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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Kamakahah
    I was going to mention monoprice, but since I haven't used any of there cables for my Magni/Modi I didn't mention it. I have had great experiences with their cables and adapters on my other gear though. 
    I am using this: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-A-Male-B-Male-Cable-Lighted/dp/B003ES5ZQE
    Amazon cable with my Modi and have no problems what-so-ever and it matches my desktop lighting. 
    Then I use the PYST interconnects from Schiit. 
  2. bankerkid
    Thanks, guys, I guess I'll go ahead and grab one off of Monoprice since they've received Jason's blessings.
    At the risk of sounding completely oblivious with regards to basic cable technology, what type of RCA cable am I looking for? It seems like there's many different types.
  3. eac3
    I ordered these the other day:
    The first link is for connecting between the DAC and the AMP, and the second link is for connecting to my computer. I just realized there is a USB input. Back to Monoprice..err..Amazon, since monoprice charges shipping.
  4. bankerkid
    Thanks, eac3. I went ahead and ordered the RCA Plug that you recommended, and found a A Male to B Male USB on Monoprice as well. Since the wall wart is included with the Magni, I'm guessing that I have all the necessary cables to get the M&M stack working once everything comes in?
  5. Defiant00
    USB and RCA, so yeah, you should be good to go.
  6. Impulse
    Hi, I'm looking for a living room solution for my headphones and I've got a question...

    I know double amp'ing's generally frowned upon but well, I don't have a ton of options... Lemme explain, I'm looking for an amp for my living room to drive a pair of Mad Dogs, my low end Denon AVR has few to no outputs and even tho my DVR has optical & RCA outs the volume isn't variable.

    Which brings me back to the topic of double amp'ing. Would it be advised not to plug the Magni into the headphone output of my AVR-1612 or could it work alright if the output's clean enough? I'd love to get the Magni if that's a viable option, would probably even get an extra AC adapter so I can occasionally move it to my desk without unplugging that and pulling it out...

    Otherwise I guess I need to find either a portable DAC/amp that's powerful enough *and* has optical input (so the unit itself can serve as my pseudo volume remote) or a new AVR... :p I suppose I could also run RCA out from the DVR/BD to the Magni and plug the AC adapter in near the couch somewhere...
  7. AK7579
    Got my M&M stack today!!! It is super small with lots of heft and a solid feel. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to wait till tomorrow to enjoy it since I left all the cables I need there.
  8. tdockweiler
    Why do so many people buy from Monoprice other than price? You guys do know Target and Wal-Mart sells cables that are just as cheap right [​IMG]? They all come from the same country. No waiting required. RCA and GE brand cables are perfectly fine. Despite being super thick, the Monoprice wires are ultra thin inside. Not that this matters. It's like 98% plastic.
    For example, the super thick ones have the same gauge of wire as this:
    The mobile one seems to have less shielding though.
    I buy all my cables from Redco or make them for cheap. I usually use Mogami W2893 which is dirt cheap. I also like Belden wire which is made in the USA. That's what Blue Jeans Cable uses I think. Markertek also sells some pre-made cables which are good.
    I always make sure everything has good shielding. I really like the GE Ultra Pro at Target. It's clear and you can see the shielding. It comes with an RCA to mini adapter. Runs about $9, but probably has way better shielding than any Monoprice wire.
    BTW I imagine the PYST cables are made inside the USA. That's a bonus for some. I don't go that far, but I do prefer US built amps and DACs.
  9. ninjames
    Target and Wal-Mart charge like $20 for what you can get at Monoprice for $3. And people suggest Monoprice because it's tried and true. Why recommend something else when it works? People are looking for budget cables that work well and that's what's recommended. The PYST cost 1/5 of what a Magni itself costs, which in the scheme of budgeting, is significant. I personally use a Blue Jeans RCA cable but some people don't want to spend that and some people can't make them themselves. If they have a problem with a cable they can return it and get a different one.
  10. tdockweiler
    Oh sorry, yes you are right that Wal-Mart and others charge $20 for a USB cable, which is pretty high. No way i'm paying $20 for a low quality USB cable. They also seem to sell zero powered USB hubs within 50 miles of me unless you want to pay $40+.
    I hope you really weren't talking about regular interconnect cables (which is what I meant) because you can get them for $5 at both Wal-Mart, Target and whoever else. RCA brand stuff is actually good and I know it's not actually made by RCA, but whatever. Some of the Belkin stuff is OK but does cost more. Not sure why.
    I'd rather pay $5 for a cable in a local store then have to wait and have it shipped to me. Shipping at Monoprice is dirt cheap though. If they didn't offer 1st class mail then it wouldn't be as good of a deal.
    I do tend to pay a little more. For example any random Belden, Canare, Mogami or whatever else is going to be better than Monoprice. Not just sound (I won't go there). I just think that Monoprice audio cables aren't really any better than the store bought stuff despite them looking like they're more durable and having a higher gauge of wire (which it doesn't).
    I think I'm going to buy one of those Audioquest or Pangea $30 USB cables just because they look cool [​IMG] The only time I hear a difference with USB cables is when one is defective.
  11. ninjames
    It's just that, when people are asking, they're asking for sites. I'm sure people know they can go down to WalMart and buy cables. Some people don't like going into those stores .. personally, I haven't been inside a Target or WalMart more than three times since I got Amazon Prime about a year ago. Monoprice is simply recommended because they're cheap, they work and they're tested by scores of us here, is all.
    Like I said, I personally bought a Blue Jeans interconnect and I would highly recommend anybody else do the same. I'm about to buy a Norse Audio cable for my HE-400 I don't mess with USB unless it has ferrite chokes because I've had noise in the past.
  12. Impulse
    Monoprice also has a much wider variety of cable lengths and connection types, and they're usually still cheaper than your $5 Walmart/Target cable ($2-3 for shorter runs, shipping cost is mostly offset by taxes and gas).

    Personally, I'd rather just have precisely what I want delivered to my door rather than waste time driving anywhere hoping they have what I need for a decent price etc.

    I've bought cables at Walmart and even Radio Shack tho, prices stink at the latter but it isn't as bad a Best Buy and they still have a wide variety of audio stuff (specially size adapters and 90 degree adapters, etc).
  13. bankerkid
    Hey guys,
    Just want to double check - there is no need for me to ever turn off my M&M stack, right? Specifically, the amp.
  15. bankerkid
    Haha thanks for that. I definitely plan on turning them off whenever I remember to. But in the event that I don't... leaving them on for days on end won't cause damage to any of the parts in any way, shape, or form, correct?
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