Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

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  1. SLC1966
    I am finding that the more bright sounding tubes sound fine right from the beginning.

    With the TS 2C51 tubes I have I am finding they are not sounding ideal at the beginning. I would not consider the TS bright tubes but more midrange tubes IMHO.

    Those with TS 2C51 experience how long have you felt burn in time took?
  2. OldSkool
    With the TS 2C51, things began to settle around 40-50 hours.

    Of all the 5670 tubes, I prefer the mids on the TungSol 2C51. Enjoy!
  3. koover
    I'm listening to the ones I just got off of another awesome Head-fier just yesterday and I haven't stopped roasting them since I put them in. They're the JTL military variant which I was told they lean more towards the treble side of things. My ears are NOT what they used to be so maybe enhancement on the treble helps with the detail for me personally. I'm not a young age that is! I was told they are more airy and transparent and I couldn't agree more. Even on the TH900's (which I'm listening to right now) they sound awesome. I actually bought these for my more darker sounding HP's but man, they sound good on the Foxtex. They get better by the hour. I'm not sure how much these have been burned in already but I'd say 50+ hours so to me, I'm diggin them a lot up to this point.
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  4. koover
    quick replay if possible for you or even me. Ending very soon. Not sure if anyone is interested

    Any good for this retail? Offer $200 and see? No one going to buy these "I think" for $249

    I offered a guy $15 yesterday for a $25 single Valvo tube and he bit. I know this is in a different league but it's down to the wire and they may bite for $200.
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  5. thecrow
    i've never come across siemens tele tubes before - but hey i'm only an experienced novice

    contrary to the what the seller sells cca's are (noticeably) a better grade than e188cc
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  6. kolkoo
  7. gmahler2u
    We're desperate and hopeless Tube-a-holic, but not that desperate! :smile_phones:
  8. koover
    Pass. Thanx
  9. Tacanacy
    How do I pull out tubes without pulling out the socket savers along with the tubes?
  10. Phantaminum
    I took someone else advice in, I think, the Lyr 2 thread which was to use a popsicle stick to hold the socket saver in place and just roll them out. Never want to use metal or such even with the amp turned off.

    @koover Damn good price for those tubes. I've been eyeing pairs of '64 Seimens Ccas on Ebay for awhile now. The Telefunkens are prohibitively expensive. @gmahler2u Thanks for selling me the Phillips Miniwatts! They make the Atticus slam so damn hard compared to any other tubes I have in my inventory.
  11. kolkoo
    I use a wooden chopstick, also for best effect try to pull out the tubes without wiggling them much in the socket savers (if possible without breaking them lol), makes your savers last longer :)
  12. TK16
    Those Tele E188CC tubes are made by Siemens. Both the Siemens and Tel E188CC are quite good.
  13. koover

    @koover Damn good price for those tubes. I've been eyeing pairs of '64 Seimens Ccas on Ebay for awhile now. The Telefunkens are prohibitively expensive.

    Yeah I passed when I shouldn’t have. BUT? I scored kind of a Holy Grail set of tubes from another awesome Head-Fier a couple hours ago. This tube was mentioned as the #4 tube by @rb2013 from his own collection I guess (he knows his tubes) in the 6922 tube review he did.
    I picked them up for a smokin deal. He’s an awesome guy who did me real good. I’m grateful.
    They are a matched pair 74 Reflektor silver shields. Sweeeet!

    Well I just jacked this post up. Lol.
    Such a rookie
  14. TK16
    Everybody`s ears and equipment are different, but I found the 74`s rather boring and the 75`s too forward, treble happy. Like the Reflektor 6N3P-E`s way better and dirt cheap to boot.
  15. Phantaminum
    @koover ‘grats! I’ve looked at purchasing a pair of those on Ebay but I hear that they don’t test for microphony. Sounds like a nightmare having to send these back to a seller in Ukraine or Russia if they don’t work out. Let me know how they sound.
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