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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Tjj226 Angel
    Well I am no so sure that is a good question. When you listen to the STX, you are listening to the dac and amp (or at least I am since I need the amp for my headphones). So when I listened to the modi, it was with the magni. Was the modi and magni better than the STX? Ehhhh marginal really. But do I know what the modi sounds like? No. There is not a good way for me to judge it against the STX. 
    Honestly, the the modi and magni are better, but I don't think you would get your moneys worth after listening to the STX for any length of time. To get any sort of a wow factor, you need to save up your money for a better amp, and use the STX as a dac. Later on down the road, get a better dac. 
  2. tdockweiler
    Do you think it's possible to have a DAC get harsh sounding with a very long USB cable? Virtually impossible right? I wouldn't even know what the symptoms would be of a USB cable that's too long. Probably just audio drop-outs or something.
    My Modi has been sounding rather harsh today. First occurred on the K400, then the Q701 and even HD-650! Sometimes it would be painfully ear piercing. I know the Modi doesn't have any weird peaks or whatever. I would have heard that when I reviewed it.
    I have to use a powered USB hub for my DACs. Every single DAC I had required this or else I'd get weird static or clipping when scrolling in Windows.
    So I switched to shorter cables and the sound is now a lot smoother. I must be hearing things. I mean it's not just occasional harshness from a random bad track or anything.
    Maybe it was a poor quality USB cable (Belkin brand), but I'm guessing it was too long. 100' is probably overkill. Just kidding. I know it was under 6', but I do have another one in use going from the laptop to hub.
    So right now it's been 2 hours and everything is totally smooth. Bizarre.
    I swear that when I get more money I'm going to get rid of all this USB nonsense.
  3. kimvictor
    what better USBs are there?
  4. tdockweiler

    I think the problem is that the USB ports on my laptop and custom built desktop are garbage.
    I think a desktop USB card for me would be the best option.
    I was thinking of eventually upgrading to SPDIF and trying the Bifrost.
  5. boleh7
    today my Modi suddenly sound weird :frowning2: The sound is like the singer singing in front of FAN ( sound vibrating ) Has anyone experience this before ?
    tested with PA2V2 and O2 but both sound the same
  6. kimvictor
    possibly EMI, try moving modi around.
  7. DudeMyCans
    I'm just listening to my Modi which arrived today after 3 weeks in transit (don't ask). Anyway, it sounds great, I definitely prefer it to my Fiio E10 and my very old Audio Alchemy DAC.
  8. atbglenn
    Just ordered another Modi for my home office setup. Very impressive little DAC, especially for the price :)
  9. boleh7
    My Modi just 3 week old and never before sound weird :) and I also tested with my other DAC and all sound fine from my PC .

    Will contact schiit
  10. kimvictor
    Just want to let you know that Modi is prone to interference. Those would include radio signal, cellphone, wifi(?), and more. Also, check the cable and the socket(Modi). I kind of had little wigly sound, but it disappeared as I moved my cellphone from it.
  11. boleh7

    Thanks :) will test again once I back from work.
  12. boleh7
    the weird sound disappear [​IMG]  I like the Modi and really hope the weird sound is caused by EMI :) Will observe and see if the same problem return .
  13. kessomatt
    I got my modi today and noticed horrible noise from my laptop. Mouse movements, hard drive, scrolling in windows you name it. What is. Everyone doing to fix this? I saw someone else on this thread used a power hub.

    Also, can anyone tell me how I should have my volume set on windows, iTunes, and the pre amp volume on the equalizer? It is feeding to my lyr.
  14. Traum
    A ferrite bead on the USB cable did the trick for me, and eliminated all popping noise from the Modi.
  15. kimvictor
    There are many options. Cable, powered hubs, power manager and more.
    Volume wise, it should always be 100% on windows and iTunes. Preamp should be set to the default value it is set to.
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