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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. TK16
    Sure you can make it right buy that Telefunken ECC801S in my signature and we are squared away. Nice discount. Lol
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  2. fotomeow
    Ha! just lay off the Perco long enough to stay awake LOL (Actually, I always tell my patients to start out with a low dose, then move up. 1/4 pill, 1/2 pill, etc

    But here's the deal, Im moving to a remote location (I mean, not Dick Cheney remote, but still remote:yum:) with no Wifi, but I will probably be on the Net once a day, reviewing threads and responding with some multi-quotes.

  3. TK16
    Been off them about 3 weeks, any stupid Schiit I do now is on me.
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  4. Dawgfish
    Thanks! That's great to know regarding the Lyr 2 working well as a preamp. I have have a couple spare tube preamps for two channel speaker systems, but I dont think either has a low enough noise floor for a headphone system. Couple that with the Lyr's powerful amplifier section it should be a good setup. I'm planning on using the Lyr to power all the phones except for the Argons. Heck I may find the Lyr does enough with the Argons to just use it.
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  5. Guidostrunk
    Hola folks,

    Been a few centuries since I've posted. Lol. Been rolling tubes like a mad man over the last few months, in between every day life. I figured I'd chime in for a quick hello.

    I gotta agree with TK regarding the ECC82. I don't know if it's the gain factor with hybrid amps or what, but I favor them by a good bit over any ECC81. Especially glass from England.
    I'll post some thoughts on everything later this evening.
    I probably scored one of the most scarce ECC82's on the planet. GEC B329 pinched waist/tilted D getter. lol. I love when people sell stuff and don't realize what they have, and list it wrong. Icing on the cake is I paid $22.50 shipped from Vietnam LOL.
    Here's the one I got.

    Here's the only other one I could find on the Internet. I spent crazy hours trying to find one.

    I'll chime in later with my thoughts on everything I've rolled the last few months. Lol.
    Good to see the thread going strong. Nice to see some new avi's as well.

    I didn't forget about you TK. Just a few speed bumps along the way bro. I'll be in touch soon in pm.

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  6. TK16
    I identified your body at the morgue months ago? You faked your own death for what? Insurance money. Who the heck got buried in your place?
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  7. Guidostrunk
    School tuition for the kids cost a pretty penny ya know. Lol
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  8. jb77
    For the 6060 Thanks, I actually got them on eBay, but your right Tubemonger does sell similar tubes! For the adapters from China I have not been impressed by them at all, they do the job but the build quality is subpar. Personally I really like the build quality of the Tubemonger socket savers and I will be picking up some of the adapters when they have them.
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  9. TK16
    Have you tried the ones I linked in PM, the ceramic ones?
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  10. jb77
    Don’t worry @koover it’s not your fault, all of us that purchased a pair from him wanted to try them and in this tube hunting adventure, stuff like this happens! My pair seem to be legit, however they might be repainted.
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  11. Ripper2860
    Hmmmm. I wonder if he'll paint a pair of Brimar CV4003s in mauve? :thinking:
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  12. TK16
    Probably, he painted some GE tubes I got dirt cheap as CV2492.:ksc75smile:
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  13. bcowen
    Me either. :relaxed: That's why I make my own (well, except for the dual-tube adapters...haven't figured out how to improve on those....yet).

    My favorite octal sockets from Xulingmrs. Direct gold plating over copper, and the grip is like vise-man on steroids. I like NOS Cinch and Amphenol sockets too, but they are getting more and more pricey and I actually prefer these a bit more:



    Some nice gold-plated pin bases from Angela:



    These work pretty well too: Angela is a little pricier, but Xulingmrs has them a little cheaper if you don't mind waiting. Same exact base:


    20 gauge Teflon coated PCOCC copper wire from Neotech:



    And some Cardas solder to stick it all together. Yes, I'm anal....no need for anyone to point it out. :relaxed:
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  14. fotomeow
    Thx for dropping that nuclear bomb bc. :open_mouth: Lol
    I knew you were holding out on us! :smile:

    Last week he implies he’s so broke that he can only afford to buy tube parts to make a damn tube. This week he’s on the verge of starting his own business.!
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  15. TK16
    Yeah heard stories of 1 guy buying non fake tubes from oldguyradiola once. Though I think they were GE tubes and probably would of benefited from some fakery.

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