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Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Headstar, Feb 22, 2011.
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  1. amigomatt
    I've not tried the ipod classic, but I can pretty confidently say that it will drive the 598s to an ok volume as they are made with mobile devices in mind.  However, you will most likely not get massive volume from those devices.  I never can from any of my android phones.  It's loud enough, but you may want more.
    In that case, they bnefit from amping and anything will really help them to get sufficient volume as they are not that hard to drive, but if you plan on getting bette/harder to drive cans in the future, then my recommendation is easily going to be the Cayin C5, which drives ANY headphone brilliantly and is portable.
    Of the genres you mentioned, the 598s do great with Jazz, Classical (they sound AMAZING with small group stuff with their amazing soundstage).  But, for metal, they do show all the details up and present everything to you, but they are a little slow and polite sounding, so metal can sound a little tame and lacking aggression.  It's not terrible, but there are better options for metal.  Still, I would be happy if these were my only cans for all genres and would accept that compromise with the metal for everything else it does so well.
    For a solution for your PC, I would recommend without doubt the HRT Microstreamer, which is an amazing DAC as well as an amp, so with the 598s, you'l hear a BIG step up in performance.  Also, you can use the HRT on your smartphone as well, so you can take amazing sound out and about with you.
    Good luck!
  2. amigomatt
    Actually @Thymen Frederik Given your mention of Opeth, the 598s sound great with big, lush and melodic metal like that, it's just the more incisive, brutal death/thrash metal genres that get a bit glossed over and smoothed out by these cans.
  3. Bansaku
    As an iPod Classic and Touch as well as an iPhone 5 user who likes jazz and classical the short answer is no. At full volume the iDevices struggle and if you have anything Telarc, not a snowball's chance in hell. Modern music iDevices preform pretty good in terms of volume. A band that is more mellow like Opeth sounds pretty good but Finntroll sounds pretty awful. Unfortunately the HD 598 sounds great with uncompressed DR, low processed, and live performances, not so much with anything with heavy distortion like metal guitars. 
  4. Thymen Frederik
    Thanks for the replies Amigomatt and Bansaku,
    I guess I'll have to look around these forums to find a headphone better suited for rougher metal.
    The problem I have now is that Amigmatt says that my ipod can drive the hd 598, but Bansaku says that they can't.
    Seeing that Bansaku has used Idevices and Amigomatt hasn't used an Ipod classic, I think I have to trust Bansaku and get a portable amp.
    When I know if the headbands still cracks after a while, I can decide if i'll buy them
    Thanks again :)
  5. amigomatt
    The headband cracking was sorted out ages ago and is no longer an issue.
  6. amigomatt
    Grados are a good bet for metal.  The sr80 are the best bang for buck option (for UK prices anyway).  They have a slightly small soundstage but still play everything in an exciting and detailed way.
  7. Thymen Frederik
    Then it is decided: I am getting the hd598 possibly a Fiio e10k to go along with it.
    Thanks for helping me make my decision.
  8. Bansaku

    Not a bad choice. Been eyeing an E09i or E11 that's up on Kijiji to pair with my iPods and listen to my HD 598 and beyer T 70 at my couch.
    I just want to reiterate, an iPod does have sufficient volume for modern music with good bass. But an amp is needed to get the most out of classical and jazz. Headphones of 32 Ohms seems to be the limit for iPods.
    I also suggest getting an aftermarket cable 3.5mm as the one provided is 1/4" and using the adapter is awkward, not to mention the 10' length.
  9. Thymen Frederik
    Good suggestion.
    I guess the 3.5mm cable you can get from Sennheiser will suffice?
  10. Bansaku

    Look a few pages back and check out the links of the china cable that seems popular (the one I use). Great quality. Gold plugs and burgundy braid; looks classy with the HD 598's colour scheme.
  11. amigomatt
    You can also braid your stock cable,if you like...
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  12. Thymen Frederik
    Thanks for those suggestions, but I think I'll go with the Sennheiser cable, because it's easier and I don't really like buying from ebay.
    I can also see if I can get the cable you suggest is available in other webshops and buy it there.
  13. Krutsch

    Good choice... I still believe the HD-598 to be the best headphone value out there and the perfect starter cans for the newly minted audiophile.
    Enjoy! [​IMG]
  14. dorino

    certainly one of the best. Really solid pair of headphones.
  15. Gammon2004
    Agreed - I prefer these cans to most others I've heard, including HD 600 (not enough bass) and HD 800 (too bright, soundstage is too far away).  Also, I just noticed in your signature that you have the HD598s and the Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs, which are exactly the two pairs I use most often.  I think they share a 'warm-ish' and very clear tonality and the soundstage is the right combination of in-your-face and depth.  Plus they're definitely two of the most comfortable cans I've ever worn.
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