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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. imackler

    At one point, the Magni was listed as not shipping for several days. It's still "in production."
  2. eac3
    Thanks, I am not sure if this was listed last week when I ordered, but I guess I will be a little more patient (Wednesday).
  3. AK7579
    I feel you bro, I ordered mine last Tuesday the 12th and I received my tracking number today
  4. imackler
    Does anyone have a set of bumper feet you're not using? Or a cheap place to buy some?
  5. bankerkid
    Hey guys,
    I currently own an HD600 and a Fiio E7 DAC+Amp. Would the M&M stack be a noticeable upgrade over my current set-up?
  6. drm870
    Replace "HD 600" with "Mad Dogs" and ""E7" with "E17" and you've got my predicament.
  7. bankerkid
    Went ahead and purchased the M&M and will give it a shot. Given how inexpensive they are (relatively speaking and in relation to their rave reviews), I figure that it can't hurt.
    Does anybody know if the M&M stack comes with the cables necessary to connect the DAC to the Amp?
  8. Tuco1965
    They don't.  
  9. Traum
    Nope. Gotta supply all your own cables (RCA & USB). And with a regular cheapo USB A-to-B cable, I got quite a bit of static / popping noise coming through from the PC. Thankfully, a ferrite bead quickly took care of that.
  10. bankerkid
    Oh damn. Can anybody suggest me an RCA cable that I can purchase off of a site like Amazon? I'm rather new to all this and don't know exactly what I'm looking for.
  11. Tuco1965
    Schiit sells cables. http://schiit.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=12 If they haven't shipped yet, add them to your order.
  12. bankerkid
    Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, it seems like they're out of stock for now. Do you have any other recommendations for a similar cable?
    Also, it seems like the O2/ODAC and M&M are pretty comparable in quality. However, adding together the difference in shipping costs and the need for a high quality cable, and the two come pretty close in costs. :)
  13. AK7579
    I purchased the USB and RCA cables from monoprice
    I would recommend monoprice as well. I don't want to undermine Jason but aside from being separated, the pyst cables look like nothing special.
  15. Jason Stoddard
    You're not undermining us at all. I'm honestly surprised how many people buy PYST--they are good solid cables, but the main distinguishing factor is that they are short, so they're good for stacking our gear. That's really all there is to it. You won't be transported into audio nirvana if you buy them. And they can "levitate" the Modi, since they're relatively thick.
    Monoprice is perfectly fine for cables--heck, we use them, and recommend them, all the time--but to be honest, I wish they'd make interconnects like their 3.5mm to dual RCA adapters (the white ones), with less rigid cabling.
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