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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Tongs
    Thanks, tho I listen to EDM that isn't wub wub(lel) e.g. Daft Punk, Avicii, Alesso
    Thanks that's a lot help since I keep seeing post/impressions on interwebs about HD 598 that bass-lighted lol. 
  2. WilliamLeonhart
    Well first of all, the HD598 is bass-light compared to its brother.

    Second, to the Grado 325is & Aless MS1 that I had at the time when I owned the HD598.

    Of all the inears Ive owned, only the Gr10 has less bass than the HD598.

    I never said that the HD598 lacks bass. But imho I would never ever recommend it to people who likes EDM and other "faster" genres. I never tried the Custom One Pro so I can't say anything. But on my o2 odac, the HD598 was slower than my Grados. To me, the 598 has enough bass for ballads (and it clearly does good in those "lighter" genres).
  3. BobSmith8901
    Comfort and fit of the HD 598
    I recently got a pair of 598s and am struggling a bit trying to find a comfort zone. My headphone experience has been various wireless cans and the PX-100. I've never had any major issue with those heapdhones comfort-wise, but for some reason, I can't seem to find the sweet spot for the 598s. When I first put the set on my head I thought, Oh yeah, that's nice, it's light, not too much squeezing, I like it. But then after a while with them on they started to give my head some trouble.
    For one thing, for the headband, why couldn't they have just put a nice strip of foam or smooth pleather along the inside like many of their other models. That sort of plastic "Mercedes" pad with the six little micro-pillows, it can start to really pressure the top of my skull at times. It doesn't sort of "go away" sensation-wise like other cans with the foam strip. Also the ear cups with their egg-shape and a surprising amount of pressure not at first but after you've worn them for a bit...I often feel some relief to take them off. That's not to say I dislike the sound signature. They're pretty good on some types of music, especially acoustic with lots of ambience, quite wonderful. And I know that they're very far from being burned in sufficiently and I haven't experienced them in full flower.
    Has anyone had this sort of experience with the 598 (or any other)? Did you just keep using them and you eventually got used to them?
    I'm still in the Amazon return window and the cans are still pristine so I'm considering a return/refund. I hate to do that sort of thing for dissatisfaction purposes but I don't want to hate life and keep trying to get used to them.
    Any thoughts appreciated.
  4. Krutsch
    You will get used to them, as well. They are pretty well designed, comfort-wise, IMO. I also have HD-650s which feel like a vise clamping your head, in comparison, as well as the HD-700 - the comfort king, but the HD-598 isn't far behind.
  5. fullmoon280
    *edit nvm*
  6. Frosty3258

    I am really surprised you have an issue with comfort, and as far as the sound if you are dissatisfied them return them. Burn in, if you believe in that sort of thing won't change the sound much. Same with amping. Unless you get a colored amp that purposely changes the sound for one way or another, I honestly didn't hear much of a difference.
  7. crazychile

    i agree with the comfort. I think the 598s are the most comfortable phones I own next to my Koss ESP-950s. Regarding break in, i have about 30 hours on mine so far and they did clear up in the midrange significantly, but that was probably in the first 4-8 hours of use.
  8. mikoss
    Dunno if this was brought up:
  9. Bansaku

    Yes, a few times. Sadly it's buyer beware. Thanks to Sennheiser moving production to China on certain models, such as the HD598 and Momentums, fakes have surfaced. Always buy from a reputable dealer that offers returns. As well, usually when the HD598 go on sale on one site, check out others as I have noticed they often coincide with local sales; Remember, it's usually not the sellers that put on the sale, it's the manufacturer (hence why you will see other Sennheiser products go on sale at the same time).
  10. Yethal
    Good Guy Counterfeit Manufacturer. Makes the fake headphones easy to spot so the customers won't waste money on them.
  11. pl4stik
    The sad story behind that video though is that the guy didn't even realize they were fake until someone commented on his youtube review where he was raving about how good they were.
  12. mikoss
    Oh man... That is harsh, lol.

    I've seen the 598's going for quite cheap and was wondering why. One of my favourite phones was the 558's and I think they retailed for $299 here in Canada when I bought them. Beautiful sound, I'm sure the 598's are very similar; same drivers I believe. Took me a while to fall in love with the 650's from them, and that's where I've been since.
  13. Davidtech
    Just checked the authenticity with the sticker on the box and Sennheizers website
    I'm clear. Phew !
  14. Frosty3258
    It's sad that fakes are rolling out on these now. I've purchased and sold many headphones now but the 598 will always be one that I own. I don't get to listen to them often as I need a closed back for various reasons and even though my other headphones are "better" the 598s are special.
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    I just bought a pair of these from Amazon - all this talk of fakes is having me worried now so gonna have to check when I get home to feel completely at ease!!!
    Anyway I really love these headphones, I wouldn't say they're bass light and that's coming from someone who's used DT990s for the past year or so, there's still plenty of bass. Soundstage is great, they feel very open. I was watching Transformers Age of Extinction and felt like I could hear every little detail like exactly where each bullet casing was falling on the ground.
    Music is fantastic too - was listening to Dire Straits Calling Elvis, sounded great from my Fiio E07K
    Is there any info on burn in with these cans? Can I expect them to change at all over the next couple of weeks?
    Also I don't have a DAC at the moment, I have a Magni but need a new DAC, I was going to get the Modi 2 as this was previously recommended to me and when I had the modi/magni combo it sounded great with my DT990s, would it still be a good set up for the 598s?
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