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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Enomino801
    When I had this DAC for a few days I remember the light being on all the time unless my computer was off.
  2. Enomino801
    I also remember this DAC sounded very good when I was listening to vinyl rips, the music had a lot more weight to it and just sounded overall better than my current HRT Music Streamer II in some cases. It's just too bad the DAC didn't output enough volume like the HRT did.
  3. tdockweiler
    Bought a Modi today and I'm really looking forward to it. You know you're a nerd when you buy a DAC just for it's DAC chip.
    I really doubt it's going to be some clone of my ODAC like others have said. I do have this feeling it will have a touch of warm (barely audible) and maybe will be a bit fuller sounding than the ODAC, but still transparent.
    I'm probably wrong, but don't ruin my fun. If it's basically a clone of the ODAC to my ears I won't care. Nothing wrong with my ODAC, but the Modi has me curious.
    We'll see which one I prefer..
    I'll be using it with my DJ100, HD-650/598 and Q701. I also have the Magni and Headroom Micro Amp.
  4. mikek200
    I just ordered the Modi/Asgard 2...5 minutes ago.
    Hoping it wil drive my HD800's & Maddogs 
    Looking to get some extra space on my desktop..think ,this may help
  5. tdockweiler
    Right out of the box I'm impressed with the Modi.
    Sounds much more detailed than the ODAC and with a larger soundstage.
    I'll do some comparisons just to be 100% sure. To me it's very clear it sounds better in many areas.
    Even on the HD-650!
    I expected it to be much worse than the ODAC for some reason.
    I'll give it a week at least. Using it with my Magni and HD-650.
    I'll try it with a ton of other headphones and my other amp.
  6. atbglenn
    Mac Mini - Modi -  Asgard 1 - Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro (250 ohm)  Sounds freaking awesome to my ears. The best $99 I've spent in a long time!
  7. axizor
    I know this is a whole other topic that can be discussed in lengthy segments, but I just have this simple question.
    What should I keep my sample rate as? Most of the stuff I listen to is 24/44 but I also have some higher quality media.
  8. tdockweiler
    Here's some notes I've taken if anyone wants to know what I think of the ODAC vs the Modi. I prefer the Modi because it's just sounds smoother to my ears. Yeah I know both measure flat.
    I know a lot of people might find the ODAC better, but they must have golden ears.

    ODAC vs Modi

    The two are so close in sound to my ears that it would take a ton of listening to figure out the differences. The difference between the HRT MSII and ODAC was MUCH greater.
    Trying to pick out the differences between the two is about as bad as trying to hear a mouse fart from 100 feet away.

    Both sound very transparent and  flat to my ears. Neither were forgiving of garbage tracks and are quite revealing. Harsh tracks sound bad on both of them, even on the HD-650! Sometimes I felt they sounded a bit worse on the ODAC.

    Soundstage of the Modi seems more accurate. Slightly better imaging and soundstage depth and height.  Sometimes when listening to a singer that's supposed to be slightly further away in front of me in the recording, the ODAC is less accurate here. It's harder to determine this exact distance. It's almost always like whatever singer is in front of  me is almost in the same spot unless it's supposed to sound like they're in a cave. On the Modi it feels like I could measure the distance in inches.

    No it's not because the Modi has reccessed mids. Vocals can sound very upfront if it's that way in the recording. The Modi just sounds like it has flatter and more accurate mids. I would say relaxed mids, but that would give people the wrong impression. They're still flat. I prefer the mids of the Modi. I would bet my money on the Modi as being more accurate to the recording.
    When trying to pick out all the different sounds and instruments on the Modi it's like it has pinpoint accuracy. On the ODAC it's a bit harder.

    The Modi sounds smoother. Yes, I know they both measure flat. It just sounds like vocals  sound more forward on the ODAC for whatever reason. I think it's having to do with the soundstage of the ODAC. Nope I don't think the ODAC has forward mids, but something is fooling me.

    Treble and bass sounds mostly the same to me. There could be some differences but I haven't heard them (yet). None of them sound like they're too treble happy.
    Sometimes subtle detail is easier to spot on the Modi, but I doubt there is anything I couldn't hear on the ODAC.

    Modi might be just a tad fuller sounding, but it's so hard to notice. Neither sound cold or analytical. None of them are warm sounding to me and they won't make any headphone sound warmer than it really is.

    With some music, the ODAC sounds perhaps slightly clearer. Basically almost inaudible.
    Again, the differences are so minor that they're probably not audible to some. I'm imagine some will totally disagree with everything I've mentioned.
    If I had to pick between the two for my own use it would be the Modi. I could be happy with either of them. Both are very good. To me the Modi is about 5% better to MY ears. I probably don't have golden ears, so maybe there's a ton of other differences between the Modi and ODAC.

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  9. tdockweiler
    I'm shocked there doesn't seem to be more interest in this DAC. Not many impressions of it to be found anywhere..
    Someone else go buy it and review it already!
    I guess i'll go use that thing called "Search". I'm probably in the wrong thread.
  10. lawrywild

    It's very new... plus some of us (including me) are wary of FOTMs and prefer to see opinions over a longer period. Not saying it is one, but I don't like the jump too early and I know some other people are the same [​IMG]
  11. tdockweiler
    Finally got to try the Modi with the Q701 and not much difference between my earlier impressions.
    When you switch between the ODAC and the Modi, vocals and everything in front of you on the ODAC sounds more shoved in your face. Like it's not as balanced with everything else. This is with most every track. I think it has to do with the soundstaging. Yeah I know the ODAC measures flat.
    It's like the ODAC can't figure out how far away or close up everything in front of me should be. Weirdest thing I've experienced. It's not due to a recession of the mids on the Modi or issues with volume levels. To notice this you have to find a recording where the vocals IN the recording are supposed to be in front of you but a little more distant sounding. Like maybe say you were 3 rows away from the singer in front of you. The mids of the Modi sound more normal and smoother. Vocals on the ODAC almost always sound more forward and this is nice for some headphones. Vocals on the Modi can sound VERY upfront if it's supposed to be that way in the recording.
    I'm listening to some Chinese pop music and it sounds like the singer is very distant (supposed to be like this), but it doesn't feel very distant at all on the ODAC. On the ODAC it's just a little more harsh and shoved into my face more. This is also noticeable on my other amps and many different headphones.
    So this is the only major difference for me and it's very easy to spot now. Soundstage and imaging seems much better on the Modi for whatever reason. There is nothing on the ODAC that sounds any better to my ears. Obviously both are very good. Their general sound signatures sound pretty close (not that they really have one). I think both are pretty transparent and very balanced sounding. Modi just sounds a little smoother.
    I'm having a hard time detecting any sort of warm with either, which is fine by me. Can't even tell an ounce of difference still with the bass and treble. Guess that's a good thing.
    I've tried to not mention any possible differences unless it's they're apparent for me.
  12. jarvik
    Would the Modi be a good choice for a DAC in a stereo system (with full-size amp and speakers, not headphones)?  It would be great if I could turn my laptop into an audiophile-quality server for 99 bucks.
  13. jarvik
    Note:  I've been using an earlier version of the uDAC with pretty good results.  But this seems as if it would be a serious step up in quality.  
    (The uDAC is now doing duty as a headphone amp, with Grado SR125s, and I like it.)
  14. DudeMyCans
    I've just ordered a Modi, hoping to get it before Easter.

    As I've just mentioned on another thread, does anybody have any experience powering the Modi from a separate power supply rather than the USB port ? Is it worth playing with?
  15. Traum
    Don't see how that can be done without some serious modifications, and then you'd be voiding the 2 year warranty on the DAC.

    And why would you want to do that? If you are concerned about a dirty power supply, I'd say there are other ways to get around it (eg. connection via powered USB hub, ferrite bead on the USB cable, etc.)
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