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SennGrado Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by joedoe, Oct 11, 2014.
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  1. kramer5150
    Yep I also find G-cush pads to work best with my SG.  Nice pics and builds!!
  2. 7keys


    I actually want the Sony 7506 headband, I just thought whoever sold you that headband might have the whole lineup of replacement parts.  
  3. chiman
    Hey guys, anyone used the vibro labs adaptor rings?

  4. fleasbaby
  5. 7keys
    It's nice to see the SennGrado getting some attention. I think I might offer adapters with my cups. I've given them to a few members for free. 
    Although the ones they sell you don't fully liberate the driver, you still use the plastic adapter they come with. It also looks like they might be protruding a bit. Although I think it's a good idea to help secure the driver.
  6. fleasbaby

    My last few SennGraso builds I have been going the whole hog and simply hot-gluing the Senn driver into a seat made specifically for it (shallower than the seat I usually make for a Grado driver). Works nicely...I can see the value in making the cup able to switch between Grado and Senn Drivers though...would be nice to be "convertible" :)
  7. fleasbaby
    ...did a collab with @cCasper TFG and this was what came of it:
    They are Marblewood (hideously tough, fibrous stuff...my chisels took a bit of a beating) cut similarly to a GS1000 style Grado cup with a wider pad lip to accommodate Beyer pads. Cables were by cCasper TFG, and are removable (mini-XLR). One is terminated for balanced operation, the other to a 1/4 inch plug.
    DavidA likes this.
  8. 7keys
    FLEASBABY is now a brand name.
    How do you like the sound with those ear pads?
  9. fleasbaby

    LMAO...not sure about being a brand name...cCasper does awesome pictures though. Haven't listened to them yet. Should be back with me in a few days. His impressions are positive so far.
  10. 7keys
  11. fleasbaby

    Bahahaha...seriously, no ways. I do not want to go down that path...it would kill all the joy in building headphones for me.
  12. ipdtt
    fleasbaby, they look Great!!! [​IMG] and i think you will love the Beyer pads.[​IMG]
  13. 7keys
    The Parts I have so far for two SennGrado builds. 
  14. fleasbaby
    Nicely done sir :).
  15. Noodlz
    @fleasbaby Can't wait to hear those headphones lol~ =)
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