Schiit Two Channel Clubhouse

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mr rick, Apr 5, 2017.
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  1. Music Alchemist
    It already had by the time I posted. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    I didn't compare them; just mentioned that I use something similar. Sorry if I have not spent the minimum amount of money required to impress you. :sunglasses:
  2. D2Girls
    I didn't say anything about money :frowning2: jeez i didn't mean for my post to come across as stuck up. i can see how it might be now. apologies :confounded:
  3. D2Girls
    speaking of jbl synthesis, I was considering 4367, but their (new) price is too high
  4. Left Channel
    Speaking of speakers, I'm wondering how, or if, you folks integrate your two-channel and surround systems. If you have both.

    Did you configure two separate systems, or did you find a good balance of speakers and amps? What worked and what didn't?

    If the systems are combined, are you using HT bypass on your 2-channel amp, or analog bypass through your surround processor?

    Thanks in advance for your experience and opinions.
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  5. artur9
    I have a combined system. It's ridiculously over-complicated but keeps me from annoying other household members :)

    I have a stereo preamp and a surround preprocessor as separate things. The preamp has all kinds of flexibility that I was looking for. In the future, now that the manufacturer has a preprocessor, I may combine the two but that would require a great deal of coin. I got a pair of good monoblocks off eBay for less than a receiver so the L/R go into those.

    Stereo music reproduction seems harder to get right so I tuned the 2channel portion first. I use the home theatre bypass on my stereo preamp.

    The hardest thing is getting subwoofers to sound good for movies while not screwing up music. In particular, that fat bass sound everyone likes? It really ruins the sound of plucked instruments.
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  6. Alcophone
    Oooh, didn't know we're talking CAD, okay. That's sick, it should be 7523.46 CAD right now, not 10k.

    Good thing I was talking about Klipsch and Klipschorn, my Anadian friend! :p
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  7. mtkupp
    I had good luck using VinylStudio. It makes a painful process a little less so.
  8. Timster
    My main system is a combined H/T and 2 Channel setup.
    Lots of fun doing trial and error, and I'm sure haven't got it as good as I can within my budget, but currently very happy with the sound for both. IMO it shouldnt matter what you are reproducing, if the system is accurate it should be good for both music and movies. Having said that I do still think bass in movies is important and will benefit from a good subwoofer.


    Currently running Tannoy 15" DMT monitors for 2 channel, and I don't use the subwoofer. That is fed from a server (in my study) running iTunes and ALAC files, mostly ripped from CDs. It runs via powerline Ethernet to an AirPort Express (the original that passes 44.1khz) through an Audio-GD DAC into an Emotiva UMC-1 and Emotiva UPA-1 Monoblocks. The UMC-1 runs in DIRECT analogue. I think my speakers are end game for me, they are the third Tannoy dual conentric system that I have owned, and I just love them.

    For the H/T the source is an Oppo BDP-103. Centre channel duties are picked up by a VAF DC-6 Gen 4/2 driven from another UPA-1, and surrounds are VAF DC-2 driven from a UPA-500. Subwoofer is a custom built 90 liter sealed cabinet with an Adire Audio Shiva. I modified the 300W plate amp to shift the EQ bump from 35hz to 20hz.
    Recently I started buying some Schiit and thought I'd try out the Mimby and Joty through the monoblocks and Tannoys (noticeable improvement :)) and now want to setup a dedicated 2 Channel option on the main system so am looking at a passive switch as a start. SYS will work, but I might make my own. Initially I'll switch in the Mimby/Joty while I consider what Pre/DAC combo I want to add to the system.

    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  9. Left Channel
    These are great, thanks @artur9 & @Timster! I've never even heard of some of these speakers and components. Lots of research to do. Anyone else want to describe their 2-channel + surround solution?
  10. shultzee
    I just went from a Schiit Freya and two Vidars powering Salk Song 3's to a Vincent SV-237 driving the Salk's. Heavenly sound signature. Couldn't be more pleased.
  11. Dana Reed
    Hi All, Been enjoying my bifrost/saga/vidar stack (also a TT and a mani) a lot for the past few months and next want to upgrade my old klh speakers to something with more sensitivity. The RP-280F seem to fit the bill for something that will sound good for low volume when listening close, and for having high sensitivity to fill the entire first floor of the house with sound when I want to. My question is with regards to a sub. Not sure whether I'll actually need one since this is mostly for music, not movies and the RP-280F seem to have good specs down to 32 Hz. But if I did get one, would it be best just to use the second pair of pre-outs on the Saga to go to the sub, or should I also be putting some kind of crossover in place so the Vidar isn't trying to push the towers on the low end if it doesn't need to? (Maybe just leave the Vidar direct to the speakers, and then use the crossover control in the powered sub to adjust the relative response?)
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  12. Music Alchemist
    I use the RP-250F in a bedroom and am enthralled. (Though there are obviously issues with room acoustics in such a small space, but it's not a big deal for me right now.)

    With almost all recordings, I hear all the bass. (But from my listening position, I don't get the full experience and have to move back further to hear and feel the deepest bass.)

    I have no desire to bother with a sub, especially since I will upgrade to even better speakers soon enough.

    How close do you plan on listening? Depending on the room and listening position, you may want to consider one of their smaller towers.

    (Mine extend to 35 Hz in the specs, but can go deeper; it just rolls off past that point. I could always fill in that gap somewhat with EQ, but most recordings don't have such deep bass.)
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  13. Odin412
    I have the Audioengine N22 and it is indeed oriented vertically. However, it sounds really good (to my ears, anyway) for not a lot of money. It has a slightly darker sound signature that reminds me of a good amp from the 80s.
  14. US Blues
    There are a few variables to consider. While those speakers are rated to 32Hz they won't pressurize the listening space the way a sub or subs will, which is why using subs in a music system can add that last bit of "live should" quality to a home system. Many of the quality subs now on the market have a line-level crossover built in, and you can run SE cables from Saga > Sub, and then the resulting signal to the Vidar, with the very low frequencies siphoned off to the sub. The advantages to this configuration are the Vidar does not have to work as hard since bass frequencies require the most power; and you are relieving the speakers of having to try and reproduce the lowest bass frequencies, this frees them from a task to which they are only marginally suited, and will often result in cleaner upper bass/lower mid frequency reproduction.

    Disclaimer: I am a long-time fan and user of subwoofers in a music-only 2 channel system. :sunglasses:
  15. notsimar
    Guess I should add to the list of Gungnir/Ragnarok/LS50 users. I use them for nearfield, constantly switching between medium and high gain.
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