if I leave them streched for a few days hugging a big pillow or something.
  8. State Of Trance
    Listening to Audio Technica M50x's right now with my Fiio E10K. Liking it except for the infamous lack of soundstage. I've heard great things about the 598's soundstage but I'm concerned about its bass.
    With my Fiio's bass boost, would the 598 provide good bass for trance and the like?
  9. Bansaku

    I listen to lots of trance and electronica; The HD598 already sound fantastic without bass boost. Do not worry, the HD598 are NOT lacking in bass. However, as someone who uses the bass boost using Creative's SoundBlaster software, the HD598 take really well to bass boost. I can safely say that hardware bass boost will translate very well.
  10. Arsis

    I also have 598 and E10k. I like the combination very much and find the bass boost perfect for them.
  11. Bansaku

    That's good to know; I have almost bought the E10K, numerous times.
  12. Redcarmoose

    My old Sony MDR series held up from a purchase in 1998 until about 5 years ago. I started to notice how the foam was flat, the synthetic material was gone from the pads which lowered the bass response.

    I decided to take the pads off and wash them. Then about two years ago the stucture started to break apart. In hind sight I should have kept them in a box. Still I had no idea that I would keep them this long. They were the only headphones I took to my first Head-Fi meet in 2009.
  13. State Of Trance
    All right, I'm seriously considering pulling the trigger but I'm still a little wary. I'm not a total basshead, but I have a slight preference for bass as long as it doesn't drown anything else out.
    Can anyone recommend some cans with the same epic soundstage as the 598's but with more bass?
  14. Sam21
    Fidelio X2
  15. Arsis
    I like bass too. Full balanced low end. I disagree with claims that 598 is bass light. But I also didn't like the overly bassy AT M50. I tried for two days and returned them.
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