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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Barry S
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  2. Olias of Sunhillow
    Full info about Magni and Modi:
  3. 13713
    Wow this was released just as I was about to purchase an Asgard/Bifrost combo for work. This is actually something I am looking forward to now, can't wait for the reviews to start coming in.
  4. Barry S
    I have a Magni+Modi stack on order for my office.  It's been hard having a nice setup at home and nothing really decent at work.  I got a Mjolnir+Gungnir on the basis of my experience with the Lyr, and that worked out pretty well.  I'm convinced these guys wouldn't release anything that wasn't a very good value.
  5. NZheadcase
    Oh wow! Love the look! This combo will make the sub $200 market interesting indeed. Looks like Schiit's going to compete nicely with FiiO. Looking forward to the reviews.
  6. mikeaj
    Wow, I'm quite surprised to see them release something at this price point (particularly because of production in US) and also pleased to see a lot of the most basic specs listed and advertised.

    Some part of me wants to see Magni benchmarked in addition to all the impressions I'm sure are soon to follow. But if you trust what they list at face value, I think you can make the following comparison using a certain not-so-fan-of-Schiit's test data for a certain other desktop amp of similar price:
    • Lower noise than FiiO E9 (E90K), by a few or several dB seemingly — could be useful for IEMs definitely
    • Very low output impedance, unlike 10 ohms / 43 ohms of E9 which are probably overblown in general but definitely problematic for some headphones and IEMs
    • A little bit higher output power all around than E9
    • Distortion... depends on tested loads, how it scales at higher volumes, but at normal listening volumes I'd guess it's not an issue
    • Frequency response (and phase response) etc. — close enough, who cares
    • Crosstalk... depends on tested loads, but probably good enough, who cares

    It also tickles me that they're using an op amp for the Modi output, considering how much they talk up discrete designs and like making those. :cool:

    On another ironic note, Magni and Modi costs also undercut retail costs for certain not-so-fan-of-Schiit's amp** and DAC designs.

    ** though that's a transportable amp with different functionality and gain switch, significantly lower noise for those elite few listening to the most sensitive BA IEMs in anechoic chambers (I jest), etc... people are using it as a desktop amp. Also can be DIY for well under $100. Then again, the MO was always supposed to be about high-performance audio electronics at as low a cost as possible, so if somebody else can do it for cheaper, kudos to whoever that pulls it off. I certainly don't care who.
  7. theque
    Wow, I was just about to order a Bifrost + Asgard for the office. Going to watch the reviews on this. Want something that can permanently sit on the desk so I do not have to keep pulling out the Leckerton.
  8. paradoxper
    $200 for the stack this pretty much stomps the O2/ODAC and the FiiO in aesthetics. Cute and dainty Schiit, what more could one ask for Xmas. [​IMG]
  9. Barry S
    I'd been considering the Leckerton and the O2/ODAC for my office, but the Magni+Modi stack has great specs, looks nicer, and comes in at less dinero.  The Modi is based off of the Bifrost/Gungnir USB board--so that's good enough DNA for me.  Seriously, this stack costs less than those fancy cables.
  10. preproman
    The amp and DAC are:
  11. FraGGleR
    Haha!  I am sooo tempted.  I have an Objective2/ODAC combo, as well as a Nuforce HDP, and am pre-ordered for a CEntrance Hifi-M8.  My obsession with high value, small foot print audio gear is killing me.  
  12. preproman
    Do it,  Sell what you don't like...   Although that Nuforce with the Sigma 11 sounds like a killer..
  13. Crispy808
    This really puts the O2/ODAC on the backburner.  Cheaper than the fully built and leagues ahead in aesthetics.  Brilliant move releasing this during the holidays.
  14. SurfWax
    Can't wait to read some reviews, this amp, design, and price are just rad!
  15. wolfetan44
    What more? That I didn't order the O2 and ODAC[​IMG] Although, I hope the Schiit isn't better. As it will make me happier[​IMG]
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