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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. NZheadcase
  2. sram145
    Thank you for your reply. So far i have checked, all the retails shops in my place and few trust able online retailers price 220 to 250 dollars for this model. I am just hoping that the price will drop in few days/months. Currently using sennheiser hd 439 and wanted to go for a upgrade.
  3. iamxLn
    It was 132 a few days ago on amazon, I almost got it.

    Has anyone compared the 598 to the fidelity x2??? Wanting an open set with large soundstage and some high end air and sparkle that can be played with an iPhone for around the house.
  4. paulguru
    HD600 is much more analytic than 598 ?
  5. Amplified598

    Lol, I will be holding onto the 598's for probably another year but that doesn't mean I won't add to my collection.  [​IMG] 
  6. Technicality
    The 598's have probably the best price to performance ratio out there. These are currently going for $155 on Amazon - brand new. That is an incredible price for these. I paid almost twice that and still couldn't be happier. They been treating me very well the past 2 years.
  7. Technicality

    I believe when the 598's first came out, they began at $250 USD? So you can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere, like Amazon. But, in all honesty, if you can't find them cheaper, I think you would still be very satisfied after paying 250. 
  8. uli87
    It is awesome! I bought them like new on Ebay for like $130 and had a friend of mine from the states bring them over when she came to visit. Not everyone has these great prices though, here they would cost around $275 new :)
    At the same time these low prices can make a product feel "cheap". Prices have so much to do with people forming opinions. If you told some people you payed $400 for them, they'd be like "wow" just putting them on their head.
    It reaches a point in the end where sometimes your rig is valued by the amount of money you spent on it. Although it's a common trend now days to get the best deals from lots of different (mainly Chinese) smaller companies.
  9. Click
    HD598 for $100 during last Black Friday was one of the best deals on headphones last year. That and $325 for B-stock HD700 directly from Sennheiser. 
  10. Technicality

    Wow! 100?! That's the best deal I've ever seen, i would have purchased a couple pairs! [​IMG]
  11. Click
    Some did. There was a limit of 2 for that sale though. I almost bought a 2nd pair just to stock up on them for gifts, but was out of money from buying other gifts, HD700, and DAC+amp for HD700.
  12. amigomatt
    I'd just like to chime in that I've been getting back into my 598s recently.  I'm really loving how they sound from the headphone out of my old Arcam Alpha 8 integrated amp.  I thought there was a slightly bloatedness to the bass on some tracks and have added a 75ohm impedence adapter to it now and that has really tightened up the bass.  There is no lack of bass to my ears throught this amp.  In fact, there is more than enough and on some tracks, it may even border on slightly too much.  Everything is stepped up a gear, especially dynamics and presence.  My 598s somewhat lose their tendency to politeness when driven like this, much more so than unamped or through my smaller, portable amps.  The soundstage is shockingly good and the whole sound picture impressive, open engaging and ravishing!
  13. uli87
    It's cool that you can still appreciate them having a lot of other more technically able and expensive headphones.
  14. LastSaiyan
    I enjoy my HD598s with the fiio e09k + e17
  15. musicbuff7
    I would appreciate those who talk to the man up stair to remember me have a very bad day leukemia is kicking my butt. 
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