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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. Bansaku

    Really hard to quantify what improvements are as they are as subjective as a users preference in sound. In regards to my own pair of HD598, the bass went from sounding too cuppy/boomy, cold,  and analytical, to sounding warm, robust, and lush. There was a small change in the midrange as well; on high registers of certain female vocals there was a little bit of glare and strain. After burn-in the vocals smoothed out and gained a little warmth. I saw virtually no change in the treble. Maybe a little more air but I contribute that more to my upgraded cable than burn-in.
    In my opinion, either the pack-in cable sounds like poop, or the 6.3mm - 3.5mm adaptor is playing a factor. To me it is VERY noticeable to the point where I would be using the supplied cable to watch a movie (it is long enough to reach while I am on the couch) and when finished decide to listen to music. I would often forget (ok every damn time) I am using the supplied cable and always I think that my music does not sound right. I would then proceed to open up all of the preferences in the OS and music player looking to see if some setting has been changed (like resampling settings or an EQ left on) only to realize after frustration that I am not using the upgraded cable; Upon switching everything sounded right. It's as if the supplied cable adds a rather noticeable veil. Anyway ditch the supplied cable.
  2. Krutsch

    From the Sennheiser stable, I would agree with the HD-700 choice; similar signature, but more detail, separation and soundstage (recalling from audition memory - I don't own the HD-750, but have listened to them a number of times, so YMMV).
    The HD-600 and HD-650 'phones are a significant departure from the HD-598 sound. If you love the HD-598, you may be unhappy with the HD-650s unless you are willing to really give them a chance (read: take the time to acclimate to their sound).
  3. The Time
    Just bought these,about three months back.Have to say they surprise me oftenly with their soundstage .And forward mids,are also the subject to be adored.
    Just like to share a thing about these.I find these headphones to be a bit on the notorious side,as for change in sonic character to change in position to your head.Sure every headphones can be said like this,but sure didn't expect this much of difference in full-sized hps.
    Anyone,like me initially dissatisfied with sound,given time will surely come in terms in his/her own signature given time for these headphones.Just try out different positions,they can be uninteresting at times to full-blown wonders in soundstage,imaging and realness.    And also bass can be suited to your will,with ear-positioning.
    This post can come out as obvious,but for those new owners out there,but here goes my post.
    P.S:An in-depth review coming soon,as to my experience with positional changes.! 
  4. The Time
    Probably due to different integrated dacs in both phones and also are you running these through Walkman app?or something else?
  5. Thinker145
    Anyone? :)
  6. Hammy
    If you plan on replacing them at all, import them now and keep them safe in a drawer :)  If you look after them and don't mind giving them a wipe when grubby, then they should last many, many years.
    EDIT: BTW which country?  I know of a few places to get them here in Finland.
  7. Bansaku

    You can thank the angled drivers. In all honesty, they are not as bad as a beyerdynamic T70 or DT770 in terms of having to find your sweetspot, but yes getting the distance and position right is critical to attaining a good sound. 
  8. uli87
    Positioning is my least favorite aspect about headphones :frowning2: I constantly fiddle around and usually readjust at least every 15 minutes. 
    With the 598, when I line them up so the 's' logo is showing straight in parallel with my head, it feels most comfortable with the headband but it doesn't really mean that the cups are lined up perfectly with my ears. 
    If I line the oval cups perfectly with my ears, the headband sits at a slightly awkward angle, almost making it feel like they will slip back. In any case I always grab the cups and bring my thumbs outward and tilt forward as much as I can, I feel this increases the sound stage.
    Sennheiser should release a tutorial video on how to attain the fit they had in mind for the best sound quality :p
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  9. The Time
    Totally agree with you on this.
    Just the differences between the sound in different positions are quantifiable.
    Guess,they had to design the main driver and its positioning,in such a way that the differences are left to user's contention with his satisfaction!
    But atleast I think they should inform through packaging,booklets or anything,which position they were design for!
    That position,which you mentioned ,yes that I think,is responsible for better imaging,one of the contributors to increased soundstage.
    The exact opposite position,i.e line them up with the start of ear (on face) and bring them slightly up,just so that bottom velour is just below your ear;This makes them a fun-headphone! but ofcourse everything seems upfront and that bass.....is worth a try
  10. douce
    What 598 cable upgrade did you get? I own a pair myself and wouldn't mind trying this. thanks!
  11. Thinker145
    We have summer like 9 months of the year so any headphones will have to bear quite a lot of sweat. So basically its not "normal" for the cushions to wear out in a couple of years? Bose was providing poor quality perhaps. 
    I live in Pakistan. 
  12. Amplified598
    To start - My name is not a coincidence with this thread. [​IMG] 
    I am personally, a big fan of these headphones. I used them for over 6 months (thinking they were incredible) without any amps/dacs and only on sources such as my computer. Although I was listening to .flac audio. A couple weeks ago I took my first step into the amplification world. I purchased a Fiio E10k dac/amp. As someone who is slightly knowledgeable of what good sound actually is, the sound spectrum and audio hardware/software; I was blown away (and still am) when pairing my HD598 with my new E10K. I knew the HD598's sounded great as they were, but when I turn the +3dB bass boost on from the Fiio unit, the sound is so much fuller. Like I said -- blown away. They are a new set of cans and I can easily pull another year as a satisfied owner.
  13. sram145
    Hi fellow Head-fiers,
    I live in India and decided to buy an open headphone. After a few days of research online, i decided to get this hd 598. I went to audition and heard it on shop and liked it very much but the price is around 250$ dollars. Is 250$ too much to spend on this headphone?
  14. Krutsch

    Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet.
    If you can really, truly "...pull another year..." without upgrading, you are far more disciplined than 99.9% of the rest of us. [​IMG]
    Congrats on your new 'phones and E10K.
  15. NZheadcase
    It goes for much cheaper nowadays. Is there any other place in India that you can get it from? I know there's taxes and shipping and such but $250 is a lot.
    Here's the latest price on Amazon:
    It used to retail for about 250-ish but now hovers around $140-160
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