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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. potterpastor
    598 and 700 both have a brighter presentation than other Sennheiser headphones on the market. 700 sounds smoother and more refined, the 598 a bit grainy in comparison.
    The bass to mid range to treble balance is very similar between the two headphones, but the 700 is a little bit brighter yet.

    These two headphone stand out because most of the other Sennheisers that I own are warmer and darker
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  2. uli87
    Ouch. I think the 598 are bright enough.
    How does the sound stage compare?
  3. paulguru
    how many hours should be run with this headphone to burn in ????
  4. Hammy
  5. Krutsch

    What's your retailer's return policy?
  6. Autoholic
    These headphones sound incredible out of my Sony Xperia Z3, versus my old iPhone 4S. Any idea why?

    Bass is deeper, fuller, more impactful. The mids are more rich. The soundstage is wider and has more depth. It sounds more detailed too. The iPhone would begin to clip with these headphones (and only these headphones out of my collection) with bassier tracks and the volume set any higher than ~75%. None of that is present with the Z3. It is clean from top to bottom, no matter the volume.

    I mean, the improvement in sound quality between these two smartphones is quite pronounced. I noticed an improvement with my M50S too with the Z3 versus the iPhone, but not to this extent. For reference, the difference between my Fiio E17 DAC versus my laptop's onboard sound card is comparatively tiny.
  7. paulguru
    30 days 
  8. serman005
    I love the sound of my HD598's. The question I have is, if one wants to upgrade these cans, what is the natural next step for someone who already loves the 598? I guess what I mean is that I'm not looking for a drastic change in character, I'd just like more detail. Thanks for the feedback--I appreciate it!
  9. hfflt
    The HD700's are the first choice in my head.
  10. Bansaku
    It's subjective to each individual headphone. Some say 40 hours, some say 60. Me personally, after the 40 hours break-in of my Audioengine D1, I started recording the length of each HD598 listening session ( capped off with 4 specific songs each session) up until I heard no change and I reached 126 hours. This may be why others have reported no change; they don't give the HD598 enough time. I only wish I had actually documented the changes I heard, but I was too busy enjoying my listening experience to be bothered.
    I highly suspect your Z3 has some sort of hardware or software DSP sound enhancement similar to 'Beats Audio'. My co-worker (who is a long term Apple user) upgraded from his 3G iPhone to an Xperia and reported the same as you (with both his iPhone and Macbook Pro as well).
  11. Thinker145
    I want to know how long do the ear pads last before a replacement is required? My previous Bose headphones needed a replacement every 18 months or so.

    I am asking because the replacement pads aren't available in my country so I want to plan this accordingly to import them.

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  12. WilliamLeonhart
    HD600, HD650, HD700, ATH AD2000. My most favourite of these is the AD2000, but there is certain differences to the 598's sound sig.
  13. serman005

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll do some research on the AD2000.
  14. teb1013
    Serman 005: I moved from the HD558 (same drivers as the 598s, very similar in sound) to the HD600, this has the same open Sennheiser experience and is similar in comfort, but the improvement in detail, lack of clipping in loud passages and impact and presence of bass is astounding (as with the 558 and 598, this is no basshead headphone, but it has real impact in the bass). If you want the same general feel as the phones you have, I recommend the 600 highly. They do best with an amp, however, while the 5xxs work without one (although I preferred my 558s with one) I use the same Aune T1 with the 600s that I used with the 558s, and it works great. Look for deals. I got mine for $275 USD (list price $399) and recently they have listed on Audiorama and other sites for significantly less (but only for very short periods before returning to full price, there are similar price breaks on the 650s, although the sound signature of those is said to be different). Check out the 600 and 650 threads for the latest in prices and more details. Good luck in your search.
  15. paulguru
    Can i expect a big improvement with this product between before and after burn-in ?
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