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Originally Posted by nehcrow View Post

Is the Magni compatible with Australia's power mains? Can I just replace the wallwart with an Australian AC plug?


If you can find a 16vac 500mA power supply.  The closest I can find is the Jaycar one, but it is 16vac 1500mA, and with a 32ohm load (16v 8w as per shown on the amp) it produces 18v. They also do a 15vac 1500mA supply, which gets us to about 17v with the amps load.


I'm going to use a stepdown transformer from 230v to 110v and use the supplied power supply/wall-wart as it's going to save any potential issues

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I've had the Modi/Magni stack for a couple of days now.. been running it continuously for much of yesterday & today.. so far, I'm very impressed.


Out of the box, it was slightly on the bright side.. but that quality seems to have subsided after three or four hours.  I can't say if the brightness was attributed to the DAC or amp since I've used both the Magni & Modi only with each other.  The rig is remarkably transparent.  The Modi sounds very resolving & detailed.. imaging and instrument separation is excellent, tone and timbre are quite accurate to my ears.  Again, transparency is the overarching quality of the DAC.  In terms of overall performance, I'd put it on par with the ODAC.. but I'll have to A/B the two to confirm.


The Magni is equally impressive.  "Uncolored," "dynamic," "well controlled," and possessing a "spacious, well proportioned, accurate soundstage" are the qualities that immediately come to mind.  The Magni seems to combine my favorite aspects of my UHA-6S MKII (w/ OPA209) & Objective2 amp.  The clean, well controlled bass, quiet background, high degree of clarity, and very good instrument separation remind me of the UHA.. while the Magni's spacious soundstage & dynamics reminds me of the Objective2's performance.  I like how detailed, clear, and resolving this rig sounds.. but it never feels clinical or overly analytical.


The resolving, transparent nature of the rig will easily show the flaws in your recordings.. but not in an overtly harsh manner.. of course, the headphones used play an important role in this equation, too.  I've been listening with the HD600 & DT770 AE & both sound fantastic with the M/M stack.  I like how they sound out of the M/M stack more than I do out of the ODAC/O2 or ODAC/UHA, in fact.  High praise coming from me since the latter two combos are truly special, IME.  The high power output combined with excellent control offers a spacious, vibrant sound that drive the HD600 & DT770 AE in an effortless manner.  My Paradox is on tour right now, but I'm confident it would pair well with the M/M.  The Magni packs quite a wallop, too.. It drives the HD600 to uncomfortably loud levels just after 10pm on the pot while remaining exceptionally well controlled.


As noted by others, there is some very low level sound bleed when the pot is "off" & some channel imbalance (near the very beginning of the pot).  Both of these things haven't been an issue for me.. even with some pretty sensitive IEMs.  I do like the roll resistance of the pot.  Despite me only having to use a small part of the pot (between 8-10 pm), the resistance allows for fairly precise tuning in such a limited area.  The Accidentally running your finger into the pot isn't going to send it flying, either.


I'll A/B with my other amps, in time.. but for now.. I'm very happy with the purchase.  The clean, sharp look of the stack is very easy on the eyes as well.  The gray LEDs are attractive but not distracting and the rig has a substantial feel to it without being unnecessarily bulky.


I haven't heard a lot of amps and DACs in the $50-$300 range (I tend to carefully research as much as possible, buy something, and stick with it), but the fact the M/M gives the ODAC, O2, and UHA a run for it's money is impressive enough for me.  For $200, I'd say it's one of the best values around.  I wasn't sure if this rig would get much use since i didn't really 'need' it (the TubeDAC-11 being my primary desktop DAC/amp) but the M/M was pleasantly surprising & more than holds its own.  It's definitely something I see myself using on a daily basis & the performance doesn't leave me wanting.


All in all, I'm happy to report this Schiit "does not stink."

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Nice post FlySweep, definitely interested in more comparisons to the UHA-6S MkII since I'm considering getting one.

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just ordered the combo, really excited after reading about all the first impressions.

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These look like great budget products! Congratulations on the what seems like a very successful release

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I've read some saying the knob was weak but it's very firm and gives you great control over the volume.

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Encouraging impressions FlySweep. Interested in hearing ODAC comparos.smile.gif

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Originally Posted by livewire View Post

Encouraging impressions FlySweep. Interested in hearing ODAC comparos.smile.gif


I did some fairly brief A/Bing between the ODAC & Modi tonight (feeding both to the Magni).  Note that the following descriptions/characterizations are relative between the two DACs in question (Modi & ODAC).


Bass from the ODAC-driven rig sounds (noticeably) better extended, more robust, and realistic.  Complex bass passages are handled with a degree of elegance & nuance from the ODAC that the Modi can't seem to match. Through the Modi, those same (busy) passages sound somewhat mushy & smeared, in comparison.  The midrange presentation between the Modi & ODAC is similar.. but again, the ODAC's midrange sounded more natural, dynamic, & effortless due to a more expansive soundstage and superior instrument separation.  Vocals sound excellent & very engaging from both the Modi & ODAC.. but the ODAC midrange, again, features better dimensionality and clarity to give a more lifelike feel to the human voice.  The ODAC wins the treble battle, too.  Through the ODAC, upper frequencies enjoy better extension, instrument separation, and a more accurate overall presence.  Treble through the Modi sounds quite good.. but it just doesn't feature the articulation the ODAC's treble seems to possess.


My initial sense is that the ODAC is the superior DAC.  It sounded more open, natural, effortless, resolving, and clean.  Separation and control were two things that jumped out to me.  The Modi's sounds was somewhat digital, compressed, and flat in comparison.  For the price, though.. it's still damn impressive to me and certainly good enough to get used often.

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I agree, Flysweep. I wanted to say they were identical, but the ODAC was definitely the better dac, for much of what you said. I felt the Modi was just a twinge harsher in the treble, and not as full sounding. Still, it's a slight difference, not one that would make the Modi not worth getting at $99.

Just, if you want SQ first, definitely get the ODAC.
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Does this mean that the modi is of greater value but might leave you wanting more?
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In reality, the differences are very subtle, and unless you're comparing side by side, I doubt anyone would truly notice.

If you're getting the Magni, I suggest getting the Modi for aesthetic's sake. It's a wonderful sounding combo either way.
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The ODAC is technically 50% more expensive than the MODI. Even though both products are in the entry level bracket, the price difference is not insubstantial when compared to each other.


I've never heard the ODAC, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my MAGNI+MODI combo (upgraded from E10).

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Would the upgrade be worth the money if you have an easy to drive headphone (fidelio x1) and a fiio e10.
Or should I put the money aside for a audiolabs m-dac?
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Sad day.

Woke up and plugged my Magni in and turned it on only to come back an hour later to find it off.

The wallwart died on me so now I can hopefully get a new one sent and not have too much down time.

Can't wait to get back to glorious music.

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Originally Posted by Steelbarrage View Post

Sad day.

Woke up and plugged my Magni in and turned it on only to come back an hour later to find it off.

The wallwart died on me so now I can hopefully get a new one sent and not have too much down time.

Can't wait to get back to glorious music.

Are you positive it's the wall wart?

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