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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Frosty3258

    Hmmmm, that's hard the AKG, and open AT line compete soundstage wise but the AT has less bass imo, and supposedly the AKG also has less bass, have not personally tried the AKG line though. Maybe the hd 600 or hd650 but both of their sound stages are smaller than the 598, good soundstage still but smaller. What would your budget be? I have an odd feeling someone may suggest a good closed back. That mdr 3k talked about earlier sounds like something worth looking into if it fits your budget.
  2. Redcarmoose
    I don't currently own the HD600 or HD650 but think they would be a nice upgrade from the Sennheiser HD598. I own an early pair of M50s which are slightly bass centric. I really don't find them as easy to wear as Sennheisers, the ATH-M50 seems to get it's bass both by how it's tuned but also how darn tight they fit.

    I still want to try the M50s wih some cloth covered ear cup pads. I they may make them have less bass. The other problem with the M50s is yes there is a treble spike, but you don't really have all that much detail. The M50s also have a fully recessed mid range which makes them the opposite of something like the HD598s. I would think anyone going from the HD598s to the M50s as having a considerably tuff time getting used to them at all.

    I have had AKGk701s for a long time and currently own two pairs of the early Austria made ones. They are going to amaze anyone looking for soundstage but they are a little shy in the bass region. There is also a slight mid spike which is special to the k701 model making them strange and kind of an either love or hate thing. Many find the soundstage also has a slight hole in the very center. If you burn them in for the recommended time, also mentally get used to them for what they are and what they are not they can become a favorite headphone. They are also a pain to drive right. I always wonder how many folks have given the AKG k7.. line a chance but never found a way to drive them right. Not driving them right causes them to have even less bass which adds to the confusion!

    Some of the newer models like the Massdrop AKGk7xx have been said to have more bass in the signature though I have not heard them. There is also a choice to do the bass mod on the k series which adds bass to a point that many folks are satisfied though I have not done the mod or ever heard a pair.

    This headphone quest is always the same in that at the $200 range there are nice headphones but none that are totally perfect. Funny though because even people spending over $500 also don't always seem to find what they would call a perfect headphone. Much of the time it's finding a work around in equipment to try and maximize the good features of said headphone model. That and learning to enjoy just what you have.IMO
  3. Frosty3258
    I personally think the "perfect headphone" issue is due to the nature of headphones. I do not think that you can get that many sound waves not to interfere with one another in such a small space. With speakers you can have the sounds originate from different areas. In a headphone all the frequencies have to compete in one tiny space so there should be a trade off in one part or another of the spectrum. Imo.
  4. Redcarmoose

    In the sound science thread they always talk about how ear shape and head shape allows each headphone to have a different sound to each person. I do know that if you slide the driver forward and back, or up and down while listening, you do get a different tone?

    I wear my Sennheiser HD439s all the time. They are maybe the most comfy, and have the two hole bass mod. I can run them straight out of my TV. I can wear them for hours on end watching movies, though they don't do music as well as some headphones. Again I just think it's finding a sound? Also wearability, so if I can get a lightweight headphone with some treble detail, bass and some soundstage I'm fine. They are on sale at times for $45 so even the price is cool. Even the cord is lightweight.
  5. Bansaku
    You mean like my $650 beyerdynamic T 70?! Can't even sell then for $200 on Kijiji......
  6. Redcarmoose

    Every hobby has it's payouts. Fricken weekend race car drivers crash their cars. Road bike cyclists bend their rims and bike frames. Maybe the cyclist goes down and takes 20 men down who all break bones in the end. And we complain if a headphone is not right?

    I believe it is all about trying new stuff and taking risks. Also lowering chance of risks from reading?
  7. Redcarmoose

    By the way today I took a risk and purchased the Piston 3 IEMs. A risk because so many are fake. The guy at the store would not let me open the inner box and the outer box still had some issues which could maybe result in them being fake. I purchased them and they are real. So happy I took a risk.
  8. State Of Trance
    One more thing: I just sent back my Audio Technica ATH M50x's. Until I did the cotton ball mod, they were terribly uncomfortable. The pads pinched the tops and bottoms of my ears. Could someone post measurements of the 598's earcups?
  9. Frosty3258

    I don't have measurements but they are much bigger than stock m50 pads.
  10. Sam21
    Yeah the pads are very comfortable, probably more comfy than a lot of other headphones. the only problem with the headphone is the clamp, If you want true comfort then go with the Sony MA900. it is real nice.
  11. crazychile

    There are velour pads available for the AT that helps with this. I got a pair from Massdrop a couple of months ago for around $20. There should be other places that offer them as well.
  12. State Of Trance
    Thought about buying new pads, but I was afraid of the effect that they'd have on the cans' sound signature. I did the cotton ball mod and that solved my comfort problem with the cans' sound intact. I returned them anyway because I wanted a less congested soundstage
  13. State Of Trance
    Alright, just before I was ready to buy the 598's I hear about this Fidelio X2. Apparently it's got a good soundstage AND epic bass. Has anyone here by any chance heard both pairs? Is the X2's soundstage as good as the 598's? I mean I'm seriously tempted by that bass, but I've heard such good things about the 598's soundstage and imaging.
  14. beowulf
    Clamp was driving me crazy, quite unpleasant and I do not have a big melon (I've asked around to honest drunk people to make sure it was just not my ego).
    Problem appears to have been solved after leaving the 598 quite stretched, hugging a big pillow during night and day for two or three days. I'm wearing them now and the clamp of death is gone, seems the plastics deformed enough; I'm not sure if they will re-stiffen with time, but right now they are definitely not pressuring at all.
  15. State Of Trance
    Burning in the cans now. Would the burn in go more quickly if I use my Fiio E10K? If not, I'd rather not have the Fiio on for hours and hours if I'm not listening.
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