Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

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  1. koover
    I’m Glad I didn’t buy them then.
    Which ones are you talking about? You quoted the Telefunken in your post and I bought the Reflektor’s.
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  2. koover
    Ugh! At least I have a set of the 6N3P-E to compare.
  3. TK16
    Lot of people like those 6N23P Reflektors and I`m sure a lot do not. Comes down to your ears. At least you got the pair from here, some of those tend to be microphonic/and or noisy. seems a lot higher than any other 6DJ8 tube.
  4. koover
  5. Phantaminum
    You just never know until you hear it in your chain. I bought the Phillips Miniwatts E188CCs and thought they were just a little short of being great. Preferred my Sennheiser and Teaks with the 2c51 tubes. When I needed to listen to some fast tracks I’d pop in my Tungsram which have a solid state type of attack for rock. Tried every tube with the Atticus and either they made it sound flat/lean on 6922s or bloated with the 2c51s. Popped in the Phillips and dear god. Slamming mids, it registered lower subbass, and now were articulate. Ymmv! :wink:

    By the way, you guys were right about the WE 396As. I’ve been burning them in for the past few days and they sound fantastic for their price. Purchased a pair for $100.
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  6. winders
    I liked them. But all of my 5670 tubes are better. The 6N3P-E pair that I have is way better too. The cost difference is stupid huge in favor of the 6N3P-E!
  7. thecrow
    I saw one of these in the first lethal weapon movie. Don’t cut the yellow wire!
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  8. koover
    So your talking about these tubes?
    Reflektor '74 6N23P SWGP Silver Shields

    Man, I thought these tubes were incredible from everything I read. I also didn’t pay the asking price and got them for under $100 for the pair which I thought was really fair.
    I understand everyone’s ears are different and I’ll have the opportunity in a few days to find out how my ears like or dislike them.
  9. TK16
    Yeah bro, the 74 Ref 6N23P swgp.
  10. tvnosaint
    Big bass a bit clinical in presentation. The 74’ russkies . But big booming bass. I’ve still got mine but rarely use them. Of 6922 tubes the heerlens will always be my faves.
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  11. TK16
  12. koover
    Ok thanx bro.
  13. thecrow
    Theres a lot of hype on headfi and a lot of bandwagons.

    A lot of times things arent as bad as some people say and things arent as good as some people say.

    Its all subjective and sometimes we can all get caught up in stuff. We all do it

    I find it a little amusing when members here swear black and blue thay have found the ultimate setup or item and two months later have moved on to something else that is the ultimate and bagged the first one
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  14. koover
    Well thanx for the words of encouragement. At least I’ll interpret it that way. I’ll let my system and ears be the final judge.
  15. billerb1
    Guilty as charged. But I always mean it at the time, lol. My 'Holy Grails' in chronological order: Philips Miniwatt E188CC's, Holland Pinched Waists, Telefunken E188CC's and (lately) TS 2C51's. I will say that I still have all of these in
    my tube stash and all still find their way into the Woo for a reunion of sorts.
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