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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. tdockweiler

    Same here, but I only had the Magni at the time. It was terrible out of the box with the Q701. I didn't really want to mention anything or else people would whine about burn-in or something. They also claim that since it has no op-amp there is nothing that would need burn-in. I just know that it sounded much smoother after the first week. Weird. Yeah and it's now fine with the Q701.
    Didn't hear any changes with the Modi. Sounded great on day 1.
  2. Skolar311
    I'm surprised you find the Magni to be cold and steely to be honest, but everyone's ears are different. Right out of the box my Magni made my HD600's sound amazing and really brought them to life I felt, with or without the Modi. I get nothing but clear, detailed, powerful sound from the little Greek God, I don't have too many things to compare it to but I will say that it sounds much, much better than the FiiO E11, and my Onkyo TX-NR609 AVR. The FiiO was never able to bring out the full life of the HD600's (35mw @ 300 Ohms) but it is a perfect match for my Shure SRH-840's. The Magni provides 260mw @ 300 Ohms and I think the power difference is completely noticeable.
    I'm using an HP EliteBook 2570p with IDT/SRS PRO or the Modi with mostly FLAC in Foobar2000 (non-WASAPI). Either one I decide to use sounds great!
    What's your source? I'm just intrigued as to why I'm so extremely happy with the same setup and you have differing opinions. I'm curious to compare some more.
  3. ThomDP
    My sources are an Arcam 7se and a music hall turntable. I do believe that products breakin as well as your ears. I have far too few hours with the Magni to pass definitive judgement.

    Despite my minor issue, I think it's a great product for so little.
  4. Skolar311
    I agree that it's a great product for the price, and really couldn't expect it to work any better than it does.

    Just an FYI about the Modi, I spoke with Jason personally and he mentioned that the Modi would provide about 80% of the performance of the Bifrost. Saving $350/$450 for 80% the performance seems like another steal for me. Not sure if you have the Modi or not, but it's an excellent DAC for the price as well.
  5. ruleof72
    When I ordered my Magni, I asked Jason about the Modi and if they were planning on selling one that had optical or coax input instead of USB. He mentioned that they were "considering" it but had no specific time frame. Whenever they do that I will definitely be one of the 1st in line to get it! I'm very happy with the Magni and I would expect that the Modi would be a great product for the $$'s as well.
  6. RustA
    I think that having a coax/optical input would be a killer feature... I would definitely prefer (and recommend) it over ODAC then.
    (as much as I appreciate ODAC)
  7. Yanoflies
    Man ... sucks so much to be in Australia.
    Costs almost double for the Magni here ... sigh.
  8. drm870
    I'll third that. Adding in either input (or both, preferably) would make it a day 1 purchase for me...and I already have a Modi.
  9. Skolar311
    It should be about $45 to ship from Schiit.com to Australia.
    Still worth it in my opinion :)
    I noticed you looking at the E12 Mont Blanc in other threads. I have the Sennheiser HD600 and I use the Magni for home and the E12 when I'm away. The Magni looks better sitting on the desk than the E12 does, and honestly I think the Magni provides a little more depth and clarity.
    The E12's portable power is very hard to match, but then again for the price, the Magni is hard to match as well.
    If I were you, I would strongly suggest using a dedicated desktop amp and keep the portable for portable. Before I purchased the Magni and E12, I used the FiiO E11 as my desktop amp and it got a little annoying over time having to swap batteries, charge, etc etc... Since I got the Magni, not having to worry about power loss during listening sessions has been quite nice.
    The E12 does work while charging, however, there is noticeable background noise. That's an automatic "look for something else" for me. The E12 might be the best portable amp out there right now, but there are better (and more attractive) desktop options.
    Hope I could help!
  10. Yanoflies
    Thanks a lot for your input! It's helpful indeed.
    The cheapest shipping option is $48.51, so it's $147.51 delivered but then I also need to find an adapter so it works in Australia :frowning2:. Besides, the RCA connectors are not as convenient for me.
    I think I'll go with the E12, charging should be ok: I'll just plug it in every night like my phone. Hopefully the E12 will sound great with my AD900X (just shipped :D) and my future A900X.
  11. TekeRugburn
    Shameless plug for a MAGNI in the for sale forums.  Look @ signature.  Need a quick sale.
  12. Skolar311
    I do love it very much! I couldn't recommend it more.... you'll be hard pressed to find a better amp for the price. 1.2w @ 32 Ohms / 260mw @ 300 Ohms, fully discrete class AB for under $100?! Ridiculous.
    Plus it looks super sexy =Þ
  13. Entreri
    Looking to pull the trigger on my first amp for my new HD650, I've listened in-store to numerous amps (most outside my price range of ~£200) and they sound incredible! Loving the HDVD800, but £1.5k..maybe after university!
    I've moved away from the fiio E12 and other portable amps as I think my needs are suited towards desktop set up. I have fallen upon the Schiit MM stack through extensive forum reading!
    I listened to the HD650's extensively over the week unamped (as I've still yet to buy one ><) the mids are bothering me at the moment (my vocabulary with mids, highs etc. may be a bit off as I'm new to all this, please bear with me and correct any mistakes!), they feel muddy and show no clarity, especially the vocals still feel veiled on some faster "pop" tracks. Again, I know this will be fixed with a decent amp/DAC, hence this post [​IMG]
    I've also looked at the Schiit Valhalla, but they're quite expensive! Not sure if the difference between the MM is worth the investment now as I would not be able to afford a DAC with the Valhalla. Will the mids and highs sound significantly different that the MM stack to warrant the push towards a Valhalla? I'm hoping this set up to last me for a good while, hence I want to make sure I buy the right one.
    I cannot really try them as there is only one supplier in the UK and it's pretty far. Also, the home auditioning service they offer is great, but I don't want to spend so much trying out 3-4 different DACs and amps. 
    Any advice would be appreciated!
  14. Byronb
    You will not be disappointed with the M&M stack. It will light up the 650's and I believe clean up much of problems you are hearing. Keep in mind that the 650 is not the fast HP and source does matter.  
    Entreri likes this.
  15. Entreri
    Thanks for the prompt response.
    From your signature, you have the Valhala too? Would it be worth pushing for that and maybe save up for a DAC in the near future? Do you hear much of a difference from the MM stack?
    My source would predominantly be my gaming PC, however, could you suggest another wallet-friendly alternative? 
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