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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. dmacg
    Just ordered the Magni.....Schiit, you did it again !
    I need help !
  2. swmtnbiker
    Fookin' Schiit!!!! :beyersmile:
  3. Roller
    Quick question. Does the Modi do 16/88.2 and 24/88.2?
    On a different note, I'm hoping the Magni will have a 230V option soon.
  4. paradoxper
    16/88.2 not specified  It does do 24/88.2
  5. preproman
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It uses a power brick so if anyone can post the specs of the 120v version you can just look for another brick that takes 220/230/240v input with the same DC output for the amp.
  7. madriz
    Any impressions yet? I'm highly interested in just the DAC.
  8. merkil

    I know! I'm eagerly awaiting reviews for this little guy. I was thinking of pairing it up with an Asgard to keep costs down a bit.
  9. preproman
    Well,  not much to it the way I'm using it.  USB out of my iMAC to the Modi.  No issues at all.  On this desktop work rig all I play are iTunes 16 / 44.1 files.  right now no drop outs, no hicups.  Just works.  I will try some hi-res files latter..
  10. sejarzo
    The power input on the Magni is 16 VAC, not 16 VDC as the amp incorporates its own PSU with linear regulation and filter caps. All you need is a stepdown transformer, not a DC wall wart.
  11. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Oh shoot; but then I read somewhere some stepdown transformers can cause instabilities in the regulators? I don't need this amp but if ever anyone asks me, and given we all use a UPS or voltage regulator with all ranges of outputs, it should be safe to just plug it into the 120v/110v outlet on those, right?
  12. jshoejshoe
    I am new to this forum and the hi fi market. I just got my first CIEMs (Westone ES5) and love them. I use both a MAC and a PC and am wondering if I will really notice a big difference if use an external DAC like the Modi? Also, will I need to get an amp like the Magni if I do add the DAC? Any help or advice would be welcome! 
    I also want to state that I have found this forum to be one of the more useful ones I have joined. Great reviews and a lot of information out there. 
  13. Defiant00
    It's hard to say how much difference you'll notice with an external DAC; I personally didn't notice a big difference when I got my Bifrost (it sounds good certainly, but it didn't immediately jump out at me as blatantly better sounding). And of course, some will have had the opposite experience; I suspect it largely depends on the quality of what the external DAC is replacing. My typical priority ranking is headphones first, then an amp and DAC last; but that's just been my general experience.
    If you do get an external DAC you will need an amplifier of some sort to hook it up to. DACs cannot typically be listened to on their own (technically you could wire up something, but it wouldn't be a good solution/isn't recommended/would probably sound bad).
    vermilions likes this.
  14. fcpchop88
    Brilliant. You, my friend, are awesome. Currently saving for a magni n modi combo
  15. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    Bought a Magni on 12/13 for my son, and today added the Modi for his birthday in 2 weeks.  I think he'll love the sound and looks.
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