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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Sparky14
    I used to be a happy elf in Wichita.
  2. swmtnbiker
    What are you now? An angry elf? :D
  3. jtinto
    Hi Jason,
    I'd like to try dat Schiit
    Anywhere other than headphonebar a Canuck can buy from online?
  4. pelli
    Just got my Modi today.  It is going to be the filler in my bedroom setup feeding my Mjolnir > LCD-2 until I can get up the scratch for the Gungir.  So far it sounds great!  Couldn't be happier for the price and now I don't have to move my Bifrost back and forth every time I want to listen in a different room.  Every time I get a new piece of Schiit I am more and more impressed.  They are really going to have to screw things up to lose my brand loyalty!
  5. Maverickmonk
    My Magni is sitting here with an ugly Gamma 2 in a ghetto-rigged case on top of it... the Modi looks so pretty by comparison... And I have left over money from my turntable fund...
    Has anyone got the Modi and the Gamma 2 that would care to make a comparison?
  6. tomb
    There's a reason you're saying the Gamma 2 is ugly.  Did you build it, or did someone else make it look ugly with a ghetto-rig build?  Seems a trivial thing upon which to base sound quality.
    Let me see ... "I hate the gray color of the Modi.  I think it would sound so much better in RED."
    Does that make a good comparison? 
  7. Maverickmonk
    Oh no, it sounds beautiful, but I got a prototype build used, and had to machine my own faceplates. Lets just say me and the mill ain't exactly best friends yet [​IMG] The ugliness is all my doing.
    But if the Modi can match it for performance, I'll be taking a modi/magni stack to school with me, where keeping a compact and neat/tidy desk is a permenent issue for me as is, and keeping the gamma2 at my home in my home rig.
    Sorry for the confusion [​IMG]
  8. jshoejshoe

    I got my Magni/Modi on Monday. They look great and sound even better. The modi worked immediately with both my Mac and PC. The build quality is great and I get no buzzing with my CIEM.
    Thanks for this amazing Schiit!
    I will post pictures as soon as am I allowed. I guess I am too new to the forum.
  9. Ixion
    Desperately awaiting the Magni/Modi to show up in Europe..
  10. Defiant00
    What sort of volume settings are you using with your CIEMs?
  11. FlySweep
    I posted my initial impressions of the Modi/Magni stack over here, if anyone was interested.
  12. FlySweep
  13. ninjames
    Found that my Little Dot MKIII and my Fiio E17 drive my new HE-400 well enough to pass up on getting the Magni+Modi. Was thinking about just getting the Modi, as my other DACs are a $40 Muse DAC from eBay and the E17 with LO Bypass. Wondering if it's worth it or if there's something else better in the price range. I was looking at the ODAC, but does anyone here know if the 3.5mm to RCA cable is any kind of step down from straight RCA to RCA that I'd get with the Modi?
  14. Greed
    Can anyone compare the Modi DAC to the Asus Xonar Essence STX dac that have heard both? Differences in SQ etc.? Is it worth me "upgrading" to an external amp for my work setup?
  15. tomb
    JMHO, but a 3.5mm jack is always a step down.  If you're going portable, of course - 3.5mm is the way to go.  However, it's not a question of whether the jack will fail, but when.  It's a question of geometry - the contact area is so small on the circumference resulting from a 3.5mm diameter that the contacts' fatigue factor (in maintaining spring tension) and corrosion come into play rather quickly (a year or two - or a matter of months, if usage is high).
    There's also the question of resistance.  The RCA jack is going to be more dependable in offering lower resistance over a longer period of time during use.  That affects sound quality.  RCA is simply more rugged, period.
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