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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Defiant00
  2. crayonhead
    Question, for the wall wart, do you need a voltage converter for Canada?
  3. KamijoIsMyHero
  4. waxdoctor

    If I connect my HD 201(24 ohm) to magni I get with some tunes at mid/high frequencies clipping/distortion from 9 o'oclock ongoing. Change to some 32 ohm HP the clipping/distortion is away also behind 12 o'clock. HD 201 on another HP amp same tunes no clipping/distortion at all. What could it be? Thanks
    impedence maybe
  6. jpongin
    I have the MM stack at work, and I love it with my DT770 Pros 250ohm.  And I was going to get the Asgard2 / Bifrost stack for home to power my DT880 250ohm Pros.
    Is it worth getting the Asgard2 / Bifrost stack if I'm only listening to 320kbps compressed lossy files on DT880 250ohm Pros?  Or would the MM stack be a better fit?
    I feel like the Asgard2 / Bifrost would be a better fit if I were listening to FLAC files on better cans... say the LCD3's or the HE-400s.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?
  7. Impulse
    Have you ever checked if you can actually hear the difference between 320kbps and FLAC? Vast majority of people can't, the quality of the original recording is usually more of a factor than anything at that point...

    The Asgard2 supplies more power into high impedance headphones and has a number of extra convenience features (pre-outs, gain switch, etc.) that make it attractive even if you take SQ out of the equitation. I've never had a DAC on the Bitfrost's level so I can't comment on that. :p
  8. Defiant00
    Typically better equipment will sound better even with 128kbps mp3s, and at 320 most people can't hear a difference between that and FLAC. Given a choice between the M&M vs B&A I'd take the B&A regardless of source file quality.
    With that said, I find that the cans make the biggest difference, so personally I'd probably choose M&M + LCD-2 (or other higher-end can) over B&A + DT880.
  9. deadie
    Very happy with the Magni driving my UE10 Pro - nice, punchy but controlled power to breath life into the neutral IEMs.
    There is channel imbalance (right bias) present during the first 1-2mm of play in the volume knob, but at normal listening levels all is good.  The Magni is fine with my LCD-2s, but coming from the Lyr, the Magni doesn't put out anywhere near the power that the LCD-2 needs.  I really want to know how the Mjolnir sounds with the orthos, but I'm having fun right now with seeing how a variety of new, cheap tech plays with the UE10.
    Right now, I'm playing FLAC / JRiver18 / DAC / Magni.  Have been playing around with a variety of portable DACS - HRT Music Streamer II, HRT Microstreamer, Dragonfly, and D1. 
    I thought the Dragonfly was thick, congested, sent it back.  The Microstreamer had fantastic SQ and great synergy and power with the IEM, but had a litany of crackling / popping problems, could not get the issues resolved.  The D1 sounds very good, just under the Microstreamer and I've had no problems with it.  I've had the Music Streamer II for a couple of years and it's now outclassed.  The Meridian issues seem to have been sorted out so that's likely next on the portable front.
    I've been very curious about the D1 as it supposedly uses the same AKM chip in my I guess now old skoo Transporter.  The amp in the D1 isn't bad at all, nicely driving the UE10.  But back to the Magni, hooking it up to the D1's RCA outs brings air and punch and pluck to a whole 'nother level.  $169 D1 + $100 Magni is such a high value, killer combo for IEMs.  
    The D1 is nicely flexible as well, as I've also used it as a toslink DAC for my upstairs Sonos Connect, powering the D1 with an external USB battery.  
    Lastly, I have a FiiO E9K coming in to compare against the Magni. 
  10. TTNK
    +1 on magni + d1. That's my main setup.
  11. ninjames
    I'd say that suggesting it will sound better with 128 is a bit of a stretch. 128 is where it really starts to artifact and break down. Better equipment in that scenario will likely just present more of that.
  12. Defiant00
    Possibly, but at least for me personally I enjoyed all my music a lot more (including the low quality stuff), when I got my better equipment.
    ...and as I type this I look over and notice that I'm listening to a 128 kbps OC Remix [​IMG]
  13. tdockweiler

    I'd definitely be interested in hearing your impressions. For me it was tough. I was surprised there was not a large difference between the two.
    I think the Magni sounded a bit colder and clearer. I didn't have 100+ hours on the Magni or anything though and supposedly the Magni might need zero burn in, but I don't know..

    I think both amps are good, but the Magni sounds much more revealing and transparent.

    When switching sources it's much easier to "hear" the source on the Magni compared to the E9. Not sure why..

    The E9 does seem like it has a touch of warmth in comparison to the Magni.

    One thing I can say is that I'd have a REALLY tough time deciding between the E9 an Magni for the Q701.
    If I had more than one headphone it'd definitely be the Magni. This is assuming I only had $100 to spend on an amp for a Q701 :normal_smile :

    As for DACs I'm now using the Modi and previously had the ODAC and HRT MSII.
    Hearing the difference between the ODAC and Modi is extremely tough! Maybe my hearing isn't as good as some others.
  14. deadie
    Too funny, that's exactly my impression of the E9K vs. the Magni as well.
    Both amps are winners - inexpensive, black, clean background, solidly made, and put out more than enough to power my UE10 IEMs and give them sparkle.  But like you mentioned, the E9K has a touch more warmth than the Magni.  Now here's where it gets interesting.
    As I stated in my earlier post, the Magni doesn't have enough oomph to power the LCD-2.  The E9K to me does a much better job, but does it just have more power or better synergy because of its slightly warmer tone?
    The LCD-2s don't lack at all for detail, and so perhaps my ears are interpreting the more clinical / dry sound of the Magni to be "less power" whereas the slightly more filled in mid and bottom end given off by the E9K is welcomed.  I'm glad the E9K has a gain switch as I use both low/high settings for my headphones.
    Now then, as functional as the E9K's volume variable pre-out and fixed volume line out are, I don't have complementary things to say about them.  I ran RCAs out from the amp to my Audioengine A5s and.... no bueno.  
    The sound got... weird, this is tough, like it was out of phase or added tiny reverb or something.  I hooked my DAC directly back to the A5s and yep, that's the sound I know from these puppies. 
    Long term reliability for both, who knows?  Just happy to find that these things present sound quality on an absolute basis, not just in context with pricepoint.  I'll likely keep the FiiO in my office and go back and forth with my UE10s and LCD-2, and the Magni bedside fed from a Sonos box, controlled via touch tablet app.
  15. biggbenn74
    Just ordered the Magni, along with a Zu Audio Mission iPod/ Walkman Cable and Zu Audio Möbius AKG Cable to go from my laptop, to my already much loved AKG Q701.

    Hope it's good! :)
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