Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

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  1. thecrow
    Exactly. A bit of trial amd error and see what works for you
  2. thecrow
    I wasnt referrimg to you Bill. Even though you are great advocate for the united nations.

    Its more people that swear they have found the most transparent thing and then later concede it may not have been

    I too have had my own journey in styles and sound preference and wallet abuse.

    Ps the gec 6as7g tubes are the best ever!!
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  3. Guidostrunk
    Hmmm. You know me. I can't resist something new. Lol.
  4. billerb1
    But I want to be guilty. You know, Catholic school and all. Plus at Preacher Sammy's last tent revival he encouraged his rabid crowd of "followers" to stone the sins right out of me. Trust me that is NOT a place you want to find yourself. I thought maybe taking the guilty plea on your post might help.
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  5. winders
    The 1975 version was supposed to be the best version and a noticeable step up from the '74. I had 4 or 5 pairs of the 75's at one point. I like them a lot. Not as much as the the 5670 variant though. And, as I have said, not as much as the WE tubes.
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  6. winders
    Well, you can say that. But, the 5670 tubes, specifically the WE "JW" 2C51 tubes, were an absolute revelation to my ears. I never in a million years thought I would sell all of my Siemens CCa and Telefunken CCa tubes. No way, no how! Yet, here we are! I am not one to jump on bandwagons and I find the characterization insulting.
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  7. TK16
    Bought 2 more pair of the Tung Sol 2C51's. They wound up being my second favorite 5670 tubes after the WE 396A, and the combo of WE and TS in my dac and amp is my favorite pairing.
  8. koover
    Look what just showed up in my mailbox today. Wish me luck. Lol
    1957 5670 Black P silver shield 3 Mica top getter
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  9. thecrow
    You know i was not actually talking about anyone on this thread but if you, like Bill, want to plead guilty then that’k ok with me :)
  10. koover
    Hope this isn't a silly question but can you stack socket savers to elevate tubes even further?
    NM. yes you can
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  11. ThurstonX
    Yep. That's the only way to get big tubes like the 6C8Gs and their adapters clear of the top of the Lyr.
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  12. koover
    Thanx man!
  13. TK16
  14. tvnosaint
    Not so much a bandwagon as a revolving door. To me the tube rolling satisfies that that nasty little upgraditus at a fraction of the cost of components. The introduction of the 5670 tubes may have saved the nm24 from the scrapheap. At least with the iha6 as the amp. Softening the treble while increasing the detail and maintaining musicality. The chrome domes did the same for the lyr and vibro but with lushness over technical ability . So guilty as well.
  15. tvnosaint
    Yes TK. Bought those after the cursed grammpas
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