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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Walderstorn
    I do prefer the 598 70% of the time for gaming  comparing to the hd600, just like it more.
  2. crazychile
    I've been thinking about '598s after hearing all the conflicting reports about the HD-600 and HD-650. (can be finicky, very divided as to which one is better) Plus I really don't want to spend that much until I pop for a big Stax rig.
    My system is currently MacBook Pro with Amarra 3.0 -> Schiit Bifrost Uber -> Schiit Lyr 2. I own a pair of ATH-M50's that I love on some days, but they lack the mid range magic that I need with some music, and sometimes I'm not in the mood for my Koss ESP-950s either. Reading into the comments of the HD598s a bit, it sounds like they may be a decent balance between some of these headphones I own, understanding that I won't get the deep bass of the ATs, but thats a lower priority for me.
    As a side note, I also owned a pair of AKG K702s for about 6 months and then sold them. Though technically very "proper" they just didn't make music for me, and lack of power was not an issue.
    So what do you guys think? Do I sound like a candidate for the HD598?
  3. Dobrescu George
    It would be much simpler explaining what you want from a headphone. I cannot tell if you would like or not hd598 from this. It sounds like you might though[​IMG]
  4. crazychile
    I want what I thought I would get with the AKG 702s...great imaging with a magic midrange/top end, without completely losing the low end. I want female vocals and piano to be really enticing. I get a lot of this with my ESP-950s, but want some better imaging and deeper bass. I'm not looking for ultimate accuracy, but real enjoyability in these areas.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Magic top end?.. You want smooth or sparkling?
    Hd598, if you read the reviews, has got a smooth top end, very good mids, and very good bass. Imaging and soundstage are good, but not exaggerated.
    I have not heared enticing pianos until 1000$ point, but I might have a different concept of what enticing is. 
    there are options with more of anything, hd598 is one of the most natural and musical sounding, this would be it's strong points. Extremely natural. I mean, it sounds like music would sound without headphones. But with smooth treble. Real life cymbals are abbrasive. hd598 reproduces them very nice.
  6. crazychile

    I'm after that "musical" sounding, not technical perfection. I have other headphones for when I'm in the mood for something else. Top end...I go between smooth and sparkling. Either has it's place.
    The 598 is sounding like something that would appeal to me.
  7. MellowFellow
    598 is a bright can, top end is sparkly but not that smooth. but nonetheless the mid and highs are its strong point. and are very accentuated.
    The bass on the other hand, is very very thin, its tight but not as accurate as it can be. And it severely lacks bass impact as well.
    Had 598 for years now. Don't use it very much anymore since getting hd600 which is alot more "neutral" in comparison.
  8. DangerClose
    DT880 or DT990 probably with some eq.  DT990 has sucked out mids stock.  But it sure isn't lacking top end.
    I understand the AKG not being musical part.  I have a couple 701s, and they're so good at what they are good at, but "musicality" isn't really one of those things.  
    As for "smooth," one person's "smooth" can be another person's "muddy garbage."
  9. Arsis
    personally think "very,very thin" is an inaccurate assessment. I find the signature very satisfying. And the top a bit smooth. I'm a 20 year audio engineer with a very wide experience background. Different ears, different tastes. :beerchug:
  10. Dobrescu George
    I fiind your closer to my experience. 
    The top end is smooth, not harsh, not sibilant, treble is not as loud as mids.
    Mids are extremely natural and clear.
    598 has less bass than hd600 and hd650, sounds closer to natural. But still enough bass.
    I can totally relate to this. I need sparky spike trebles! It is the main reason for that 598 was not enough, I like my cymbals abbrasive and violent. I want to hear them to the core[​IMG]. Smooth is the exact way to put it. It is not muddy, 598 is extremely clear, and vivid. But smooth.
    I can understand you loving hd600, but hd600 is the most smooth treble headphone ever. It has one of the best clarity, but you cannot have smoother than hd600. 
    Hd598 is far from bright, I invite you to test hd800 and ultrasones. 
    Bass is there, is enough for most, it is more than neutral, not necessary rolled off, and quite detailed. I like more bass. I should also say that hd600 has more bass, and is even further from neutral.
    The main reason to get a headphone is not to sound neutral, but to sound good to one's ears. 
    I would really test if I were you.
    Soundstage is easy similar to stereo speakers. This is a compliment I think. Hd800 has soundscapes of soundstage, I mean, a horizon of soundstage. 
    Arsis likes this.
  11. MellowFellow
    oh ic
  12. crazychile
    I just got a pair of HD598s yesterday, and I have to say that for $150 these are an unbelievable deal. Right out of the box the midrange was a little congested, but i have probably 12 hours on them now and they are starting to open up. The imaging is already better than anything i own, including my pair of Koss ESP-950s. These are a lot of fun to listen to. I'm impressed at how good they sound with Netflix on an unamplified Ipad, even though most of what I've been listening to is .wav files via Amarra to a Bifrost Uber and Lyr2. I can only imagine what these will sound like with a couple hundred hours on them.
  13. Frosty3258

    I have to agree on the deal for these. I must admit I am a suckered for sennheiser as my favorite headphone is the 650 although I don't own it. But If you are not looking for the commercial bass emphasis, these are great headphones.
  14. potterpastor
    I have bought and sold a lot of headphones, but I am hanging on to my 598. I love their lush, bright, wide open sound. They are not quite as smooth and refined as the 600 series, but sometimes I need a break from the richer 650s. And these headphones are phenomenal for watching movies, they are my go to headphones for movies.And although they benefit from an amp,, you don't need an app to use these, that is a huge plus
  15. Bansaku
     I like that term! 
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