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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. eke2k6
    I was wondering if anyone wanted to be rid of a Magni. They're pretty scarce on the FS forums.
    PM me.
  2. Hammerzeit
    Picked up the mini Schiit stack earlier. Immediate impression is that it made the Mad Dogs have less congested sound to it and actually made it a usable phone for me.
  3. Impulse
    What were you using before tho? :p Comparison doesn't mean much otherwise!
  4. Hammerzeit
    Unamped =P
  5. Marximus
    Just got the Magni today.  It seems to be pretty decent (good amount of power), but...when there's no music playing, it's like aliens have invaded.  There's this weird quiet frequency sweepy sound coming through them, like a radio or walkie talkie station not dialed in correctly.  Has anybody had this happen to them?  I had somewhat similar issues with the Asgard I bought a while ago (returned it partially due to the noise and partially due to heat).
  6. Hammerzeit
    It might be where the USB is plugged in, I know that on my laptop I don't have that problem, but on my desktop i have the same issue. That or it might be also where the amp is plugged in, I'm thinking of picking up some ferrite beads/core to see if they work like some have said in the thread.
  7. Marximus
    I've got it running from an Audinst HUD-MX1, from my laptop.  I have a Purity Audio KICAS, and it's dead silent with the same setup.
  8. tdockweiler

    Try using better shielded cables (cheap ones!) or attach a Ferrite bead from radioshack to the power cable.
    My Magni was noisy for awhile too.
  9. Marximus
    I decided it's less trouble for me to sell it.  Anyone who's looking for a basically brand new Magni for slightly cheaper than what I paid will be able to find the amp in the F/S section tomorrow.
  10. waxdoctor
  11. waxdoctor
    hi - maybe - by the way - this happens exactly at the same position of the tune with my AKG K271 s - (55 ohm)... but again not with the 32 ohms
  12. ThomDP
    Just picked up a Magni to use with my HD600's and Grado SR60's. Out of the box the Magni is a great match for the Grado's. With the HD600's its sounds a bit cold and steely. Without trying to sound overly critical, I'm hoping that the sound fleshes out a bit more over the next couple of days.

    The amp still provides an amazing amount of detail, depth, and musicality for only $100. It's much, much better than the Project Head Box I tried out last year.

    What's the breakin period for the Magni?
  13. MrMateoHead

    The break in period is about 1 nanosecond, or, the first time you turn it on and hit 'play'.
    Your personal break-in period is probably a few hours, to a few days or weeks depending.
  14. AK7579
    I heard an immediate difference between the Magni and the Fiio E7 I was using before but my Magni really started sounding good to me after about 40 hours of use
  15. Defiant00
    Not sure if it was the Magni or Modi (as I got and tried them as a pair), but I noticed a large change after a couple hours. I actually immediately listened to them out of the box and thought they were rather shrill. So I left them playing for an hour or two while I went to watch Doctor Who then came back and listened again.
    I couldn't say how long the change took, it might have very well been after 10 minutes, but it was at most a couple hours. Beyond that they sounded similar enough that I couldn't say with any confidence that they changed any further in the next few weeks until I sold them.
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