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Schiit Two Channel Clubhouse

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mr rick, Apr 5, 2017.
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  1. Mr Rick
    I've been looking for a central place to discuss Schiits offerings in the world of two channel equipment. Specifically the Saga, Freya, Vidar, Ragnarok and of course the Schiit DACs used in the two channel environment.
    No passwords or secret handshakes required, just an interest in two channel from the Schiit point of view.
    All are welcome. Anyone care to join? [​IMG]
  2. Mr Rick
    Perhaps this was a Schiity idea. There is a lot of Schiit two channel talk on various other threads. 
    I just thought we could all congregate here.[​IMG]
  3. winders
    I am semi-patiently waiting for Vidar so I can put together a 2 channel system in my Library. I have a nice wood rack coming and I am trying to figure what speakers to get.
    I am fairly certain my 2 channel setup with include my Yggdrasil, a Freya, and two Vidar amps in mono block mode. I will also have a Mjolnir 2 for headphones when I need to be quiet.
    Right now, the speaker choice is causing the most consternation.
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  4. Mr Rick
    I have a small man-cave ( 10' x 10' ) and recently got a pair of KEF LS50s after listening to them at The Schiitr. They sound excellent, although the sound stage would probably improve in a bit larger room. I'm using them with a small 8" sub.
    I'm torn between the Rag and a pair of Vidar. In my small room the Rag would be just fine, in conjunction with a Gumby. For a second, larger system, the Freya into a as-yet unspecified tube amp, and a pair of Vidar might be just the ticket.
    Like you, I haven't yet decided on speakers for the second system. I'm looking at the Tekton Lore, made in Utah, and VERY efficient. I could use those on the Rag, and move the LS50s to the larger system.
    Things are still in the planning stages.[​IMG]
  5. bosiemoncrieff
    Ragnarok sounds so good to me that I think the tube preamp would be superfluous. The only benefit I see of going for Freya + Vidar x2 rather than Ragnarok is the remote. Unless your speakers really do require all that power, the convenience of the integrated amp for headphone usage makes it my first choice. I'm glad Jason now concedes that neglecting the remote for Ragnarok was an oversight.
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  6. winders
    A remote is critical for what I want to do so the Ragnarok is not an option. One thing I found out early on is that for fidelity, you can never have too much power. Power isn't only about volume.
  7. Mr Rick
    I'm contemplating Prima Luna for a tube amp. Different amps for different genres, just like headamps and cans.
  8. Mr Rick
    Well, the PrimaLuna is on the way. 
    My current thinking is a Freya / Gumby combo into the PrimaLuna and later one Vidar. 
    I'll use the Vidar with my LS50s, and the PrimaLuna into a pair of something from Tekton.
    If, in the future, if I purchase less efficient speakers, then I can add another Vidar, and go to monoblocks.
    I think the final piece of the puzzle will be a Mani phono pre for my virtually NOS Pioneer PL-516 TT. I honestly never thought I'd get back into vinyl. But hey.
  9. Mr Rick
    I ordered my Mani today and already got confirmation from Schiit that it will ship today. Pieces are starting to come together.[​IMG]
  10. bosiemoncrieff
    I'm definitely a "flavor can" kind of guy, but I'm still holding onto hope that, short of e-stats, one amp could rule them all—a WA5, a Ragnarok, perhaps a WA33. Mjolnir 2 is excellent but doesn't do passive speakers; it may remain a preamp for a future power or integrated amp. Certainly, though, it's not as wet as a Woo creation. I may wait yet longer for old WA5 prices to drop.
    Though the money might be better spent on a used LCD-2 or a Utopia. I'd really like to a/b HD600 and the Utopia. I suspect they're closer than people admit.
  11. Mr Rick
    The ball is really starting to roll now. I've ordered, and am waiting for, a Schiit Freya. Still torn between a Gumby, or Yggy for my DAC.
  12. bosiemoncrieff
    If you go Gumby you'll always wonder whether you should've gone for Yggy. Pull the trigger. You know you want to.
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  13. Mr Rick
    But the Gumby and Freya will look so elegant on my rack. Now, if Schiit would only build a small amp in that form factor..........BLISS!!
  14. winders
    Get the Yggdrasil. I did because I knew I would always wonder how much I gave up by getting the Gumby. Schiit will have the Vidar amps soon (9" W x 12.9" D x 3.85" H).
  15. Mr Rick
    While waiting for my Freya to arrive, I'm using the Valhalla 2 as a preamp unto my new PrimaLuna Prologue Five, tube amplifier. I'm finally starting to appreciate the advantages of an all tube system. The Valhalla-PrimaLuna combo has a tremendous bottom end, and a lovely mid range. I have difficulty hearing the high end at my age, but the lady of the house tells me it has an airy presence that she really enjoys.
    Improvements to the current sound can only be considered icing on the cake.
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