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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. merkil
    Does anyone know how the Modi stacks up against the HRT Music Streamer II ? You can get a used HRT II (not HRT II+) for around the same price as the Modi. I was just curious if anyone had a chance to compare these 2.

  2. irishsammy

    I have both.  The HRT sounds better on my main headphone rig but that's because the Modi is noisy there for some reason.  Both DACs are quiet on my work setup, however, and I'd say the HRT has the advantage overall.  They sound very, very similar but I think the HRT is just a tad more refined and stable in just about every way. 
    This said, I think I'm going to keep the Modi in my work setup.  It goes with my Maverick A1 very well. 
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  3. jshoejshoe
    On the PC, I have the volume at about 20% for the system, and for iTunes it is at about 50%. On the mac, the integration is a little different so there is no system volume control. But I keep the applications set at about 40%.
  4. merkil

    Thanks for the input. I was kind of debating between these two but finally decided that I care about aesthetics. I can't get over the looks of the HRT. I think I've settled on either the Modi or the odac from audio poutine (looks much better than jds IMO). Either way they are both very comparable and you can't go wrong with either one.
  5. Maverickmonk
    I just switched from iTunes to JRiver with WASAPI exclusive mode, playing from RAM instead of from the harddisk, and I honestly think it made a huge difference in clarity. I double checked, and there are "artifacts", background strums and such that were lost during complex passages, that I couldn't pick out before, and couldn't quite make out with itunes even going back to it to test. I'm not sure why this makes such a large difference, perhaps it's because the Modi is asynchronous usb, which IIRC does best when fed from wasapi exclusive mode, although I guess that's generally the case with all DAC's? I'm not sure. It might just be that my computer is too cluttered to provide a good shared stream.
  6. duhx99
    So I recently got my Schiit Modi in the mail to pair with my ATH M50s, which I was planning to use without an amp since the M50s aren't too hard to power.  I'm using a male RCA to female 3.5 mm jack and everything sounds awful, it's thin with no bass reproduction whatsoever.  I get the feeling that I'm not supposed to run the DAC directly to the headphone this way.  What would be an affordable/quick option to get the DAC running to my headphones? Also, I'm using a cheap cable to power the DAC through usb, this shouldn't affect quality right? Thanks.
  7. CoiL
    It`s only DAC. You still need amp. Didn`t you read from homepage? http://schiit.com/schiit-faq/about-modi/
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    When people say a headphone "doesn't need an amp," they don't mean it literally and absolutely. A portable player technically has a headphone amp, which includes a preamp (or some other kind of gain/volume control), as well as a circuit that outputs the sort of signal that generally conforms to headphone impedance and can handle the required current. Even a smartphone has all that in some way, plus the DAC, all in one chip (to save space and battery life) - what an external amp does is deliver more power and current for headphones that need them, and hopefully with a lot less distortion.
  9. Defiant00
    Something simple like a CMoy, or maybe the Magni? Since the Modi's working at all the USB cable is probably fine (I usually use cheap Monoprice cables and haven't had any problems).
  10. Rawrbington
    should i pull the trigger on this thing?
    mainly gonna be used with speakers.
    Obviously there are other options out there.
    and where is the magni/modi vs O2/ODAC thread?
    i can't find it!
    im not expecting this to replace my DLIII but if it does i'd have no problems with it.
    However i've got an older Fubar II DAC runing to my speakers.  Im thinking i want to try this out or an ODAC. 
  11. KamijoIsMyHero
    Its in the full-size amp section

  12. ToInfinity
    Does anyone have an opinion on pairing up the Asgard and the Modi? Or perhaps the Bifrost and the Magni?
    And I feel like sneaking in the Lyr....what about the Lyr and Modi together? 
  13. atbglenn
    I'm thinking about getting my first DAC. The Modi sounds interesting. The setup I'm thinking about using would be a Mac Mini feeding an Asgard 10 feet away. I have a non powered USB hub  (used for my mouse receiver)  on the same table as the Asgard connected with a 15 foot USB cable. Would this setup work? Or would I be better off putting the Modi close to the Mac Mini and run long RCA cables?? BTW the USB hub can be powered if necessary 
    Edit: Got a response from Jason. He told me to use long audio cables. BTW, just ordered it. Looking forward to getting it!
  14. Enomino801
    I tried out this DAC recently and unrotunatley I had to send it back. I paired it up with my Hifiman EF-5 amp and I found that the two didn't match well together all...
  15. lawrywild
    Since Modi doesn't have an on/off switch does disabling the Modi from Windows ( -> Playback Devices -> Disable) turn it off fully? (i.e. does it turn off the front LED)
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